Democrat Red Scare Finally Fails
Tim KIRBY | 27.03.2019 | WORLD / Americas

Democrat Red Scare Finally Fails

Imagine that your country, which you presumably love very much, was taken over by a foreign power via some sort of “Manchurian Candidate” during recent elections. For you, this dreadful scenario is not suspicion, but fact. You are so absolutely sure this power grab happened and you openly acknowledge it. Now if you are some average person in the middle of the country far from the capital, there is not much you can do, but in our little scenario you are actually in power, in the capital. So your country has been taken over by a foreign (and evil) power and you are one of the few who can actually do something about it… in this instance what do you do?

Apparently, you screw around for two years trying to organize a impeachment proceedings and then just quietly give up… because that is what the Democrats are doing right now.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team lost another key member as it was slowly grinding to a halt. In the Red Scare style hunt for collusion with the Russians they have yet to even indict, let alone convict, one member of the Trump campaign for some sort of hidden work or submission to the Russians. This is not proof that there was no collusion but after two years one would hope to see some sort of proof that there is. In America you are still innocent until proven guilty or is that position too right wing?

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially signaled defeat for the Democrats by publicly stating that “He’s just not worth it” in regards to a Trump impeachment, which comes in contrast to her famous statement asking 'What does Putin have on Trump, politically, personally or financially?' which bluntly implies that the Russians do have some means of control over the actions of the POTUS. These is no small claim coming from one of the top brass in Congress. Again this begs the question, if she was so sure that Trump was a confirmed traitor to the United States how can he suddenly become “not worth it” in terms of impeachment?

And this is not just Pelosi, but according to Glenn Greenwald appearing on Fox News during the 2018 midterm elections “almost no” Democratic Party candidates bothered to delve into the Trump-Russia collusion narrative during their campaigns, which in the recent past had been a core issue.

These all means one of three things…

The Democrats in power are horribly emotionally and intellectually weak and they believed in a conspiracy that “felt right” and fit in so well with their worldview they just took the ball and ran with it.

Trump did actually collude with the Russians but after two years they haven’t been able to gather enough evidence yet to go forward.

The Democrats in power knowingly lied to generate a false conspiracy against the POTUS to remove him from office via rumor mill coup, which is criminal and could even be treasonous as their actions seriously undermine the stability of the United States. In this case they should be put on trial.

At this point it would not be surprising if Trump is preparing some sort of team to investigate the investigators. He can be a petty man and a troll at times so this is very much within his character. He would have more evidence of slander and treason that they have of his Benedict Arnold style collusion.

The most dangerous thing that the Democrats have done in their anti-Trump witch hunt for the long term is turn treason into some sort of cliché. This word is not something to use lightly and should have massive implications. There have been massive scandalous actions that look far more like real treason in the Soviet Union then there have been in modern America. These actions which partially brought down the Soviet System are the face of treason and a good measure by which to gauge Trump’s actions.

Firstly, many (in pro-Russian circles) accuse Gorbachev of treason for allowing the Soviet Union to collapse (more on that soon) and for surrendering all of Eastern Europe (all bases/influence in the Warsaw Pact) to NATO without any written assurances or even rumors of getting anything in return. Gorbachev asked for and got nothing for this massive sacrifice, doesn’t that sound a bit fishy?

If Trump were to pull a Gorby and just give up a massive area of influence, without a single gunshot because it is “hard to manage” or “expensive”, then the Democrats would have a case. Disbanding or changing NATO is one thing, but just giving Russia the Baltic States for free because they are a bit of a drain would be grounds for a treason investigation.

Regarding the collapse of the USSR, when the leaders of 3 of the 15 Soviet Socialist Republics (the minority) met up on the very very border of the country (to allow easy escape) and signed the Belavezha Accords disbanding the nation with no public referendum (the only referendum voted to save the Union) or legal precedent, that is an instance of real treason. If Trump were to say fly to Alaska, as close to Russia as possible then grant every state with an noteworthy independence movement freedom to leave the USA then this would be the kind of betrayal that should get the Orangeman hung.

The tail end of the Soviet period shows us what actual treason looks like, and until the Democrats can find evidence of these sorts of plans they no longer have the right to use this word except when they are looking in the mirror conspiring unjustly against the President of the United States of America.