The Curious & Dangerous UK-Japan Alliance

The Curious & Dangerous UK-Japan Alliance

Currently the British Tory-DUP minority Government of the «dead woman walking» Theresa May is just about managing to alienate nearly every one of Britain's vital strategic economic, diplomatic and political international relationships which is so strange and as usual for Mrs. May and some of her advisors, so short sighted, given the precarious situation the UK finds itself in, teetering on the edge of the unknown Brexit abyss and the current politicalgovernmentalsocialcultural and economic chaos engulfing Britain. Mrs. May, her advisors Nick Timothy Fiona Hill along with their old «friends» in the Home Office seem to have one talent and one talent only and that is in creating destabilizing chaos through their arrogance, incompetence, inefficiency, incoherence and inconsistency alongside their extreme egomania and vanity, poor strategic political-public policy minds and lack of honourable character. The problem with the likes of Theresa May, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill is that are actually not really very good at what they are supposed to be doing.

Mrs. May and Nick Timothy seem to have a penchant for cutting off their noses in order to spite their faces. The sad thing is they have been engaged in this most silly and ridiculous (but very dangerous) exercise on a national scale with some of Britain's most important and much needed international relationships. It has been a very destructive and risky game May/Timothy/Hill and their Home Office have been playing over the last few years and it is starting to really take its toll on Britain's foreign policy interests and standing in the world. Mrs. May/Nick Timothy have managed to alienate at one and the same time all of the EU countries against British interests AND get themselves into the pathetic position that when President Donald Trump of all people can't quite even be bothered to visit London and instead went to Paris without a formal State Visit invitation. 

In political and diplomatic terms that was a big snub and very humiliating & demeaning for Britain and Mrs. May to be snubbed by of all people Donald Trump especially after she and her advisors went out of their way immediately in the aftermath of Trump's election to throw Mrs. May and by extension Britain at the feet of Trump. I suppose when you have people who have spent their entire working lives on British «home affairs» setting international policy there will be quite some disconnect. Foreign policy making and foreign affairs are very different from domestic matters. As Mrs. Thatcher said: «You know, foreign affairs are very interesting. They affect everything that happens to our own way of life and they are exciting.» Yet, despite the hammering Mrs. May took during her and Nick Timothy's monumentally disastrous General Election campaign (one of the worst and mostbadly run campaigns in modern British political history) Mrs. May and Mr. Timothy have still not learned their lesson. 

It is strange however that while Britain goes out of its way to destroy its standing in Europe, weaken the so-called US-UK «special relationship» and refuses to become fully engaged in visionary and vitally needed economic projects like President Xi Jinping's brilliant idea of the One Belt One Road Forum there is one alliance which seems to be asserting itself and it makes for the most curious bedfellows. That is the curious relationship between the UK and Japan. Firstly, a little historical context, something which Theresa May and Nick Timothy would be at a lose to understand. Japan throughout its history has been one of the most viscous, aggressive, brutal and barbaric of all the countries in Asia, perhaps even the world. The depths of depravity that the Japanese sank to during WWII has been claimed to have been even more foul than that of the Nazi Party. There is theholocaust of Chinese people that occurred under the Japanese after China was attacked and invaded by the imperial militaristic island warrior nation. The Japanese for example handed out sweets laced with anthrax to starving Chinese children. That is just one example and the other war crimes committed are simply too horrendous to go into detail. British and American PoWs were not given the protection of the Geneva Convention and what went on in those Japanese Prisoner of War camps is unconscionable. Korea also suffered terribly and there has been the issue of Japanese comfort women.

The key difference here between post-WWII Germany and Japan is that while Germany properly apologized, repented, atoned and rehabilitated itself after WWII and faced up to and confronted its darkest demons, Japan has never done so. Indeed in many ways Japanese Governments throughout the ages and certainly the current disgusting right-wing revisionist Government of the odious Shinzo Abe actually believe they were right all along and have nothing to atone for. This is exemplified most starkly with the grotesque Yasukuni Shrine. In the 1960s and 1970s, the «spirits» of vast amounts of convicted Japanese war criminals were «enshrined» there. The most egregious were the 14 «Class A» war criminals, including wartime leader Hideki Tojo, who were «enshrined» in the late 1970s.

These thugs were the ones who ordered and oversaw Japan's horrendously brutal war in China and South East Asia and the treatment of British and American PoWs. Can you imagine the hurt, disgust and outrage there would be in Britain if to this very day there was a Shrine in Berlin purposefully built and dedicated to Adolf Hitler and the dead Nazi War Criminals? Can you imagine if the German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid ritual visits of «homage» to the Nazi «war heroes» along with senior German politicians and military leaders and sent «offerings» to Nazi war dead each year on the anniversary of the surrender of Germany? Yet that is precisely what Japanese Governments and its current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have been doing consistently for decades. Abe is an extreme right wing nationalist whose family were involved at the highest levels in the Japanese Government during the Second World War and who is desperate to cast off the American leash that has restrained Japan for the last 72 years. Abe has handled the issue of the Japanese «comfort women» with regards to South Korea in the most appalling manner and has been revising Japan's post-WWII «pacifist» constitution to return it once more to what Abe views as its rightful status, a great Asian-Global military power freed from the shackles of American supervision. Abe has taken advantage of the North Korean crisis and is also attempting to foment and stir up tensions and trouble in the South China Sea.

Curiously, Britain is supporting and facilitating Japan on these matters with a much closer defence, security and intelligence sharing relationship, as is some elements in the United States. Whether or not the British Government realise they are being manipulated by the Japanese is a moot point. But by pulling so closely towards Japan within the military and intelligence sphere the British Government are either advertently or inadvertently assisting in the return of an aggressive and militaristic Japan. And we all know what happened the last time Japan was a fully-fledged military power. Why Theresa May and co are doing this is a very good question. As usual with Mrs. May I have the feeling she actually has not got a clue what she is doing. So perhaps the time has come for others who are more intelligent to steady the British ship of state before it crashes onto the Brexit rocks and causes serious long term geopolitical damage to the regional peace and security of the Asia-Pacific. 

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