Migrant Invasion of Europe from Same U.S. Policy Cauldron as «Color Revolutions»

The same U.S. policy cauldron, centered in the academia centers of the Boston region and which provided the template for «color revolutions» in eastern Europe and the Middle East, is also responsible for the current «weapon of mass migration» chaos sweeping throughout Europe.

Although sometimes it appears to many observers around the world that U.S. foreign policy is being picked out of a hat by a circus magician, in fact, many seemingly senseless U.S. policies are deeply-rooted in government-sponsored policy documents, white papers, and books.

Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel is rightly receiving the major blame for opening the borders of Europe to a potential influx of well over 1.5 million mainly Muslim migrants from Asia and Africa, the actual policy of using refugees as a «weapon of mass migration» originates with an adviser to the U.S. Defense Department, Ford Foundation, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

A book written in 2010 by Tufts University professor Kelly Greenhill not only gained the attention of Pentagon war and civil strife planners but also Merkel and German business tycoons intent on replenishing Germany’s aging population of laborers with new blood. The book, «Weapons of Mass Migration: «Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy,» became an overnight hit for Pentagon and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency planners always looking for new and innovative ways to bring about chaos for maximum profit and extension of the U.S. sphere of influence. Greenhill is connected to the highest echelons of the U.S. military-intelligence complex as chair of the Conflict, Security and Public Policy Working Group at Harvard Kennedy School of Government's Belfer Center; former Senate aide to John Kerry; and past adviser to the Pentagon. 

Greenhill's book has become as much a template for creating social disorder through forced mass migration as retired University of Massachusetts professor Gene Sharp's «non-violent action» guidebooks on "themed revolutions" have become road maps for causing government coups through the use of social media and street action.

Unlike Sharp's methodology of relying on synthetic social and political movements created from outside a targeted country, which can have mixed results as seen in Egypt, Greenhill sees weapons of mass migration as the most effective method to achieve sure results. Greenhill’s research into coerced and forced migration as a «soft power» weapon on today’s complex battlefields dovetailed with similar interest expressed by the U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC). The NIC helps formulate U.S. intelligence and national security policy. Decade-old proposals within the U.S. intelligence and military communities to use refugees as a soft power weapon soon caught the attention of Merkel and her closest supporters, including present German Defense Minister Ursula van der Leyen.

In a 2000 paper titled, «Growing Global Migration and its Implications for the US, the NIC foresaw the following demographic situation for Europe: «With low projected economic growth, Western Europe [will] have many challenges with current levels of immigrant flows and immigrant residents.  Assuming that Western European fertility remains at sub-replacement levels, countries can expect to experience a rapid shift in ethnic composition, particularly around urban areas». 

The NIC’s solution? «It may be that Western European governments, and political systems, could meet with limited success in managing integration of resident Muslims». And in addition to integrating into European society Muslim workers with existing residency permits, the U.S. intelligence community’s future planners concluded that additional laborers would be required from Europe’s periphery, that is, the Middle East and North Africa: «Efforts to introduce gradations in immigrant citizenship status (as in Roman imperial efforts to give legal status to peoples from the periphery)».

And the NIC predicted how these new laborers would be compelled to leave their home countries for Europe: «Migrants will continue to be pushed from their origin countries by environmental stress, including climate change, by war, civil conflict and crime, and by ethnic rivalries and discrimination.  Survival will motivate many to move, despite marginalization of refugees in destination countries». The NIC realized that civil conflict and ethnic rivalries could only come about in the targeted nations by implementing Sharp’s «non-violent» street action and «themed revolutions». Hence, the «Arab Spring» concocted revolutions against the leaders of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Syria resulted in the biggest refugee problem to hit Europe since the end of World War II.

And who is actually financing the mass migrations to Europe from countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Libya?» There are a number of press reports in Europe that the stampede by mainly young Muslim male refugees armed with new smart phones is being coordinated by NGOs financed by global hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

The population transferal conspiracy by the Western elites has turned out to be a disaster for the migrant receiving countries of Europe as well as for legitimate refugees who have died in unseaworthy boats trying to reach Europe.

At a camp in Leipzig, a group of radical Afghans attacked another group of secular Syrians, resulting in a number of injuries. Rapes of migrant women in the camps and Germans in nearby neighborhoods outside the migrant camps have skyrocketed. Many German women are now avoiding leaving their homes and walking alone out of fear of rape from their new foreign "neighbors."

There is also evidence that the massive flow of Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan into countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, and Serbia is being joined by Muslim citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Albania. The breakdown of European Union internal borders has resulted in anyone hoping to land on the social welfare rolls of Germany and Austria deciding to join the parade of migrants out of the Balkans.

In terms of public health, the arriving migrants have created a nightmare situation. There are reports of migrants defecating in German and Austrian parks and urinating on streets creating a health crisis and horrible stench in some neighborhoods. Miran Vuk, the mayor of Zavrc in Slovenia, complained that migrants temporarily housed in his city's newly-renovated sports stadium, conducted a mass defecation on the field, forcing its closure.

German hospitals have also been swamped with migrant poisoning cases. Some Syrian migrants mistook local German poisonous «death cap» mushroom for an edible variety, called the bearded Amanita, found in their native Syria. German medical authorities even contemplated advancing to the top of a liver donor list a 16-year old Syrian boy who required a liver transplant from eating the poisonous mushrooms. Although the Syrian teen died, another Syrian who ate death cap mushrooms was placed at the top of the liver donor list, thus denying a German citizen a needed liver transplant.

The "phony" left in Germany has been at the forefront of private property confiscation in order to accommodate homeless migrants from the Middle East. The Hamburg Social Democrats (CDU), Greens, and Left Party have joined Merkel supporters in passing a bill in the Hamburg legislature that would legalize the confiscation of vacant businesses in Hamburg for the purpose of housing migrants. Only anti-Merkel Christian Democrats, Free Democrats (FDP), and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) blocked a second reading of the property confiscation measure in Hamburg. The faux left in Germany, which takes its orders from the likes of Soros and NATO-financed political provocateurs in the NGO community, supports Merkel's weapon of mass migration policy while her Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, has joined Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the increasingly popular Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache in calling for the migrant invasion of Europe to be stopped immediately.

Germans and Austrians who voice opposition to Merkel’s open-door migrant policy face criminal charges of advancing «neo-Nazi» ideology. However, Germans and Austrians would rather face prison time and steep fines rather than see their villages, towns, and cities being turned into future killing and decapitation centers for the «Islamic Caliphate’s western provinces».