The Chinese Century

The Chinese Century

The 21st century is experiencing a massive power shift towards East Asia. In particular the magnificent rising super-power of China will undoubtedly be the number one economic power on the planet during the 21st century. In many ways we are living through the Chinese century just as the 20th Century was the American century. China and the Chinese people are one of the most remarkable civilizations ever to emerge in human history. They have had to put up with and endure a great deal from invading external powers yet have always emerged the stronger for it. Sadly they do not get enough credit for what they have achieved. China is without question the greatest country in Asia and one of the greatest on the planet today. Chinese civilization has endured for 5000 years and China as a single, unified state has been in existence for at least 2000 years demonstrating a remarkable resilience, pragmatism, wisdom and adaptability.

The Chinese people are supremely civilized, cultured, hard working, dynamic and a peaceful people. They are also a very clam and enlightened people. In the space of 30 years or so the Chinese people have transformed themselves into the second largest, perhaps even now first largest, economy on the planet. This is due to the hard work, enterprise, resilience and strength of the Chinese people and the strategic vision, discipline and purposeful, decisive leadership of their Government and system of consultative democracy and a socialist-market economy along with a strong sense of national unity and an open mind to be willing to learn from others. As the political, economic, and social systems of Trump's America and Theresa May's Britain are floundering in chaos, confusion and anger the resolute and stable China powers ahead. 

Unlike some in the United States and Britain whose hallmark is arrogance and aggression, the Chinese people are supremely humble and confident within themselves, which is always the hallmark of greatness. A Leader like Donald Trump could never emerge in China. Trump is the complete antithesis of everything the Chinese are about.

Sadly, through prejudiceignorance and jealousy/envy there are so many myths propagated about China which are complete rubbish primarily by arrogant and insecure elements in the United States and their lap dogs in Britain. India and Japan cannot cope with the fact that it will be China who will be the greatest Asian economic superpower and that China is leaving them far behind economically and diplomatically. Some in America, not everyone, but some right wing Republicans such as John Bolton, also cannot accept the fact that China and the Chinese system is proving itself far superior to the American/Western model of free market, individualistic capitalism and "electoral democracy" while some in Britain primarily to be found in Mrs. May's Home Office/MI5 want nothing more than to undermine the brilliant work of George Osborne in bringing Britain and China closer together.

Firstly, the Chinese are not an aggressive people and have no interest in invading other countries and dominating them and occupying through military power unlike America, Britain and Japan. Apart from (understandably) securing their own backyard and territorial sphere of influence, they have never invaded and occupied another country unlike the British, the United States and the Japanese and have only opened their first military base abroad in Africa last year compared to the 1000 military bases around the world that the United States has. China throughout its glorious history has been a victim of foreign imperialist aggression such as from the monstrous barbarism of the Japanese during the Second World War (which the Japanese Government have never properly apologized or atoned for and to this day continue to pay homage in the Yasukuni Shrine). China has no interest in dominating the world militarily. The guiding light of Chinese foreign policy, a cardinal rule, is not to interfere with other countries political systems and internal domestic politics. The Chinese have no interest in invading other countries through brute military power and imposing their system of government and values upon other peoples as the United States and Britain have done in Iraq, Afghanistan and countless other countries in the Middle East, Africa, et al. The Chinese want to work and partner with other nations and cultures based on the principles of mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual collaboration. 

This is why President Xi Jinping is one of the greatest leaders on the planet today along with wise European leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. President Xi's One Belt One Road initiative is truly visionary and by reestablishing and reinvigorating the Old Silk Road for the 21st century it offers a template and framework for enhanced international cooperation and understanding. The One Belt One Road project will bring together diverse peoples through commerce, trade, intellectual and cultural exchange. It will promote economic prosperity while reducing social and cultural tensions. This is the Chinese way. Win-Win cooperation.

As Britain foolishly leaves the European Union and its Single Market/Customs Union the One Belt One Road project could offer huge rewards for the UK if only Mrs. May and her acolytes in the Home Office/MI5 would stop trying to undermine, if not destroy, UK-China relations. Meanwhile with the vacuum of global leadership which the election of Donald Trump has created and the United States effectively abdicating its traditional role as leader of the Western/Atlantic Alliance and the planet (which may be no bad thing) the sensible, responsible and calm Chinese are stepping in to provide proper global leadership in partnership with the European Union on Climate Change which is an urgent mission; on trade with the One Belt One Road project; on keeping the global economy afloat; on reducing military tensions in the South China Sea not contributing to them. 

The world, America and Britain can learn so much from the Chinese way. If only America and Britain throughout the ages had not interfered and intervened so heavily in the Middle East and South East Asia (places they knew very little about and really had no business being there or interfering and intervening) perhaps all the problems the world is experiencing with Islamist terrorism would never have gotten so out of control. If only the United States and British financial systems had been more like the Chinese perhaps we never would have had the Global Financial Crisis. If only the British had the Chinese work ethic, management style and approach to business and the labour market perhaps the UK would not rank as the lowest for productivity in the G7 along with some of the lowest rankings in the OECD.

Perhaps if America and Britain had political systems more like the Chinese they would not be experiencing the severe chaos, lack of leadership and Governmental mess that the Trump administration and the May minority Government are engulfed in. While the 20th century undoubtedly was the Anglo-American century with the British and American political, economic, social and governmental systems spreading around many parts of the globe and dominating the 21st century will undoubtedly be the Chinese century and for the health, well being and stability of the planet that is a very good development in international affairs.

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