US Hostility Toward Russia Risks Nuclear War
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 19.01.2018

US Hostility Toward Russia Risks Nuclear War


Bilateral relations are dismal, the worst in decades.

They were deplorable before Trump entered office, greatly deteriorated since his inauguration – an unacceptably dangerous situation, showing no signs of changing.

Surrounding Russia with US military bases, inventing a nonexistent Russian threat, falsely accusing its government of “aggression” and interference in America’s 2016 presidential election, imposing illegal sanctions, seizing its properties, expelling its diplomats, harming RT and Sputnik, along with conducting provocative military exercises near its borders head things toward direct confrontation – risking unthinkable nuclear war.

Connected to the Pentagon, Stars and Stripes publishes stories related to its operations. An earlier article discussed its Russian “deterrence” mission in Lithuania, bordering Russia’s Kaliningrad, close to its heartland.

It focused on US forces training for possible confrontation with Moscow. Their mission is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, involving America and other NATO countries, initiated over false accusations of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine.

Provocative air, sea and ground operations, along with US-led NATO’s permanent presence in Eastern Europe, threaten Russia’s security, the Kremlin forced to respond defensively.

Sergey Lavrov earlier said Washington and its NATO partners “grossly violated (their) political commitments” on European security, creating unacceptable bilateral friction.

US military exercises near Russia’s borders are rehearsals for war – unthinkable between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, yet possible, perhaps inevitable given Washington’s rage for dominance, Russia considered it main enemy despite no threat to America or any other countries.

According to Stars and Stripes, deployment and training are part of “Operation Atlantic Resolve, the United States’ commitment to deter aggression in Europe in response to Russia’s 2014 annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.”

No “Russian aggression” exists now or earlier, no Crimean “annexation,” no Kremlin threat to America, NATO, the European continent or anywhere else.

US hostility toward Russia is all about its sovereign independence, its opposition to US naked aggression, its peace agenda, its policies polar opposite Washington’s imperial lawlessness.

Trump and earlier US administrations want Russian sovereignty replaced by pro-Western puppet governance, its resources looted, its people exploited, its territory partitioned for easier control.

US-led NATO forces permanently near Russia’s border is all about wanting regime change by color revolution or war, virtually certain to be nuclear if launched.

Washington’s imperial madness threatens world peace. Its permanent war agenda and rage for dominance may doom us all.

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