Codename Acor Sycamore – The Saudi-US-Al-Qaeda Operation to Reconquer Canada
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 08.08.2018

Codename Acor Sycamore – The Saudi-US-Al-Qaeda Operation to Reconquer Canada

Official news of the Saudi-U.S.-Al-Qaeda alliance was probably not enough to make the point. Anyone who crosses a U.S. or Saudi red line will be punished with by al-Qaeda .

Canada crossed such a line. That is what a verified Saudi propaganda account @infographic_ksa expressed today when it published this photo:


There is little subtlety in showing an airliner flying into the CN Tower in Toronto. (The tweet, and a follow up without the plane, have since been deleted. Earlier today the account called for murdering Iran's supreme leader. That tweet is still up. Update: The account was deleted.)

The 9/11 like tweet was part of a Saudi response to Canada's "overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of #SaudiArabia".

On July 30 Saudi Arabia incarcerated the activist Samar Badawi, a sister of the Saudi dissident Raif Badawi. Raif Badawi himself has been in prison for several years. His wife Ensaf Haidar and their three children found asylum in Canada. They live in Sherbrooke in Québec.

On August 3 Canada's government expressed its displeasure with the recent arrest:

Foreign Policy CAN @CanadaFP - 14:10 utc - 3 Aug 2018
Canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in #SaudiArabia, including Samar Badawi. We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful #humanrights activists.

Since yesterday the Saudis fire back:

Foreign Ministry @KSAmofaEN - 22:59 utc - 5 Aug 2018
#Statement | The negative and surprising attitude of #Canada is an entirely false claim and utterly incorrect.

The Saudi clown prince does not tolerate any criticism. His ambassador to Canada was recalled and the Canadian ambassador in Riyadh was given 24 hours to leave. All new trade and investment transactions between Saudi Arabia and Canada are frozen. It suspended scholarship for 8,000 of the 25,000 Saudi students in Canada. The Saudi troll brigade was activated and immediately went into action:

Dozens of Saudi accounts sent the copy/paste tweet below to various addressees. They were retweeted thousands of times.

خالد بن عبدالله آل سعود @KAFTA78 - 18:29 utc - 5 Aug 2018‏
- Replying to @CanEmbSA
In Saudi Arabia we feel worried about Canada committing cultural genocide against Indigenous people. We also support the right of Quebec to become an independent nation.
839 retweets 630 Likes

Donald Trump will follow the Canadian Saudi dispute with strong interest. He believes that "giving Canada their independence" was "the biggest mistake America ever made". In May he accused Canada of burning down the White House. It is high time to take revenge for that burning insult.

Canada has a controversial $15 billion deal to provide Saudi Arabia with more than 900 'Light Armored Vehicles', 40% of which are actually a Heavy Assault type. The sanctimonious Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called them 'jeeps'. He approved the export permits despite the acknowledged use of these tanks against internal Saudi resistance and in the Saudi rape of Yemen. Donald Trump will happily accept the Saudi request to move the deal to U.S. production lines.

Sources speak of a joint CIA-Saudi operation to arm moderate Québécois rebels for their fight against the repressive Trudeau regime in Ottawa. Codenamed Acor Sycamore, the operation will purchase weapons in Bulgaria and Croatia and secretly ship those to CIA trained freedom fighters. The Saudis will redeploy their al-Qaeda and ISIS from Syria to the Canadian tar sands. The U.S. plans to use their establishment as pretext for the war on Canada and its following occupation. The Israeli cyber spy company the Saudis hired to attack Amnesty International will be redirected to attack Ottawa. Mossad will send agents to sabotage Canada's Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve. The move will increase demand for U.S. syrup products.

Canada should note that its independence - graciously granted by Trump's America - can be revoked. The man who desires to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN may come to see the re-acquisition of the oil-rich but empty north-American space as the climax of his political career.

Today's AP piece on the Saudi-U.S.-Al-Qaeda alliance in Yemen and the Saudi '9/11 in Canada' tweet are not unrelated.

Justin Trudeau must immediately hop on a plane to Moscow and ask for Russia's support. Firing his anti-RussianNazi descendant foreign minister may help to gain Putin's grace.

Trump's MAGA intentions are well known. The message the Saudis sent is clear. The CN Tower will fall. Ottawa will be besieged. It is high time for Trudeau to act.

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