Trump’s Right Wing Takeover of LGBT Agenda
Tim KIRBY | 28.02.2019 | WORLD / Americas

Trump’s Right Wing Takeover of LGBT Agenda

Donald Trump despite his image as the standard bearer for some sort of right wing or alt-right wing Conservative movement has boldly come out of the closet to initiate a “global effort to end (the) criminalization of homosexuality.” On the surface, this move looks like some sort of compromise to win a second term in office, but this could actually lead to a massive ideological victory for Conservatives across America including “The Donald” himself. Whether this victory is good for America or not is another issue entirely.

Although, it is impossible to prove someone’s personal motivations beyond a reasonable doubt, the easiest argument as to why Trump has made this seemingly 180 degree turn in regards to homosexuality is simple self-preservation as a politician. A few years ago, Trump was riding waves of popularity offering to “Make America Great Again” if given the Oval Office. Now, many Americans are seeing that Trump is “Trying to Make America Great Again, with Many Failures, Compromises and Baffling Flip-Flops”. The euphoric honeymoon period is over and Trump will need to become more attractive outside of the base that got him into power, who at this time has very mixed reactions to the results of his ongoing Presidency. Calling to decriminalize homosexuality globally sounds “friendly” and “Liberal” and could be used to grab those precious Independent voters who may be on the fence when picking Democrat or Republican. A more modern, friendly, tolerant Trump that still wants to “MAGA” may be a good offering during the next election cycle.

Another theory as to this move, is that Trump is trying to take a page out of the Progressive playbook and use this decriminalization campaign as a means to be able to cry “human rights violation” whenever it is convenient to do so. The main target of these possible verbal attacks will likely be Iran, which has been on the bad end of the President’s anger and disgust since even before he took office. Being able to sell Iran as a gay-killing human rights violator is the necessary language that could be needed to get the American political Left to get on board with some sort of action or punishments. Although Trump has so far kept his campaign promise to not start any new wars, he is not afraid to put pressure on adversaries like in Venezuela. Essentially this bold declaration by Trump could be the means to market any action to the Left that he needs, as homosexuality is a core issue to them. The language of “human rights” speaks to an audience that normally wants nothing to do with “troglodyte” Trump.

The two theories presented above could be both true, but the ultimate goal of #45 is very possibly something much grander. As the man known for coining the greatest election campaign slogan for Conservatives (across the world if you change the second A in “MAGA” to the name of the local country) in history, the Orange Man knows the value of a powerful statement. When he says that he wants to “Decriminalize” homosexuality this word is chosen for a reason with a specific goal in mind – to push the LGBT rhetoric towards a Libertarian/Conservative agenda.

Decriminalization of something that is an aspect of one’s private life that does not cause physical harm to others is very much in line with a Libertarian/Conservative worldview. This language perfectly matches up with the ultra-popular “I want gay married couples to protect their marijuana plants with guns” slogan found on Libertarian memes and merchandise. Decriminalization means getting the government out of their (sex) lives and getting the government out of one’s life is exactly the ideological reason why people support Republicans. This new “mission” is actually far more in line with the American Right than one would think at first glance.

Ronald Reagan’s famous Conservative mantra "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem" could very well be applied to the LGBT issue. Trump’s decriminalization movement hints loudly that the problem homosexuals face is interference from government into their lives and NOT a lack of government action to support them as the American Left would argue. The big implication is that the entire Progressive narrative is not what is needed and that the ultimate goal should be for homosexuals the world over to be given “equal opportunity” by decriminalization and not “equality of results” by preferential government laws/programs.

It goes by extension that if the ultimate goal of US foreign policy in terms of homosexuality is to get it decriminalized, then Washington is free to cut financial support for all sorts of activists all over the globe. This would be very consistent with Trump’s quest to reduce/eliminate government spending on frivolous things that Conservatives feel are not within the duties of the state.

Trump is a verbal tactician when given the time to think, and this new policy could really allow him to steal the narrative away from his enemies in a way that makes him look like the good guy fighting for equality while previous presidents twiddled their thumbs. It also could grab some swing states as it makes Trump seem more friendly, while hardcore Conservatives will never vote for any Democratic candidate no matter whom the Dems offer up. Additionally it does allow the Billionaire the means to instantly attack (verbally) a large number of nations across the globe when they get uppity. The Orange Man may seem dumb, but he certainly has a way with words. 

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