The Politics of the Salisbury Farce
Matthew JAMISON | 01.06.2018 | WORLD / Europe

The Politics of the Salisbury Farce

The English seem to have very short memories indeed. At the moment most of the English population, mainly male, are getting very excited and whipped up into a frenzy over their favoured sport – football - with the impending World Cup. As ever with the England football team there is always a great nationalistic burst of pride and joy from the English for their football team, not a United Kingdom or even British football team – just England – on the eve of the World Cup. It happens all the time. The media get every English person excited at the prospect of a great glorious victory and then the mediocre, if that, England football team go out and play pathetically and end up returning home very quickly with their tail tucked firmly between their legs. If I recall correctly the last time that England made it anywhere near the finals was sometime in the 1960s. Because the reality is that the English national football team just like their domestic security service MI5 and their current Theresa May Government, are in reality rubbish.

Yet this is very curious. It was only weeks ago that that the May MI5 and prime minister Theresa May where trashing Russia, the Russian peopleRussian moneyRussian citizens living in Londonthe Russian Government and Russian President, and whipping up and leading the most horrendously racist, xenophobic, nasty campaign of anti-Russian propaganda and smears – just on the eve of the World Cup in Russia and upon President Vladimir Putin’s brilliant achievement of winning a fourth term in office in service of his great people, something which even Margaret Thatcher had wanted to achieve but had been denied by her very own Party. This time, on this subject, the English have gone too far and cannot be allowed to have their cake and eat it as with Brexit. They and their domestic security service MI5 and Theresa May’s Government have turned Britain into a complete laughing stock in the eyes of the world and destroyed whatever credibility the British had left after the circus of the EU referendum campaign.

Mrs. May and her MI5 jump around and flip flop perhaps more so than the abysmal, miserable excuse for an American President called Donald Trump. Both the pathetic disastrous Trump administration and the equally feckless May administration have something in common. There has been a tremendous amount of leaking of State secrets and confidential information on an industrial scale, so much so that neither the American Government nor the British Government can keep a secret any more. This situation is completely intolerable for any functioning Government and State. The British domestic security service MI5 on the orders of Theresa May the prime minister and the now defunct Home Secretary Amber Rudd were responsible for the Salisbury farce. It is indeed quite an ironic coincidence given that it happened in Salisbury having hosted the Marquis of Salisbury some years ago and then also having worked with the current MP for Salisbury John Glen MP.

Remember Sergei and Yulia Skripal being poisoned with the deadly nerve agent Novichok? What was all that really about Mrs. May? Theresa May stated on March 12th:

“Mr. Speaker I set out that Mr. Skripal and his daughter where poisoned with Novichok, a military grade nerve agent developed by Russia. Based on this capability and their record of conducting state sponsored assassinations... the UK Government concluded that Russia was highly likely responsible for this reckless and despicable act.” Note no evidence, hard concrete evidence presented just assertions from the mouth of the arch flip flopper Theresa May.

Then Mrs. May went further. Not content with falsely and deliberately smearing the Russian State of carrying out the so-called Salisbury poisoning, presenting no hard evidence, the prime minister went on the anti-Russian rampage and expelled Russian diplomats from the Russian Embassy in London. Mrs. May began a tour round the country bashing everything Russian, constantly trashing the Russian people’s reputation, badly needed Russian investment in London and the bankrupt dilapidated UK, introducing sanctions against Russian investment, branding Russian money ‘dirty’, whipping up her MI5 into the most ridiculous, offensive and frankly disgusting anti-Russian English circus act and then the most egregious act of all.

Rather than simply leaving it at the bi-lateral level in the full knowledge that the Salisbury farce was staged managed and produced by Theresa May’s MI5 – May had the brass neck, arrogance and two faced cowardice [which I am afraid to say is a hallmark of her MI5] and the stupidity to take it to another extremely dangerous and reckless level entirely with a push at the EU Council Summit in March for a full blown anti-Russian global campaign with mass global expulsions of Russian diplomats throughout North America, the EU and around the world and the attempted fashioning of a broader anti-Russian campaign of interference to destabilise the Russian State. Mrs. May also banned all Government Ministers of the United Kingdom and all members of the British Royal Family from attending the World Cup which was a spiteful, vindictive and totally unnecessary counterproductive move designed only to inflame anti-Russian prejudice among the very anti-Russian English MI5 populace and indeed sadly some in the elites as well. We had our Foreign Secretary label President Putin a name which I will not repeat in the same sentence as a great heroic leader like President Putin.

