The Republican Party Should Back Off
Matthew JAMISON | 20.10.2017 | WORLD / Americas

The Republican Party Should Back Off

Last year I wrote of how the American Republican Party is a Party of Psychos. Indeed they are, but they are becoming even crazy than I ever imagined possible and even more wildly anti-Russian than even at the height of the early days of Ronald Reagan. Let us remember that the US Republican Party is one of the most militaristicanti-Russianpro-warpro-violencepro-extreme inequality political parties to have ever existed in the West. It was a Republican President that has given us the failed 16 year war in Afghanistan, five years longer now than the doomed American expedition in Vietnam. It was a Republican President that gave us the Iraq war, over 14 years ago, still raging to this day. It was also a Republican President that almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear war in the early 1980s. It has also been the Republican Party and its 'small government', 'trickle down' voodoo economic policies that have turned the American economy into a banana republic style economy were the 1 per cent own and control almost 90 per cent of the USA's wealth and it was the Republican Party that introduced a tax code were a secretary ends up paying more in tax than a hedge fund manager. It was a Republican Congress [along with the help of a Democratic President] who set in motion the march towards the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession. The Republican Party of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John McCain and Mitt Romney never believed in the maverick, outsider candidacy of Donald Trump. Nor for that matter did their big 'shadow President' donors whom the billionaire and financially independent Donald Trump had no use or time for.

The GOP Establishment went out of its way to block the insurgent outsider candidacy of Donald Trump and sabotage his remarkable campaign and remarkable victory in the Republican Party primaries. When it became clear after the South Carolina Primary that Donald Trump might be unstoppable the Republican Party Establishment went into overdrive to attempt to block his nomination. Remember that infamous speech given by Mitt Romney [who ridiculously labeled the superb Russian Federation the United States number one geopolitical opponent back in 2012] and then went on to beg and grovel to be President Trump's Secretary of State? Remember the attempted coalescing around the 'Canadian' candidacy of Ted Cruz?

The fact is the Republican Party in domestic American politics owes Donald Trump big time. It was Donald Trump that in all likelihood led them to victory in the 2016 Congressional elections helping to increase their hold on the House of Representatives and the Senate and delivering them the Executive Branch with all Republican Government, for the first time in a decade. A Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush may have been more easily defeated by the Democrats. But Trump was a zeitgeist phenomena that embodied middle-class rust belt anger with the Obama economy and the botched roll out of Obamacare and the grave disappointment that Barack Obama actually was after his faux 'Change We Can Believe In' campaign when nothing really changed and political partisanship and economic decline actually got worse not better under Obama.

Now, President Trump has made a major strategic error in attempting to jettison the JCPOA, listening too much to the voices of his friends in Israel and Saudi Arabia, but it will be down to his Republican Party colleagues in Congress to do the sensible act and stop the United States from pulling out of the international multilateral Iranian nuclear agreement. Some how however I have a feeling the Republicans in Congress will not act responsibly... because to be blunt the Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate are even more ideologically wild and crazy than what anyone says about Donald Trump. The Republican Party on Capitol Hill under its Congressional leadership of the lightweight Speaker of the House Paul Ryan [former VP running mate to Mitt Romney] and the dinosaur relic Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are anything but responsible. It is the Republicans in Congress who are a major pathological problem such as Senator Bob Corker Republican Chairman of the Republican controlled Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Many members of the Republican House of Representatives and the Republican Senate are wack jobs.

The Republican Congress is also inefficient and incompetent and not getting on with doing its job. After running continually for six years on a platform of 'repeal and replace' Obamacare once they finally get hold of all the levers of American Government they cannot even get that job done and deliver on that pledge. Hence President Trump had to get the job done himself with an Executive Order and make good on a six year Republican Party pledge. The House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is useless and their membership whether it be in the House of Representatives or the Senate seem wildly anti-Russian and more fixated on the absurd issue of [non] Russian interference in the 2016 election instead of focusing on doing the job they were sent by their constituents to do in sorting out the American economy and the disaster that was the botched half baked Obamacare, which even Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has admitted was not nearly as trans-formative as President Obama made it out to be. In the Senate you have some of the most ridiculous old Cold Warriors still stuck in the 1960s such as Senator McCain. The actual problem in America is not so much President is his Republican Party 'colleagues' in Congress. If the Republicans on Capitol Hill are not careful and do not focus on sorting out pressing domestic American economic and social issues instead of reliving imaginary battles from the Cold War, they will find come November 2018 a Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer calling the shots for the first time with a Democratic Congress since before the 2010 mid-term elections. The tragedy for the United States and the West when looking at the bigger picture is the hope that President Trump embodied of a better US-Russia relationship - based on mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual admiration/cooperation - is being lost if not outright sabotaged by the Republican Party and some Democrats. How on earth can the great President Putin, one of the greatest leaders on the planet today [along side the amazing and truly great President Xi Jinping] get any business done and forge new constructive and productive partnerships with the President of the United States when his own party who controls Congress are at war with him?