5 v 6: The Cold War Within British Intelligence
Matthew JAMISON | 18.08.2017 | WORLD / Europe

5 v 6: The Cold War Within British Intelligence

Within the British Intelligence community there is a serious and uncivilized Cold War raging between the domestic «security» service known colloquially as MI5 or the Home Office and the foreign diplomatic intelligence service known as MI6 or the Foreign Office. I have written about this before and it is a topic which is very much ongoing currently in Britain. This is not only a political clash, it also goes to the heart of the social, cultural, aesthetic and intellectual divides within Britain and signifies a clash between nationalism and cosmopolitanism. For such a small island with a population of only 65 million people it is an extremely polarized and unpleasant country. What is driving this Cold War between 5 & 6 stems from the EU Referendum campaign, sharply differing visions for the position and future direction of the UK in Europe & hence the world, but most importantly and egregiously the bitter personal rivalry and animosity that developed between Theresa May as Home Secretary and her advisers Nick Timothy/Fiona Hill and George Osborne and his advisers as Chancellor during the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government of David Cameron. We are all still living with the legacy of that fall out. 

The domestic British security service of 5 in reality is not very good at what it does and is very much the personal tool of the sitting Home Secretary of the day. It is interesting how when nothing happens in the country 5 are very quick to claim credit and when something does happen they are very quick to say «nothing to do with us». As the former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis stated a couple of years ago, something has gone seriously wrong within MI5 or as the Home Secretary John Reid put it regarding the Home Office in 2006 it was not «fit for purpose». It relies on sillypatheticcounter-productive and extremely dangerous, risky «English» psychological techniques such as reverse psychology and Hazing which is a risky business as you can never be sure how the subject treated to such behaviour will respond. They may grow weaker, or like Mrs. Thatcher in the face of opposition and conflict thrive off it and grow stronger. It has also been of late engaged in one after the other of nonsensicalcounterproductive and destabilising «pysch ops» on a national scale with more on the way in September before the Tory Party Conference in an attempt to forestall a leadership challenge against Mrs. May and shore up her position in the interim period. Rather than simple discrete monitoring and discrete surveillance based on strong and solid grounds of rational evidence that an individual is a real and serious national security risk, 5 allow the real national security threats such as the Manchester bomber and the London Bridge bombers in and out of the country at will and allow them to roam free for what purpose only they can answer. In some cases 5 even work with (or should that be collude with) these undesirables or these undesirables themselves were previous 5 agents while deliberately and purposefully targeting MI6 officers. 

Instead of focusing on the real job at hand which should be defending and preserving the internal security and stability of the UK 5 have been busy dishing out retribution to their superiors in 6 whom they are intensely envious of. This is why MI5 out of the West's domestic security services is one of the most mediocre, incompetent, inefficient, weak and stupid. 5 is simply not fit for purpose and is in dire need of deep reform and restructuring. Its recruitment practices and psychological techniques must be completely changed if it is to become a really great, effective and competent security service. Also for a «security» service most members of 5 are physically unimpressive, weak, feeble and cowardly while intellectually the less said about the quality and caliber of the 5 intellect, the better as it is simply too embarrassing to think that the defense of the realm has been entrusted into the weak hands and mediocre minds of 5. They are also some of the most cowardly of people, never direct and straightforward, dancing around issues in true English style speaking in riddles and codes instead of being direct and forthright, also the mark of a coward, and reveling once again in true English style in «deception» and «schadenfreude».  The quality and caliber of the people who work within 5 is also quite average or poor. Most of the 5 field agents are uneducated or not very highly and prestigiously educated. 

They are nonacademic and display little if any creative, multi-dimensional, independent critical thinking. They know little of national & international politics, history, culture, non-English psychology - let alone international relations, diplomacy and heaven forbid any other countries political, cultural, social and economic systems. They are also people who are not very well connected and are easily manipulated and controlled. Security in Britain currently is actually very lax and very weak. 5 spend far too much of their time actually whipping up chaos and trouble within the UK rather than helping to maintain peace and stability and carrying out ridiculous personal vendettas on behalf of their ultimate master the Home Secretary. This all comes from the top and it is the former Home Secretary and current Prime Minister Theresa May and then her protégé Amber Rudd who are ultimately responsible for the mess 5 is in and the mess British security is in internally. Both Mrs. May and Mrs. Rudd have used 5 to spy and haze their legitimate political opponents in 6 who are in no way a threat to British national security.  

A lot of very strange events have been going on in Britain recently all in quick succession, one after the other. We had the Westminster Bridge attack in March which 5 knew in advance about. We have had the Manchester bombing during the General Election campaign which 5 knew about in advance. We have had the London Bridge attack which 5 knew about in advance and then there has been a series of disasters all of which make little sense when the «official» narrative is presented but what does make sense is after the disastrous General Election campaign and the falling out between Mrs. May and her friends in 5 during that campaign, there were a few warning shots across the bows of No.10 to remind Mrs. May whom she owes her allegiance to. All of these events are highly politicized and embody the battle raging within Britain and it's intelligence services and State between MI5 and MI6. You would think both 5 and 6 would work together but none of it. Team work and a sense of national unity and national purpose is pretty much non-existent in the United Kingdom and I suppose this is because the UK is not a natural, organic nation-state but rather the construct of English imperialism. It is after all once again the English who are kicking up the most fuss regarding being in or out of the EU, as per usual.

MI6 are very different from MI5. On so many levels they are like night and day intellectually, educationally, socially, culturally, professionally, politically....even stylistically. 6 probably know a great deal more about the internal workings of the UK than 5 do while they also know a great deal about the outside world beyond the shores of the deeply insular, parochial and provincial UK. 5 know next to nothing about the outside world and are deeply insular, xenophobic, racist, nationalistic and just plain stupid, cowardly and weak. 6 are aware of the fact that now in this highly globalized world there really is no difference between the «home» and the «foreign», the «national» and the «international». 6 understand the reality of Britain's economic, political, military and social decline since the end of the Second World War and understand that it is a fantasy to think Britain is strong enough, well educated, well trained, productive and well equipped to go it alone and really find out what it is like for Britain to stand on its own two feet. 6 have been trying to avert a national disaster while 5 have been doing everything they can to run the UK into an even deeper hole than it already is. Yet the key matter for any outside observer to understand about what is going on in Britain at the moment is that 5 and 6 are at each other's throats and a deeply destabilizing, unhinged, uncivilized «Cold War» is raging between the Home Office/5 and the Foreign Office/6. How this will end and what shape the country will be in is anyone's guess but I have a feeling it will be the country as a whole that will suffer both in Europe and in the eyes of the wider world and all the nostalgia for the disgusting British Empire and Commonwealth will not change that. Theresa May has a lot to answer for. The sooner that pathetic weak woman did the decent and honorable thing and resigns, the better. 

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