The Coyote Uprising in America
Dmitriy SEDOV | 26.01.2017 | WORLD / Americas

The Coyote Uprising in America

Coyotes are small American wolves that live in large numbers throughout the country and are not much liked by the general population. They attack defenceless passers-by, children and cyclists. They scavenge in rubbish bins and steal food from farmers. A coyote's howl fills people with disgust. They also have a habit of mating with large, stray dogs, which produces a hybrid known as a 'coydog'. This hybrid is even more dangerous.

The American media has turned against new US President Donald Trump, and such an act could boldly be referred to as a coyote uprising. Those who work in the media live on whatever they can find to survive and have gotten wind of fat pickings. The political corpse of the new president promises a sizeable reward. From whom? From the celebrated master of the 'colour revolutions', the illustrious financial speculator George Soros, who has announced that the secret war against Trump is moving into its open phase. 

The new president's main opponents are global financial movers and shakers, primarily American, for whom the safeguarding of national manufacturers through protectionist measures is a deadly poison. Wherever there is better protection of national interests, with international channels for the movement of capital being stopped or restricted, they see themselves in mortal danger. This is why Soros gave an interview to the Bloomberg news agency at Davos 2017 aimed at dashing Trump's hopes for America's industrial revival. America's fat cats do not need this kind of revival, and that’s why protests broke out all over the country. 

The two leading forces of the forthcoming revolution have emerged:

- the American media, which is on the payroll of these fat cats; and

- the mobilised claque, the size of which the media unashamedly exaggerates.

On 22 January, the media coyotes organised yet another fake news story stating that 2.5 million people came out in protest around the world. One or two zeros could safely be added to this. Nobody counted the number of people protesting around the world, so it is possible to lie with impunity. 

The media is also lying about the number of people protesting on the streets of American cities, just as it is lying about the number of people who were at Trump's inauguration. Photographs appeared in America's major newspapers showing the area reserved for guests in front of the Capitol Building virtually empty during the president's speech. 

Trump has so far confined himself to sending his PR spokesperson to a press conference in order to remind the press of their responsibility to the country. 

Not everything is so harmless, however. Ideas are being fed to a mobilised crowd that really could bring large groups of people out onto the streets. 

It turns out that: 

- Trump is hostile towards women in general because he intends to restrict the right to abortion and stop health care companies from providing free birth control pills; 

- he advocates violence;

- he's racist;

- he doesn't like homosexuals, lesbians or transsexuals;

- he has shown religious intolerance; 

- he is against immigrants;

- he is opposed to climate agreements; 

- he is against 'coloureds' 

- and so on.

The American coyotes are tirelessly howling out this stuff on every television channel in the US. And after hearing their howls, entire groups of people are beginning to say to themselves: this is a conspiracy against us.

At one of the 'women's marches', the pop singer Madonna shouted into her microphone: «Are you ready to shake up up the world?» And the crowd hesitates in embarrassment as the pop singer screams out her armour-piercing « you!» 

It is striking that many of the protests are being lead by celebrities. For them it is also a business, and a pretty good one at that.

It seems that the organisers of America's Maidan intend to see it through to the bitter end. They will generously reward those coyotes and 'activists' who are bringing the people out onto the streets. 

For the time being, Trump is relying on the sober judgement of Americans and hoping that the fire will not spread throughout the country. After all, most of the accusations against him are far-fetched or exaggerated disproportionately. It is more than likely that his administration will bring legal proceedings against the major US news outlets for disseminating knowingly false information about the US president. American courts are unpredictable, however.

It seems that the only way Trump will be able to fight against the emerging 'colour revolution' is by calling on his supporters to organise counter demonstrations, as the state leaders in a number of other countries have done.

Either way, relying on his own luck and the prudence of Americans may not be enough. If the president gives free reign to George Soros and his coyotes, chances are he'll be shoved to the sidelines of American history.

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