Nazism: Immunity to Change

«Integral nationalism» became an official ideology of Ukraine. According to its founders, it’s a compilation of Italian fascism and German Nazism adapted to Ukrainian reality. It presupposes the establishment of nationalist dictatorship and persecution of all dissidents up to their physical annihilation. The enemy is the Kremlin who is responsible for causing all the trouble Ukraine has to face. Everything related to the common past of Russians and Ukrainians is to be desecrated, done away with and sunk into oblivion.  

That’s why the celebrations of Victory Day marking the defeat of Nazi Germany on May 9 were considered by the Kiev-based interim government as subversive actions. The regime staged provocations to spoil the holiday festivities. 

The events in Zaporozhye were the most harmless example. Local people were moving in cars to the memorials of Grieving Mother and the Soviet Soldiers (armor crews) who were the first to enter the city occupied by German fascists.  They wanted to lay wreaths.  The local authorities forbade it as an action staged by separatists and even tried to detain those who took part in it.  Policemen abused their authority. A local newspaper reporter was attacked by them. It stopped only when foreign journalists arrived.    

It was relatively calm in Slavyansk, a city in the Donetsk region, but still blood was shed.  A Ukrainian Neo-Nazi sniper shot three times wounding in shoulder and abdomen a 12 year boy playing in a street.  They fired at him only because he wore a St. George ribbon. The St. George ribbon's origins date back to the reign of Catherine the Great and it is adorned by many Russians on Victory Day, which falls on May 9, to commemorate the victory over the Nazis in World War II. The child found strength to get back home and say, «Mother, I’m dying!»  

The most terrible thing happened in Mariupol (the Donetsk region) where the head of local police gave an order to dispel the crowd.  The policemen refused to carry it out. The police chief loyal to the Kiev junta called in National Guard units and Pravy Sector militants. Armor vehicles entered the city to fire at the police station. They also fired at the local people, who came to support the policemen, and pursued those who were running away. According to local sources, 99 civilians died and 119 were heavily wounded… Ukrainian parliament member and «presidential candidate» Oleh Lyashko, who is notorious for his sadistic behavior, personally led the punitive action       

The main goal of the Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi authorities was to frustrate the Donetsk and Lugansk referendums slated for May 11. The two regions account for around 15% of Ukraine’s population and 26-28% of GDP. The loss of these parts of the country will entail catastrophic results. That’s why the best forces were sent to quell the Donbass uprising, including the troops coming from Western Ukraine, Maidan paramilitary formations, the private punitive units formed by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and America mercenaries. The CIA and FBI operatives acted as instructors.  

The restoration of control over Donbass is one of key conditions for receiving the promised International Monetary Fund loan.  So the authorities were ready to go to any length and use any methods to accomplish the mission, including terror against civilians – something Ukrainian nationalists did as far back as in the middle of XX century.      

The battalion «Dnepr», formed especially for punitive actions by Kolomoisky, attacked Krasnoarmeysk in the Donetsk region. The chasteners came into the city council building to carry away the voting bulletins.  They fired at the people standing in line to cast votes and   got away in the armored collectors’ vehicles that belonged to the Kolomoisky-owned Privatbank. Two civilians died.  

Slavyansk is a real pain in the neck for junta forces. It is has been defending itself against the attacks of 11 thousand strong formation using armor, artillery and MLRS. The day of referendum started by artillery shelling damaging a few houses. 

Needless to say that the chasteners’ atrocities and the reluctance on the part of interim government to hear what dissidents had to say resulted in the referendum results that were catastrophic for the Kiev rulers. 

As is known the crimes committed by Ukrainian military and Nazi militants in Slavyansk and Mariupol spurred attendance and the aspiration for independence. Over 70% took part in the vote; over 90% of them supported the idea of cessation from the Ukraine led by Banderites and Nazi. 

 Neither the promulgation of independence, nor the planned unification of the two republics will stop killings by Maidan gangs and army units loyal to the junta. The logic of Neo-Nazism, which has become an official ideology of Ukraine, dictates the actions undertaken by Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and the like.     

There is also a different logic. As a rule, after Nazism is defeated, the fascist leaders who have waged a war against their own people are held responsible for the committed crimes and face tribunals.