Britain Leaves the EU Without a Deal in Place

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland held a Referendum on the question of whether its people wanted to Remain in the European Union or Leave. The great British public [mainly driven by English voters] decided after roughly a five month campaign with wall to wall coverage and a huge amount of debate that they wanted to Leave the European Union. No ifs. No buts. A majority of the British electorate voted to Leave the European Union and everything that goes along with being a member of the European Union including its Single Market and Customs Union. 

Yet for some strange reason even though the majority of the British electorate driven by English votes decided on June 23rd 2016 to Leave the European Union, almost 14 months later, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is still a full member of the European Union. Many people in the UK, Europe and around the world are asking the British people and British Government - 'You had your referendum. You had your vote. Your people voted to Leave. You have had 14 months to get your Act together. Why are you still in the EU and why is the British Government sending out signal after signal after signal which is so confusing?'
I get the feeling that many people have stopped listening to what the British Government has to say on this subject as they have destroyed what little credibility they had with their international partners. The simple fact is the UK is Leaving the EU and in all likelihood will have left the EU earlier than March 2019 and without a Divorce Deal and UK-EU Free Trade Agreement in place. The senior leaders of the European Union from the Council President 
Donald Tusk to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier have made it crystal clear on behalf of the EU27 [in diplomatic speak] that the UK Government has been wasting time, speaking in ridiculous English riddles and codes, clowning around, and being extremely unhelpful and unreliable. In short the English have been themselves throughout this whole ridiculous process. The English have played up to and played into all the worst but most true stereotypes about the English - the pathological lying, the fooling around, the two faced double dealing hypocrisy, the clownish behaviour, the total absence of trust and honour, the parasitic nature, the arrogance - that is at the core what the English are all about.

The EU27, just like some other important and powerful countries around the world, have had enough of the English way of doing business. This time I sense the EU is in no mood to humour the English clown/fool and will take this opportunity which is of the English making and educate their English friends about what being and not being a member of the European Union is all about. It will be very interesting to observe what happens when the UK does Leave the European Union [as a majority of he people voted for] without a Deal in place. The impact this will have on Northern Ireland which is the only part of the United Kingdom to share a land border with the EU will be particularly acute given the ease which at present commerce and trade flows over the Northern and Southern Irish border as well as a matter called the Irish peace process and the Good Friday Agreement. Yet, to many people in England who voted to Leave the EU these are minor details and trivial issues which I doubt many English people were even aware of, even considered or for that matter even cared about.

Now all of a sudden the British prime minister Theresa May is doing another characteristic flip-flop U-Turn. After voting to Remain [yet going to ground during the Referendum] and then being all for 'Brexit means Brexit' and a 'Bloody Difficult Woman' to her quasi-Remain 'Florence Speech' - the British prime minister has now declared she might have voted to Leave if the Referendum was held today. Oh dear Mrs. May....are you suffering from what psychologists would term multi-personality disorder? Mrs. May is ordering that whatever needs to be spent to get the UK ready for a No Deal Exit is spent. Yet, I thought there was no magic money tree? Where is all this money going to come from? Has the 1 Billion pounds that Mrs. May promised her friends in the DUP and the people of Northern Ireland back in June been released yet? Has the 1 per cent pay cap on nurses, doctors, police, firefighters et al been raised yet to a 10 per cent risen? Unfortunately Mrs. May and her English Tory colleagues have made so many promises and broken so many and have a long record of failing to deliver and failing to uphold and honour the Tory/English word that very few people of any sense actually are listening yet alone believe what the Tory Government of Theresa May says anymore. What happens between the European Union Council on October 19th and Christmas will be critical to the economic and political health, well being and security of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for its future going forward.