Moscow is ready for a strategic rapprochement with Tehran

U.S. military expansion, usually accompanied by a fixture in American foreign policy - the pressure of sanctions against Russia now.Americans act without regard for international law, building their own coalition against Russia and Iran. Now to come to Moscow and Tehran during joint action to force Americans to take into account and respect the national interests of our states. Paramount in this regard, it is serious, the principal adjustment of Russia's position on Iran, especially in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program and the situation around Syria.

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the issue of the Ukrainian crisis against Russia United States considers "all options." After the return of the Crimea in the Russian Federation, some U.S. officials urged to adopt NATO membership to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, as well as to deploy American troops and planes in Poland and the Baltic countries. Ie the U.S. in retaliation Russia and the West should and supposedly have the right to take the most painful steps to Russian interests.

With regard to Iran as America remains true to the same "all options." Despite all the efforts of Tehran, President Obama claims that the military option is still in force, and Iran has not provided the Americans still convincing assurances that he is not engaged in the creation of nuclear weapons. Like Russia, Iran surround military bases. The U.S. has left Iraq after the powerful group in the Gulf, have a large contingent in Afghanistan, threatening NATO expansion in the South Caucasus states, actually threatening to turn Azerbaijan into a springboard for war with the Islamic Republic.

Iran's nuclear program - the subject of special attention

The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif emphasizes that "his country and Russia have common interests and Tehran is counting on Moscow's help in reaching a final agreement." Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who heads the Russian delegation at the talks in the format of "Six" says that "Russia will answer than if it will make" raise the stakes "in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, taking account of developments around the Ukraine." Tehran has the right to expect that Moscow could take the path of response by putting strict requirements to comply with the West arrangements for a phased withdrawal from Iran sanctions.

Currently there are four against Iran sanctions UN Security Council resolutions and sanctions beyond those in violation of international law of the unilateral U.S. sanctions and the European Union, which Russia sees as a minimum, and deemed illegitimate direct damage negotiations. This is the case when the U.S. in its practical policy is not guided by international law, and the law of force. Why the UN is still does not respond? For example, over the past three weeks, the UN Security Council held eight meetings on the crisis in Ukraine, the keynote of which was the desire to diplomatically isolate Russia. U.S. does not confuse the futility of these efforts, because Moscow as a permanent member of the Council may veto any decision of that body. So it was for all the latest anti-Iran resolutions that Russia did not support. Now the Kremlin has a real reason to initiate consideration of U.S. actions that jeopardize the successful conclusion of the negotiations, "six" with Iran over its nuclear program.

Indeed, until recently, even disagreement Syrian issue did not prevent Russia and Western members of the "six" hold a consolidated position on Iran. The situation in Ukraine led to the strongest since the "cold war" crisis in relations between Russia and the West. Washington worried that Russia will not be more inclined to compromise, and Tehran may have a chance to "stay with us", ie it comes out of the situation without any major concessions. We are talking about the sanctions that the West leaves the main instrument of pressure on Tehran. Recently, during a trip to the U.S., Netanyahu issued a joint statement of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) willingness to assist new sanctions against Iran. Replacing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Tel Aviv appointed himself to the role of the Chief Inspector of execution of the agreement with Tehran, "six", and the Americans began to help him in this.

In the U.S. anti-Iran sanctions have become a national insanity. American psychology professor Joy Gordon in his recent article "The human cost of sanctions against Iran," cited a case that occurred in the United States living with student Iranians who were denied one of Apple stores in the state of Georgia in buying iPad. This is pure discrimination on ethnic grounds, because in America there is no law which forbids American companies to sell to U.S. citizens of Iranian origin consumer electronics. Iranians are American citizens can not find a bank to send money to elderly parents. Pharmaceutical companies have legal contracts with Iranian partners, is also unable to make payments and to ensure the delivery of drugs into Iran. President Rouhani rights when assesses U.S. sanctions as an unprecedented violation of the rights of Iranians.

The decisions of the UN there is no reason for such a cynical American, Iran's position must be supported by Russia in the UN Security Council, where it is logical to discuss the implementation of the international community their obligations under the Geneva Accords on the Iranian nuclear program. Apparently, you need to open to put the issue of non US-EU agreements on the lifting of sanctions. And all Americans need to call as often as possible on the carpet chief arbiter of the international community with reports on "work done." What they call white today, in the eyes of the world community has long looks black. There is no doubt in the fact that the Security Council, this practice will benefit, because many recent decisions degrading Council adopts under undisguised from the world to American pressure. So it was, for example, to review the invitation to Iran to an international conference on Syria, "the Geneva-2."

In the Syrian settlement - shoulder to shoulder with Iran

Recall that no thaw in relations between Washington and Tehran, no new concessions Iranian diplomacy in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program have not changed the U.S. position rejecting Iran's involvement in the Syrian reconciliation. Support invitation of Iran by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the position of Russia is not convinced the U.S. administration feasibility Iranian participation.