That was deeply offensive and revolting. I doubt this was paid much attention to in the Kremlin when compared to a brilliant strategic resilient and visionary leader like President Putin who has successfully restored his country to greatness, Boris Johnson pales in comparison. We had our Chancellor state that despite the generosity of Russian citizens the Tory Party would be keeping the almost £1 million and had no intention of returning it despite telling the rest of the country how ‘dirty’ Russian money is. There is no such thing as ‘dirty’ money though some of the English get very particular about money but do not mind in the least taking other people’s money, wasting other people’s money while wasting the givers time and souring the relationship between paying customer and business. It has also seemed to escape some in the Cabinet and Government and population at large that Britain is bankrupt and will depend heavily on international investment and international finance going forward to keep itself afloat in a highly competitive, interconnected and globalised world economy where a great deal of global economic growth this century will be coming from the East.

From start to finish the whole Salisbury farce stank of one of Mrs. May’s false flags gone badly wrong. Her MI5 had us all believe that Lee Rigby was killed. There is the issue regarding the death of Jo Cox. The Westminster Bridge terror attack. The Manchester bombing. The London Bridge attack. Parsons Green. And then the Salisbury farce. If you are going to lie Mrs. May to the nation and then to the world at least get the story straight from start to finish. First, if MI5 is such a great amazing world class security service how on earth did MI5 allow Novichok, one of the most deadly of deadly chemical nerve agents to get into Britain, get on British soil, get transported all the way to Salisbury? Are MI5 really that incompetent and rubbish? Surely if you have high ranking Russian defectors under your protection you would have all kinds of special security systems and protections in place all ready to anticipate and prevent such an attack?

And if not, why not? If so, what happened with MI5’s much vaunted all seeing, all hearing, all knowing monitoring and surveillance capabilities? Where they switched off for some reason? Where they not working properly that day? Where the MI5 ‘oscars’ drunk as per usual on the job? If we are to take what Mrs. May told us at face value then once again this raises serious questions about how effective, efficient, competent, professional, intelligent and fit for purpose MI5 really are from the so-called leadership of Parker and the Home Secretary and PM at the top and the Chairman of the JIC to the ‘helpers’ at the bottom.

Then let us again take Mrs. May’s script at face value. First somehow this deadly chemical nerve agent after being transported into the UK and driven all the way down to Salisbury was administered in Zizzi restaurant. Then it became the Mill pub. Then it was Yulia’s car. Then it became the door handle. And I think there were a few other alterations as well but quite frankly there really is not much point in trying to keep track because it was so totally inconsistent to be unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. Then there is the large elephant in the room of scientific and medical facts that just will not disappear. If Novichok had really been used on a door handle or a car or in a restaurant or a pub, there would have been hundreds if not thousands dead already. In fact, no one died and no one has been hurt. Everyone from the police man to Yulia to Sergei all made miraculously, totally miraculous recoveries. Yulia was up and dancing and singing and able to discharge herself from the hospital. Where she is now and how she is, is anybody’s guess? Her father Sergei is also doing very well and has made a full speedy recovery and is out and about. And the police man is also up and about and singing and dancing. The creator of Novichok told the world that death was most likely from being infected with Novichok and if death could be prevented then in all likelihood the victims would be vegetables the rest of their lives and need around the clock assistance. What wonder drug do they have in Salisbury that the rest of the world has been unable to produce yet? Then there was the confession from the Chief Executive of Porton Down that they were unable to verify that the Novichok came from Russia. Then there was unfortunately the very biased OPCW investigation conducted under the most bizarre of rules.

The fact is, to clear the air before the beginning of the historic and fantastic impending World Cup in Russia, I think it would be best and appropriate for Theresa May to apologise to the Russian Government, President Putin and the Russian people. May will never have the backbone and courage to admit in the National Interest that it was she and her appalling former Home Secretary Rudd and co. Along with some of their more crazed Clinton-Obama CIA friends who cooked up the whole plot to undermine Russia before the World Cup and damage also Jeremy Corbyn and any hope of detente between the United States and Russia. Jeremy Corbyn who has been doing an outstanding job as Leader of the Labour Party and Her Majesty’s Official Opposition under very difficult circumstances deserves enormous praise and credit for being the only major British political public figure and Leader to call this nonsense out for what it was. Jeremy Corbyn called it right and should receive the full backing of his Parliamentary Party instead of constantly being undermined and sniped at by the likes of Barry Sherman.

So perhaps either a new Leader could do so or May might just state that she got the whole matter wrong. Either way it would greatly help improve UK-Russia relations and the wider Western-Russo relationship to lift the ban on the British Royal Family attending and also send some high ranking Government Ministers to make peace and offer an olive branch in the spirit of reducing global tensions and enhancing international peace, stability and security. After all, as Mrs. Thatcher said: ‘There is a great strand of equity and fairness in the British people. This is our national characteristic.’ I can think of no better way to demonstrate to the world and international community than to admit somehow Theresa May got it wrong and the English and British in their entirety are big enough to admit when they are wrong and have wrongly slandered another great nation.

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