England & Theresa May’s Anti-Russian Shame
Matthew JAMISON | 10.06.2018 | WORLD / Europe

England & Theresa May’s Anti-Russian Shame

I am not sure really where to begin when it comes to the anti-Russian hatred rooted deep within the English people and exemplified by their current prime minister Theresa May, probably one of the worst and weakest prime ministers the English have ever had. There is just so much shamefulstomach churningnauseating English anti-Russian racist fascism and xenophobia within the English whether it be their mass population or the roughly 7% elites who really run the country, one has so much material it is mind-boggling.

So let us take the singular case of Roman Abramovich. Mr. Abramovich is exactly the type of Russian-Israeli entrepreneur and businessman you would think the English would be very grateful and happy to have in their dilapidatedbankrupt, Brexit-paralysed excuse for a nation. Through a tremendous work ethic, great intellect and dynamic creativity Mr. Abramovich has built up an amazing and admirable business empire the like of which Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair would wholeheartedly approve. It was Mr. Abramovich’s money that turned Chelsea Football Club into a Premier League success story on par with the likes of Manchester United.

Not only was the Chelsea Football Club reinvigorated and elevated to greatness under the ownership of Mr. Abramovich, the surrounding locality and the wider country and society benefited and continue to benefit greatly from the socially conscientious and socially responsible largesse of Mr. Abramovich’s brand of inclusive, caring socially democratic capitalism. The out of shape and weak English had many an opportunity to better themselves physically and mentally with Mr. Abramovich’s sports centres and training grounds which are enjoyed to this day by many of the English, British, Europeans and many other internationals. There has also been a tremendous amount of charitable investment on a whole range of projects way beyond sports that Mr. Abramovich has generously given out of his pocket and into the wider British economy and society. Plans were afoot for a brand new stadium and social investment that would have helped regenerate and benefit the Grenfell area of the disaster stricken deprived part of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea after the horrendous Grenfell Tower fire.

Sadly the British prime minister Theresa May and her Tory Government have decided to stop all that by revoking the work visa for Mr. Abramovich, which she herself authorized the renewal of while Home Secretary. Indeed, all the investor visas for Russian investors that Mrs. May now screams about, where in fact all authorised by herpersonally signed off by her, while Home Secretary.

May has had two years now to sort a final policy on Brexit and still she, her Cabinet, her Government, her party, her country that she leads the UK, the EU and the rest of the world are none the wiser as to what Mrs. May’s Brexit policies are. What has she been doing all this time over the last two years. Painting her nails? Working out with her personal trainer in the gym? Counting her millions with her husband for their retirement? Trying to get an even fatter majority than the perfectly reasonable one she inherited? Everyone it seems has finally decided to throw in the towel with Mrs. May from her best buddie Donald Trump, to the EU, and the rest of the world apart from her supremely loyal domestic security service MI5 and her friends in George Soros’s Democratic Party like another defeated old woman.

Once again after blowing it with her Cabinet on Brexit before she left for the crucial G7 Summit, and having her proposals ripped to pieces by Mr. Barnier, she fell back once again on a very tired, haggard, worn out, ugly old card.... the English racist xenophobia.... but this time not for EU “immigrants” or the Irish, or welfare scroungers, but one of the most disgusting and ancient strands of English racist xenophobia... the old anti-Russian “Bolshevik” card. This just days away from the opening of the World Cup in Russia. But then Mrs. May is safely protected with a lot of security and the fortress of 10 Downing Street to retreat into while her fellow countrymen and women will be the loyal and “brave” messengers that will trumpet her anti-Russian Salisbury-Skripal farce policy perhaps in Russia itself if they have the backbone to follow their Leader and spread her message during the World Cup.

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