Anti-Fake News President Beats War Drum... over Fake News
Finian CUNNINGHAM | 11.04.2018 | WORLD / Americas

Anti-Fake News President Beats War Drum... over Fake News

Within hours of a patently false-flag chemical weapon attack in Syria at the weekend, US President Donald Trump was threatening to go to war with Syria and its allies Russia and Iran. How bizarre that Trump who unceasingly deprecates “fake news” should be willing to potentially ignite World War III on the basis of flagrant fake news.

Following a dubious incident in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta at the weekend, Trump was tweeting authoritatively:

“Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world.”

Trump went on to condemn Russian leader Vladimir Putin for being complicit with “Animal Assad”.

“President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay…”

The latter words implied the US would strike at Syria, as well as its allies Russia and Iran present in the country. A White House counter-terrorism advisor, Thomas Bossert, told US media that “all options were on the table”.

Trump was being swept along like so many other Western political leaders and news media by unverified video footage supplied by the CIA-funded White Helmets group. The latter is the media arm of various terrorist networks that are now facing defeat from Syrian and Russian forces.

Despite Trump’s assertion of “many dead, including women and children”, there were no verified numbers of casualties from the alleged attack on civilians supposedly carried out by the Syrian armed forces with chlorine gas.

During Syria’s seven-year war, there have been many cases of the Western-backed militants staging provocations with chemical weapons. But this latest one would seem to be most blatant yet, in that the video footage which was given saturated Western media coverage since the weekend has not been substantiated with a single casualty.

Russia, Syria and Iran labeled the alleged chemical weapon incident in Eastern Ghouta a “fabrication” aimed at delaying the final recapturing of the militants’ last stronghold near the capital Damascus.

Russia also warned that any military strike carried out by the US on the back of a false pretext will not be tolerated without an armed response. The US and France have said in a joint statement that they will take coordinated, strong action in Syria.

Already, the Israeli air force reportedly launched a deadly air strike on Syria’s major airbase at Tiyas in the center of the country. Among the 14 dead there are believed to be Iranian servicemen which heightens the unfolding international tensions. The Israeli attack was said to be in revenge for the alleged chemical-weapon incident. The irony is beyond words that Israel is claiming to be responding to avenge civilians being gassed while its snipers are shooting dead dozens of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

One year ago, on April 4, 2017, a similar provocation using chemicals was staged by the Al Nusra Front terrorist organization and their White Helmets media arm in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province. Three days later, President Trump ordered a barrage 59 cruise missiles on Syria, which resulted in several civilian deaths.

Since then, Russia has repeatedly warned that any further US military strikes on Syria will be met with response. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said this week amid Western clamoring for revenge over the Eastern Ghouta incident at the weekend that Russia has “legal obligations” to defend Syria.

Russia’s growing intolerance towards American aggression against Syria is all the more acute because the alleged chemical weapon incident in Eastern Ghouta is quite clearly a brazen provocation.

Russian military officers reported two days after the weekend’s purported assault that no Syrian medical personnel had recorded receiving any patients suffering from chemical agents.

It has also been reported that the two-month Syrian and Russian offensive to retake Eastern Ghouta has now been completed. No areas remain under the control of the militants. The remaining militants and their families were evacuated by buses under a Russian-brokered surrender deal to a designated location in Idlib.

So, the alleged victims of the chemical weapon incident in Eastern Ghouta are something of a mystery. Western news media broadcast videos of children being hosed down with water and being administered with respiratory masks. Admittedly, some media outlets qualified the information by saying “unverified” or “unconfirmed”. But the impression created, of course, was that the alleged chemical attack was factual. As can be gleaned from Trump’s disdain above declaring “many dead, including women and children”.

But where are the victims and their death certificates? They appear to have disappeared into thin air like phantoms.

The CIA-backed terror proxies in Syria and their propagandists in the “Oscar-winning” White Helmets have staged provocations with chemicals over and over again. From the August 2013 original incident in Eastern Ghouta, to the Khan Sheikhoun event last year, to the latest drama at the weekend. Their artful fabrications have become a little too slick to stick.

For several weeks, the Russian government was warning that the militants were preparing a false flag event with chemical weapons. Russia had provided information on chemicals and makeshift laboratories being operated by the insurgents whose intention was to stage an atrocity against civilians which would conveniently be blamed on the Assad government and its Russian ally.

The Syrian army says it did not use chemicals at the weekend, nor before for that matter. It says the victorious recapture of the militants’ last stronghold shows they had no need to use such munitions. The very notion is preposterous.

However, in the death throes of a strategic defeat, the militants and their CIA sponsors do have every motive and means to make one last-ditch effort at provoking a military intervention by the US and its NATO allies.

Only last week, Trump was saying he wanted to get US troops out of Syria. He promptly came under fire from war hawks, the Pentagon and CIA for being “a loser”.

Following the latest chemical-weapons stunt, the American president is being chided by politicians and pundits that this is “his defining moment” to demonstrate he is not a wimp “like Obama”.

The absurdity of it all is that Trump considers himself to be such a smart debunker of “fake news”. And yet here he is ready to start to World War III on the back of the most outrageous fake news possibly ever to have come out of Syria’s war yet.

Just when that war had largely been won by Russia too.