The Democrats: Party of Joe McCarthy and Lyndon Johnson
Wayne MADSEN | 03.08.2016 | WORLD / Americas

The Democrats: Party of Joe McCarthy and Lyndon Johnson

The rhetoric emanating from the podium of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia sounded eerily familiar. Democrat after Democrat waxed on about the «dangers» posed by Russia and the inability of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to deal with them. Chief among these neo-Cold Warriors was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the second-worst Secretary of State in American history.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ spin machine was turning out propaganda memes calling Trump «Kremlin Don», «Don the Red», and even dredging up references to the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin. Of course, this rhetoric was directly borrowed from the chief «Red baiting» politician of the dark days of Communist «witch hunting» in the United States, the infamous Republican senator from Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy. Like McCarthy, the Democrats, once again under the grip of the Clinton political dynasty, have no «sense of decency».

The Democrats also invoked during their four-day propaganda fest in Philadelphia a name that previous conventions have largely ignored: that of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. The progenitor of the Vietnam War and maniacally egotistical cold warrior was resurrected and included with past Democratic Hall of Famers: Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Left out of the mix was the peace president Jimmy Carter. This is the reconstructed Democratic Party of Hillary and Bill Clinton: a party that has welcomed the parasitical neoconservatives with open arms after they left the Republican Party. The neocons have returned to the host that nurtured them during the Johnson administration.

The new Democratic Party, which looks awfully like the old Republican Party of George W Bush and Dick Cheney, has, indeed, become the party of Joe McCarthy and LBJ. The Democrats under the Clintons have become the war party. Given the record of Hillary Clinton as the worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States, a Clinton administration can be expected to double down on the recklessness of the Obama administration in seeking military confrontation with Russia in the Middle East and Europe, China in East Asia, and the dwindling number of progressive governments in Latin America.

Mrs Clinton’s tenure at the State Department saw the United States support coups against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, and attempted coups against Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and Bolivian President Evo Morales. The disclosure by WikiLeaks of emails sent to and from Mrs Clinton’s private email server describe how her State Department applied pressure on the Organization of American States to withhold support for Zelaya after his ouster. A Clinton presidency would see similar chicanery exacted upon any Latin American or Caribbean nation that stands up to the globalist cabalism practiced by the Clintons and their team of interventionists.

For Europe, the neo-McCarthyism of a Clinton administration will not only widen the schism between Washington and Moscow but have a perhaps welcomed detrimental effect on NATO. Clinton and her globalism enthusiasts, all reading from the «New Age imperialism» playbooks of George Soros and Gene Sharp, will expect NATO to support US adventurism in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and south Asia. But British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a major driving force behind Brexit, will not be a pushover for the Clinton crowd. And if Marine Le Pen should defeat her Socialist and conservative rivals in the 2017 French presidential election and steers France away from the European Union, it could provide a situation where the United States confronts a hostile Britain, France, and Russia, along with Hungary and Austria and, possibly Italy. We could actually see the end of American influence-peddling in Europe with a combination of a Clinton presidency and the rise of populist anti-globalist governments in Europe.

Important questions have been raised about the Democrats’ and Clintons’ resorting to blatant McCarthyite tactics to paint Trump as a Russian agent-of-influence. The leak of Clinton, Democratic National Committee, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) emails by WikiLeaks has The New York Times and The Washington Post, familiar tools for official American state propaganda, decrying Russia’s alleged «interference in the US election». However, none of these propaganda outlets have ever condemned US interference in Russian elections, especially the blatant «influence operations» conducted by Soros-financed non-governmental organizations throughout Russia. These operations that have been carried out with more than a mere «wink and a nod» from the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Washington Post and The New York Times, once champions of the publication of the classified «Pentagon Papers» and their leak by former Pentagon consultant Daniel Ellsberg, now decry «Russian intelligence» as being behind the leaks of Democratic Party emails. If these papers maintained the same standards of McCarthyite journalism in the early 1970s as they display today, Ellsberg would have been painted as a treasonous agent of Hanoi.

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey, a political hack who gave Mrs Clinton a pass for storing and transmitting highly-classified emails via her private servers in the basement of her New York home, now channels the spirit of his forerunner at the FBI, the infamous «Red baiter» J. Edgar Hoover, in accusing Russia of hacking into Clinton’s and the Democrats’ servers. Comey talks out of both sides of his mouth. He said that the hacking of Clinton’s email servers did not rise to the level of warranting a criminal indictment for national security breaches. However, Comey, at the same time, accuses Russia of criminally penetrating the rather non-existent security provided by Clinton’s servers to obtain sensitive emails. Comey is another grotesque example of the FBI not being a legitimate law enforcement agency but a political police force that exists only to protect the interests of elite politicians like the Clintons and Bushes, as well as the national security state.

As far as Mrs Clinton’s foreign policy platform, such a hawkish Democratic plank has not been seen since the days of LBJ. Just as Johnson was unabashedly pro-Israel, Mrs Clinton’s platform is full of Israeli pabulum, including the following mantra written in the propaganda mills of Jerusalem and New York: «Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism». Mrs Clinton could not do a better job of pandering to the Israel Lobby. And she echoes the infamous words of LBJ, who failed to punish Israel for its willful military attack on the USS Liberty, an American intelligence vessel, in 1967. Johnson, unwilling to sacrifice the votes and campaign cash of Jewish voters in his planned run for re-election in 1968, sacrificed the US Navy ship on the altar of Democratic Party political expediency. Mrs Clinton is doing the same by acting as a dummy for Israeli ventriloquists.

Clinton’s plank states that it is her intention for the United States to «strengthen its security cooperation» with Saudi Arabia. The recent release of formerly-classified 28-pages from a joint Congressional report on the 9/11 attack shows, without a doubt, that the Saudi government was totally involved in financing and providing other material support to the Arab hijackers and their support agents in the United States. Mrs Clinton’s suspicious relationship with her close adviser, Huma Abedin, whose links to the Muslim Brotherhood are well-established, is problematic considering Mrs Clinton’s presiding over the destruction of secular governments in Libya, Syria, and, for a brief time, Egypt.

While the Clinton platform excoriates Iran’s current non-existent support for Hamas, threatens Tehran with military action, and gives a pass to Israeli repression of the Palestinians, it makes no mention of the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. Apparently, the lobbyists for Recep Tayyip Erdogan were busy during the Democratic platform committee meetings in Philadelphia.

If Mrs Clinton is sworn in as president of January 20, 2017, behind her philandering husband will be the smiling ghosts of «Tail Gunner» Joe McCarthy, the bloody-handed LBJ, and the cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover. By all means, let’s vote for a dismal past of American history.