America’s Dictatorship Clamps Down in Republican Tax-Bill
Eric ZUESSE | 05.12.2017 | FEATURED STORY

America’s Dictatorship Clamps Down in Republican Tax-Bill

The all-Republican rewrite of America’s tax-system will place the US federal Government even deeper into debt than it already is, and will do it by decreasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans and by passing along to the rest of the American public a significant portion of the tax-burdens that those wealthiest then won’t be paying. The resultant soaring government-debts will leave future generations of the US public (your children and theirs) with even shoddier and even less government-services (including healthcare and education and roads and bridges and all the rest) than we now have. The ever-fattening aristocracy and their newsmedia will blame this decline of America, on the rotten government, which they actually control and are making rotten. The resultant further rotting of government will then ‘confirm' how bad ‘government’ (not only America’s but government itself) is, and how terrific ‘the free market’ — those aristocrats, the ‘entrepreneurs’, the owners, themselves — supposedly are. This libertarian rape of the public’s ideology will thus produce an American electorate that’s even more pro-aristocracy, even more anti-democracy, than it already has become. This entire operation is just a big aristocratic hoax, and even the blame for it is. America’s decline doesn’t result from America’s ‘democracy’; it results instead from America’s worsening dictatorship.

This all-Republican rape of the US public will be done at a time when only 25% of the American electorate self-identify as “Republican.” The rest: 30% are “Democrat,” and 42% are “Independent.” And, yet, this 25% of voters who take their lead from the Republican portion of the aristocracy, have empowered that portion of the aristocracy against not only themselves (except for the few aristocratic Republicans, who are actually being served) but also against the 42% of voters who reject both of the aristocracy’s Parties, and also against the 30% of voters who instead choose to serve the few aristocratic Democrats.

Libertarianism is an ideology that’s designed to increase the aristocracy’s freedom (called “aristocracy” or “aristocratic government” or “government on behalf of the aristocracy"), at the expense of the public’s freedom (called “democracy” or "government on behalf of the public"). It is incompatible with democracy, which is one reason why some libertarians (such as Hans-Hermann Hoppe) have acknowledged publicly that the enemy of libertarians is democracy. (Most of them are quiet about that, or even are such deceivers as to deny that it’s true.) But the fact is that whereas libertarianism can be boiled down to one-dollar-one-vote, democracy can be boiled down to one-person-one-vote — and only people are actual “persons”; no corporation or other association between people constitutes a human being, but instead is only a human arrangement between human beings. Aristocrats have lots of dollars to purchase controlling blocs of shares in all corporations, which they control and which under current US laws are allowed to buy all the politicians they want.

Libertarianism isn’t ‘individualistic’; it is the supreme corporate ideology, and President Trump’s Republican Party is, in this tax-bill, coming out publicly for it more boldly than ever before. In their gated communities, and as they in their limousines whiz past their employees and agents and customers walking outside in the rotting American landscape and are genteelly protected from this ugliness by the dark tints on their limousine-windows, so as to separate these aristocrats from the public even more than Louis XIV was, these elite can party all the time and can devote their ‘productive’ efforts as much as possible to grabbing even more from the public and from each other, and now no longer need to waste so much time and concern regarding whether or not the public still respects them. After a certain amount of time under Mussolini and under Hitler, decreasing numbers of their subjects still respected them, but, by then, it was already too late — and the Soviet Union, US, and UK, were fortunately able to conquer those countries: the domestic publics didn’t even need to do it on their own. But today’s American public does.