Court Jesters Seizing the Palace: Comedians Have No Place in Political Office
Wayne MADSEN | 11.04.2016 | FEATURED STORY

Court Jesters Seizing the Palace: Comedians Have No Place in Political Office

Jimmy Morales, the television comedian who was elected the president of Guatemala, was seriously not funny when he launched a campaign against the country’s urban and suburban slum youth. Morales dubbed his program «Operation Condor».

The Condor codename is painfully known throughout Latin America as the covert operation carried out by US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his fascist partner dictators of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and, to a more limited extent in Ecuador and Peru, to target leftist exiles in the countries for assassination, kidnapping, and permanent «disappearance».

Jimmy Morales has long been an evangelical Christian court jester for a series of right-wing presidents of Guatemala. But now, the jester has taken over power in the presidential palace by hoodwinking the Guatemalan electorate that he was different from past presidents. His campaign motto: «Not corrupt nor a thief» played well with Guatemalans tired of political corruption at the top. Morales was elected with an impressive 70 percent of the vote and the fact that the country’s previous president and vice president, Otto Pérez Molina and Roxana Baldetti, respectively, are currently in prison awaiting trial for corruption while in office, gave Morales’s motto some political gravitas.

Morales starred in a Guatemalan television comedy called «Moralejas» or «Morals». Morales played a cowboy who happens to become president. Life imitated art when Morales was sworn in as president this past January. Unfortunately, US Vice President Joe Biden gave the circus administration of Morales legitimacy by attending his inauguration in Guatemala City.

Morales’s embracing of the term «condor» in setting up a dragnet operation targeting poor youth who have been swayed into joining gangs should surprise no one. Morales campaigned as a conservative nationalist. Morales also denies the 1980s genocide that took place against the Maya Ixil people of Guatemala, a stance that puts him into the category of other fascist strongmen of the Western Hemisphere, including the genocidal former president of Guatemala Efrain Rios Montt, Morales’s fellow evangelical who was convicted by a Guatemalan court of crimes against humanity. Rios Montt’s conviction was later overturned by Guatemala’s Constitutional Court after an outrageous display of judicial misconduct by members of the court and covert interference in Guatemala’s judicial system by Rios Montt’s one-time employer, the US Central Intelligence Agency.

By attending Morales’s inauguration, Biden displayed the same degree of tone deafness on Latin America as did President Barack Obama when he decided to visit Argentina and heap praise on that nation’s neo-fascist president Mauricio Macri on the 40th anniversary of the military coup that ushered in Argentina’s bloody «Dirty War» and the junta that embraced Operation Condor. In 1976, Kissinger advised the Argentine foreign minister on the junta’s death squad activities. «If there are things that have to be done, you should do them quickly,» Kissinger told Admiral Cesar Augusto Guzzetti. Some 7,100 victims met their deaths, some quickly as advised by Kissinger, others not so quickly after brutal torture sessions.

Just as dictators like Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, Bolivia’s Hugo Banzer, and Argentina’s Jorge Videla targeted university campuses, leftist neighborhoods, and progressive political party offices with death squads during Kissinger’s and the CIA’s Operation Condor, Morales is similarly targeting inner city and suburban slum youth in security sweeps by Guatemalan police and paramilitary units. Morales’s avid support for the death penalty, which also shows his total hypocrisy as a self-proclaimed «Christian» evangelical, opens the door to extrajudicial executions by his security forces, something that has plagued Guatemala for decades without hardly a whimper from Washington.

Morales continues to have his supporters in Guatemala and the United States. Perhaps Mr Biden thinks it is funny to «disappear» troubled youth into police dragnets that ensure they will never be seen or heard from again. Vice President Biden has, since 2009, presided over the US Senate, which includes another comedian-turned-politician, Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota.

Before being elected to the Senate, Franken supported the disastrous US invasion and occupation of Iraq, putting the one-time funny man for the nighttime comedy show, Saturday Night Live, in the same camp as the war-mongering President George W Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and then-Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. In 2013, Franken said he supported all the draconian National Security Agency personal data mining programs, ludicrously claiming that such warrantless surveillance «saves lives».

Franken, like the seriously unfunny Jimmy Morales, also revels in blood sports. In 2014, Franken voted for Senate Resolution 498, which gave unconditional Senate support to Israel’s genocidal invasion of the Gaza open-air ghetto, a military action that took the lives of 1,922 innocent civilians, including a disproportionate 448 children. Only serious sociopaths like Morales and Franken, whose careers were made on supposedly making people laugh, would find the targeting of children, whether in the slums of Guatemala or the crowded apartment houses of Gaza, somehow fulfilling.

One reason why comedians are propelled into office is that the debasing of the established political process by turning it into a joke is a favorite tactic for seizing power as spelled out in the playbook of CIA «themed revolution» guru Gene Sharp. The deep financial pockets of global political troublemaker George Soros has resulted in a number of jesters finding their way into political office.

In Italy, comedian Giuseppe Piero «Beppe» Grillo’s Five Star («Cinque Stelle») came from virtual obscurity in 2012 to win big in local elections that year and becoming the largest party in the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the 2013 election. Grillo first became a political phenomenon in 2007 when he organized Italy’s «V-Day» celebration. However, the «V» stood not for «victory» but for «vaffanculo» or «f**k off». It is also a hallmark of the Sharp/Soros destabilization model to publicly resort to the use of profanity or displays of vulgarity to push particular political agendas. The disgusting antics of Pussy Riot and Femen exemplify the use of profanity and vulgarity in the political process. Grillo, far from being a committed democrat, has been accused of promoting demagoguery and his antics have earned him unflattering comparisons to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Reykjavik, Iceland elected a stand-up comic, Jon Gnarr, as its mayor in 2010. Gnarr, who served in office until 2014, formed the Best Party as a satirical endeavor in 2009. However, the Best Party became a serious contender for office as Iceland began weathering its crippling financial crisis brought about by global bankers. The Best Party eventually won the Reykjavik municipal election and Gnarr became mayor. One of his first acts was to ride in Reykjavik’s gay pride parade as a drag queen. Again, a telltale sign of Sharp / Soros destabilization of politics is to concentrate on controversial single side issues, such as gay rights, even as an entire economy is collapsing. It is a political maneuver known as diversion.

Gnarr, who also proposed an Icelandic Disneyland, free towels in all swimming pools, and gratuities for weaklings, has held out the possibility of a run for the presidency of Iceland. If and when Soros decides to cripple Iceland again economically, as he partially accomplished once before, expect Gnarr to throw his prized Darth Vader mask into the ring.

Whether it is Guatemala, the US Senate, Italy, or Iceland, court jesters should spend their time entertaining the elites who serve as their patrons. These seriously unfunny and sociopathic creatures have no place governing the masses.