The Struggle for Syria’s Soul
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 05.09.2018

The Struggle for Syria’s Soul

Stephen LENDMAN 

Washington’s aim to colonize Syria and isolate Iran – ahead of a similar regime change plot against its government is crucially important to defeat.

Russia remains involved to help. On Monday, Sergey Lavrov said the Kremlin is committed to defeating the scourge of (US-supported) terrorism in Syria – essential to successfully implement SC Res. 2254.

It calls for ceasefire and diplomatic resolution to the long-running conflict – US-initiated aggression in its 8th year, still raging because Trump regime hardliners reject restoration of peace to the country.

The battle to liberate Idlib province looms, the last major terrorist stronghold in the country. Stressing the importance of defeating US-supported jihadists infesting the province, Lavrov said: 

“It is impossible to allow the status quo to remain as it is today.” Idlib-based terrorists are an “abscess” vital to “liquidate.” 

Al-Nusra* and other terrorists repeatedly violate the cessation of hostilities agreement in the province.

They use it to launch drone and other attacks on Russia’s Khmeimim air base in the Lattakia countryside.

In Damascus for talks with Syrian officials, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed the importance of eliminating US-supported terrorists in Idlib, “the region…returned to the people of Syria.”

A major offensive to liberate the province looms. According to AMN News, Syrian troops in southeastern Idlib “moved in position to strike the jihadist rebels near the town of Abu Dali in the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man District.”

They’re led by elite Tiger Forces, other Syrian troops supporting them. The operation is part of a large-scale offensive in Syria’s northwest – also targeting “northern Latakia, northern Hama, and the Al-Ghaab Plain (southwest Idlib/northwest Hama),” AMN explained.

Brett McGurk is the Trump regime’s so-called special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIS* the US created and supports.

In July 2017, he surprisingly said “Idlib province is the largest al-Qaeda safe-haven since 9/11…This is a huge problem.”

Washington and its imperial allies bear full responsibility for using terrorists as imperial proxies – arming, funding, training and directing them.

On September 1, Syrian forces prevented a terrorist attack on Palmyra, twice liberated earlier from US-supported jihadists.

Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria said government troops captured terrorist fighters trained by US special forces at the illegal al-Tanf base near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders.

According to a Russian source, “(o)ne of the (captured) terrorists said US instructors were involved in training their group. Weapons and ammunition were delivered from the US base. The militants’ objective was to commit a series of terrorist attacks near the inhabited community of Palmyra and ensure the passage of about 300 militants to capture the city within the next week.”

The plot was foiled. Expect lots more like it ahead, likely during the offensive to liberate Idlib. It’s coming despite US threats, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem saying:

“Anything that is actively promoted by the US will not affect the determination of the Syrian people and Syrian army’s plans to clear Idlib and finally put an end to terrorism in Syria,” adding:

“We, the people and leadership of Syria, would like to end the conflict today, but the intervention of Western countries headed by the US makes it difficult.”

“The US presence has claimed the lives of thousands of Syrian and every time terrorists were besieged by the Syrian Arab Army, Washington provided them with protection.” 

“It became clear that Washington’s main objective was to prolong the crisis in Syria in the interests of Israel” – and its own imperial aims.

Neocon extremists infesting Washington, Britain, other NATO countries and Israel represent the greatest threat to world peace and stability. 

They’re humanity’s greatest scourge, threatening everyone everywhere!

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia by court order.

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