Trump’s Alt.Right Movement Joins Soros in Russia-Bashing
Wayne MADSEN | 05.02.2017 | FEATURED STORY

Trump’s Alt.Right Movement Joins Soros in Russia-Bashing

In one of the most blatant double-crosses by the extreme right-wing since Nazi Germany broke its non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1941 and launched a sneak attack on Russian territory, President Donald Trump’s so-called «alt.right» cadres have lined up to blame Russia for interfering in U.S. electoral politics. During the 2016 campaign, it was fashionable for Democrats, backed financially by George Soros’s network of nongovernmental organizations, to accuse Russia of hacking into Democratic Party computers and «fixing» the vote to enable Trump’s election victory. 

Trump and his team had called for better U.S. relations with Russia during the campaign, and they correctly criticized Western sanctions imposed on Russia. As far as the charges that Team Trump was working hand-in-glove with Russian computer hackers to obtain the emails of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s senior campaign staff, Trump’s operatives, also correctly, called foul. Chief among the Trump operatives who denied the Democrats’ ridiculous charges was Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon, the former editor of the alt.right flagship publication Breitbart News. 

Shortly after Bannon essentially took over the U.S. National Security Council seat that had been traditionally occupied by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Trump loyalists in the alt.right media began pushing the insane story that the protest rallies taking place at Trump campaign appearances during the 2016 campaign and those that took place during the January 20, 2017 inaugural were «covertly» financed by Russian President Vladimir Putin through an alleged «anti-globalist» secretariat located in Moscow. The story conjured up by alt.right purveyors of crackpot conspiracy theories implicated Russia for financing the anti-Trump protests by secretly funneling cash to «Marxist-Leninist groups». Ironically, during the campaign, these very same conspiracy theorists of the far right concluded that it was «progressive» left-wing groups backed by Soros who were behind the anti-Trump protests.

At the same time Trump’s cavalcade of alt.right web personalities pushed the Russian angle behind the anti-Trump movement, Trump’s national security adviser, retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, began rattling sabers against Iran and Bannon leaked to his friends in the alt.right movement a prediction that the United States would be at war with China in a few years. Of course, Russia is a strategic partner, through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and other alliances, of both Iran and China. Meanwhile, retired Marine Corps General and Secretary of Defense James «Mad Dog» Mattis flew to Japan and South Korea to assure both countries that Trump would continue to honor mutual defense agreements with them. Mattis had previously taken a tough line against China and Russia during his Senate confirmation hearing.

The fear that a President Hillary Clinton would have ratcheted up military and political tensions against Russia and China is what drove a number of voters to choose Trump as the «lesser of the two evils» when it came to the fear of a new and dangerous Cold War. However, in a «bait and switch» operation on a massive scale, it now appears that it is Trump who will engage in dangerous brinkmanship with Russia, China, Iran, and other countries, with the alt.right and their White House point man Bannon cheering him on. It was the alt.right, amazingly, that hyped Trump as the candidate that would avoid the type of unnecessary wars that plagued the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The American people have been totally misled by the New York-based real estate con artist and his band of «useful idiots» in the alt.right world.

In a conspiracy tale worthy of the alcohol-blurred mind of the Cold War’s infamous «Red-baiter» Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, Trump’s alt.right team is now claiming that two leftist groups in the United States, the «Workers of the World» and the «Freedom Road Socialists», were secretly paid to disrupt Trump-related activities by the anti-Soros, anti-European Union, and anti-»Color revolution» Anti-Globalization Movement (AGM), which is headquartered in Moscow. The conspiracy implicates AGM director Alexander Ionov, a Russian businessman who, as alleged by the conspiracy peddlers, takes his orders from President Putin. The alt.right insists that the leaders of Workers of the World and Freedom Road Socialists were secretly flown to Moscow to be trained in anti-Trump protest tactics. The alt.right conspiracy is about as credible as the left-wing conspiracy that Russian hackers worked with WikiLeaks and Trump associates to «hack» the U.S. election.

More absurdly, the alt.right claims that the AGM secretly works with Soros-influenced groups of the left, as well as right-wing groups outside the infrastructure of Trump’s alt.right ultra-paranoid cacophony, to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other free trade agreements. This united force of leftists and right-wingers, according to the crazed theory, advances the agenda of another Moscow-backed group, the «Socialist Alternative». And for good measure, another anti-Trump group is added to the list of U.S. «fifth columnists» – a socialist group called «DisruptJ20». The right-wing has been in love with «lists» for decades. 

If it were not for the fact that the alt.right entities pushing such nonsense have significant links to the Trump White House, this «grand conspiracy» could be dismissed as a heap of discredited nonsense unworthy of any serious attention. It is also unsettling that the alt.right movement and individuals like Bannon and Stephen Miller, Trump’s adviser and the architect of Trump’s «immigration ban» executive order, have significant links to white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

One of the Russophobes behind the attempt to link Russia to anti-Trump protests is a far-right New Zealander named Trevor Loudon, who is fond of accusing those with whom he disagrees, including this writer, of being «leftist spin merchants» and «Red diaper babies». Loudon has conjured up the ghost of Joe McCarthy to proclaim that the anti-Trump movement in the United States is almost totally composed of «communists and socialists» tied to President Putin. More absurdity from the alt.right theater of the absurd. These Trump supporters have also called for a full U.S. national security investigation of RT, the Russian satellite news channel.

The insane conspiracy being tied to Russia is not the only cockamamie tall tale that has emanated from the alt.right. During the campaign, when the emails of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta were publicly revealed, this same circle of highly-disturbed individuals concocted a bizarre and quite libelous story about two pizzerias in Washington, DC being the center of an international child sexual abuse ring that implicated Mrs. Clinton, Podesta, a Haitian children’s support group, and a number of other individuals. That bit of fantasy almost resulted in tragedy when a believer in the conspiracy myth drove from North Carolina to Washington and fired several shots from his semi-automatic rifle inside one of the pizzerias.

President Trump has opened a virtual «Pandora’s Box» of unhinged alt.right conspiracy types who now threaten to severely damage U.S. relations with Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Yemen, and other nations. The technology afforded by the Internet allows anyone to become their own online publisher, Internet radio host, or even a YouTube-based television commentator. However, given the nature of the crazed conspiracy stories now linked to those close to Mr. Trump, due diligence suggests that not everyone should enjoy unlimited access to the web to spout out ridiculous and harmful lunatic rantings and ravings.

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