Kremlin proceeded from the fact that the success of "Geneva-2" is possible only if the representation of its members, including Iran extent of its influence on the crisis in Syria - among the first. However, staying in the foreground events in Syria, Tehran was pushed beyond the international efforts to resolve the conflict. From Washington it was a provocation against Iran and a desire to annoy Moscow, which then showed political correctness, or rather, did not show sufficient hardness. In Iran, this could not fail to note, many experts estimated indecision Russian Foreign Ministry in the context of shared aspirations Russia not to aggravate relations with the United States. According to the Iranians, the pursuit of equal partnership with the West does not make sense. U.S. and NATO have not abandoned the violent introduction of standards, satisfying neither foreign policy nor national interests or traditions, religion and culture of other nations. Actions U.S. and the West in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan - visual confirmation of such a position.

Surprisingly, even the head of the diplomacy of the European Union Catherine Ashton, who, without the consent of London will not drink even a sip of water, even it this time against the background of the Ukrainian crisis considers very important the role of Russia in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. Speaking at an international forum in Brussels, she noted that when it comes to foreign policy, "Russia plays a role." The EU needs to Moscow to resolve the issue with Syria and Iran, and Russia is now needed if solidarity with the West on these issues? In the current situation of Ukraine hit the fault of the United States, Germany and France. That they are on the money of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf monarchies, with the active involvement of special services of Israel, since 2004 began to grossly interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, organized, launched and supported the project "Maidan", began to inflate the conflict between Yanukovych and opposition at the time when Russia called for sober attitude and consolidation of the Ukrainian people. Here Russian "role" they did not need, Ashton was not trying to somehow change the position of the European Union, which has been actively involved in the Ukrainian events. It appears that Russian diplomacy example of response can be an act of Iranian Foreign Minister.

A week ago, before the start in Vienna next round of talks was scheduled dinner Ashton and Zarif, however, the Iranian side has publicly canceled it in protest against the unscheduled meeting with the Baroness Iranian opposition during a visit to Tehran. Meeting with Iranian opposition has been prepared by experts from the European Union in a special mode of secrecy and was held in the Austrian Embassy. Urgent was summoned the Austrian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry and the Iranian leadership has expressed official protest of Austria and is fairly priced Ashton actions as provocative. Indeed, why in the first visit of one of the leaders of the EU in Iran over the past six years, and after official meetings with senior Iranian politicians, including President Hassan Rouhani, Ashton needed this meeting? Especially that the key theme of her visit was to discuss the Iranian nuclear program, which is shallow and dubious Iranian opposition irrelevant. Iranians are right to react sharply to Western neglect of their national sovereignty, when you do not respect their traditions and abuse their hospitality. Iranian distrust of the West can be adopted for Russia not only in Syria but also on the Afghan problem.

Afghanistan without the Americans - our common goal

U.S. hopes to conclude an agreement with Afghanistan on security risk is not true. Despite the intimidation of Afghan leadership implications for the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops, President Hamid Karzai seems to have finally decided to sign an agreement not to put under. The Obama administration on this issue resides in explicit panic, and, as always, looking for those responsible for a number of its geopolitical rivals. In support of the agreement favored India, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia, the only country that opposes the agreement, is Iran. In Tehran believe that the U.S. military presence and NATO can have negative consequences for Afghanistan and for the region as a whole. With concerns about the Iranians that Afghanistan can become a lever by which the U.S. will regulate usefully level threats to the border with Afghanistan States can fully agree.

With regard to Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied reports that President Vladimir Putin has urged Afghanistan to sign an agreement (such messages came from the American side). But against the agreement until Moscow acts publicly, although in this case, our restraint is not clear to the Iranians. Americans in the heat of the anti-Russian in its failure in Afghanistan perceive the "trace of the Kremlin", ostensibly seeking to restore the "Soviet occupation". The White House said that now that the war in Afghanistan comes to an end, Russia "strengthens its position" in the Ukraine and the Middle East. Unexpected position of Afghan President Hamid Karzai that his country respects the decision of Crimean Autonomous Republic of accession to Russia as an expression of their free will, the Americans do not accept. They ignore the leadership of Afghanistan and the pursuit finally abandon the American "democracy."

Over 12 years of NATO occupation of Afghanistan has killed more than two thousand American soldiers, about a thousand people lost killed other NATO countries. The exact same number of losses among the civilian population of Afghanistan can not be counted. According to various sources, killing between 18 and 23 thousand civilians. Many were victims of erroneous or inept actions of NATO troops. The U.S. has spent more than $ 100 billion on non-military assistance, but the Afghans believe that the money allocated Washington gave his puppets Plunderer. It is sad, but the real growth is noticeable only in the drug economy, where U.S. achieve a truly staggering. Afghanistan became the world's largest producer of drugs, with transit which most successfully fights just Iran, became the way of white death in Europe. Note that drugs - an important but not the main source of funding for the Taliban, the main flows are from U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Tehran opposes intervention of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies in Afghanistan, and it does not contradict the interests of Russia. And in this respect the potential of unsold capacity of our countries is also high, we need in the Middle East breakthrough solutions and bold steps without regard to the Americans, and especially his implacable friends, sowing throughout the war and blood.

