Russia Resurrected: The Putin Doctrine of Leadership Steel

Russia Resurrected: The Putin Doctrine of Leadership Steel

Russia in 2017 under the brilliantly resilient, tough and strategically visionary leadership of President Vladimir Putin is back in international relations in a way it has not been since the final days of its dominant leadership of the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s. The Western Alliance would be wise to note Russia's impressive return to the World Stage and seek to forge a new detente with President Putin's Russia striving for a more creative, cooperative, harmonious and productive Russo-Western relationship. With the return of the masterful Russian Bear as a rising quasi-oil and gas energy superpowermilitary superpower and dynamic force in global Power Politics the United StatesGreat Britain and their European allies in the EU and NATO should seek a new accommodation and grand bargain with President Putin's Russia. 

When the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991 the USSR stood as the worlds second largest economy with a proud record of ground-breaking achievements in science, technology, space exploration, the arts, ballet, architecture and much more. As a military Superpower, the Soviet Union and the Russian people in particular, proved themselves as the Red Army, one of the greatest military fighting forces mankind has ever known and only rivalled by the United States after the historic and epic defeat of the Nazi German Wehrmacht and Japanese Imperial Forces during the events of World War II. 

With the fall of the USSR Russia entered into a terrible period of instability and chaos much of which was deliberately engineered and inflicted by the West (led by the United States and its junior partner Britain) to kick the Russian Bear when he was down for some perverse reason and to humiliate and weaken Russia for good. Unfortunately the British who had benefited so much from Russian strength and courage during WWII forgot that old English adage that you never kick a man when he is down. The way the American and British Governments behaved towards Moscow post-1991 was nothing short of a truly treacherous scandal in particular the foolish and unnecessary expansion of NATO to absorb former Warsaw Pact countries.

I remember clearly the political-governmental chaos and instability towards the end of the 1990s in President Boris Yeltsin's Russia with the Rubble Crisis of the summer/autumn of 1998 during turmoil in Asian markets and then a string of different Prime Ministers appointed by Yeltsin. I remember Yeltsin went through quite a few Prime Ministers towards the end of his tenure, so many it was difficult keeping up with his new appointees and learning their new impressive and exotic Russian names. One such new Prime Minister caught my eye because I realised this was a great vigorous statesman of intellectual, political, social, cultural and physical calibre of leadership potential who could actually restore strength and steel to the Kremlin and Russian policy. It was the 47 year old Vladimir Putin appointed Prime Minister in the summer/autumn of 1999 and then Acting President on December 31st 1999 when President Yeltsin announced his surprise resignation ahead of the spring 2000 Presidential elections.

In many ways there is such ignorance and disrespect towards Russia and its contribution to culture, arts, history – and significantly to planetary peace – with its heroic contribution to the defeat of Nazi Fascism in Europe and Japanese Imperialist Fascism in Asia in 1945. Russia and the Russian people have always been far more than their political structures and it has always been extremely disrespectful and short sighted of both American Governments, British Governments and even some European Governments to view Moscow continually as an "Evil Empire" and whip up anti-Russian hysteria in their populations and intelligence & security services. This is simply counterproductive and stupid.

The way of Russian life suits the Russian people and Russian people see in President Putin a Leader of a strong Government and Strong Kremlin able to defend, nourish and enhance that way of life and those prized values. A maintenance of traditional Russian national identity, law and order, strength and stability at home, while abroad, projecting and channelling Russian power smartly in defence of a multilateral international order based on international law at the United Nations while always robustly defending and articulating the Russian national interest and increasingly the guardian against reckless unilateral US-UK led ideological regime change operations. 

This trend started under British Prime Minister Tony Blair and was based upon his Doctrine on the International Community delivered in Chicago in April 1999 during the NATO Kosovo War and was also practiced by Presidents Clinton & Bush Jnr, and to a certain extent President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron. In The Leadership Doctrine of President Putin its elements are of a strong assertion of Russian interests at home and abroad. Internationally this has been of particular success in the reestablishment of Russia as the key player in the Syrian crisis if not now the de facto broker of peace in the Middle East and a rising regional power force in Middle Eastern affairs and South East Asian affairs not seen since the days of before the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. This is the President Putin of Steel Leadership Doctrine. The Putin Doctrine of Great Power Leadership.

It is a great shame that Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland led by the British Prime Minister Rt. Hon Theresa May MP did not have have an equally strong, resolute and strategically intellectually brilliant Head of Government/Head of State such as Russia is gifted with in President Vladimir Putin during these critical times for Britain and the European Union. Under President Putin's Government and leadership the Russian economy has rebounded significantly and strengthened and grown, innovated and diversified, into a natural energy oil & gas superpower economy while Russia is increasingly making its voice heard in world affairs and robustly asserting itself. The Russian military and army are second only to the United States and China. Under President Putin's leadership muscle Russia muscle back in World Affairs as a superpower. 

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