Americans time to put in place

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "the situation around Ukraine, as in a mirror, reflect what is happening now, and occurred in recent decades in the world. After the disappearance of the bipolar system on the planet has more stability. " Americans' faith in their exclusivity and exclusivity, in that they are allowed to decide the fate of the world ", the U.S. itself begging for an adequate response. We are talking about a gross error made by the United States, together with its European allies. In this situation, Ukraine suffered most, however, introduce retaliatory sanctions against Kiev Moscow will not humane reasons. Clearly the U.S. to help the Ukrainian people will not, Ukraine to the status of Israel in the American sponsorship is not never reach. For vague and dangerous strategy Obama President unpredictable new generation of "baby boomers" are very sensitive can become "an Iranian response" Moscow.

First, we need to urgently restore military-technical cooperation with Iran in full, without looking at the U.S. and its limitations. Recent UN Security Council resolution banning the PTS with Tehran may be disregarded. The Iranian leadership is committed to achieve up to July this year, the final agreement on its nuclear program, which should make the abolition of international sanctions in the UN protocol formality. Any speculation in this regard the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, his attempts under false pretenses to gain time, panic hysteria U.S., France, Israel and other states reluctant exit from Iran sanctions, simply ignore. UNSC reluctance to address this issue also should not stop Russia, the high degree of dependence of the body and its Secretary-General of the United States is known to focus on U.S. approval there is no reason.

On the way back to military cooperation with Iran is a "gotcha", lying, though, on the surface and is not a secret to anyone. Iran claims to Russia in connection with the failure of the contract for the supply of air defense missile systems S-300 will be withdrawn in the case of Tehran provide Russian guarantees of their seriousness. The lawsuit will be withdrawn by the Iranian side, the financial loss can be compensated by the Iranian new contracts. In the meantime, start us and negotiate nothing and unable to prevent. Big business of the West, including the U.S., have already occupied their managers the best hotels in Tehran waiting to throw the Iranian oil and gas and energy market, without waiting for the lifting of sanctions in the UN.

Second, if Iran does have an interest in Russia's mediation in exporting their oil, then it is possible to go without hesitation. Moreover, even if Tehran does not apply now with such a request, it makes sense to declare to the whole world that the unilateral embargo on Iranian oil imports entered the United States and the European Union in circumvention of the UN and its implementation for Russia is not mandatory.Who want with those and trade, and with Iran ready to do it again and with a special treat. After all, Americans have always been friends with someone against someone.

Third, one can not ignore the financial blockade of Iran. Problems caused by calculations in the last year to reduce our turnover to $ 1.5 billion. Because of U.S. sanctions and Western Russia in the Iranian market has lost more than 10 billion real money, and lost profits over the years amounted to tens of billions of dollars. For what on earth we must bear these costs? Recent attempts by Russia to implement clearing payment mechanisms with Iran were so sluggish, with an eye on possible Russian business banking reaction from Washington that while this did not work. Iran and India, for example, in this issue went another way: have decided to trade oil for gold. It turned out much more efficiently. However, the desired term would be the most reliable to get away from the U.S. dollar altogether. Russia and China have long talks about it and so stockpiled huge amount of gold. If Vladimir Putin says U.S. endanger the world economy, the dollar abusing monopoly, it is not merely stating a fact, he, no doubt, taking preparatory measures permissible. In this pursuit of Iran for us 100 percent ally there against the dollar declined and publicly, and a few years ago. Iranian oil sold for euros as the dollar in understanding the real mechanism of Iranians is directly dependent on Washington, is seen as a symbol of colonialism.

Finally, we note the desirability of returning to major public projects in the field of economic relations with Iran. Private Russian business need government guarantees to start in the economic revival of Iran, where, not without reason, after the lifting of sanctions expected rapid economic growth. Iran and Russia agreed to build new nuclear reactors in Iran, negotiations on Russia's participation in the development of the oil and gas sector of the country, there are a number of other Iranian proposals. For example, the development of railroads Iranian government plans to raise 35 billion investments. In short, there are prospects of good neighbors, capable of hitting militant American imagination, sharpened by new wars and chaos for the sake of strengthening their monopolies.

* * *

In preparing this year Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran. By the way, due to the failure of other G-8 member to hold a summit in June in Sochi appeared corridor, and the Russian president can safely plan your visit to Tehran in the days transferred to the Brussels summit, which will be held without Russia. Both sides, in addition to further expansion and deepening of regional partnership can come to the signing of the "Big Treaty" on cooperation in the framework of the new bilateral agenda. Iran is interested in further cooperation with Russia in the field of nuclear energy, a breakthrough at the highest level requires preparation of the Convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea, there is a mutual interest in joint projects in the oil and gas sector of Iran, in space, on innovative technologies in the development of transport infrastructure. Russia is now important to abandon the principle of building relationships with other countries with an eye on the U.S. reaction. Our motto should be something else. And here they do not remember the wise Persian proverb: "The dog barks, but the caravan moves on."

Nicholay Bobkin,