Brussels Attacks: Terrorism as a Process

Brussels Attacks: Terrorism as a Process

The Brussels attacks came four days after Salah Abdeslam, the main fugitive in the Paris attacks, was seized in Brussels. The transformation of various groups comprising the Islamic State (IS) into a quasi-state ruled from one decision making center shows that international terrorism has entered a new phase. The phenomenon is getting transformed into a process. Terrorist activities previously conducted by a network of individual cells are replaced by strategic planning.

Assuming that the IS quasi-state has a «foreign policy», one may say that its first goal was to create chaos in Europe, which is considered to be the most vulnerable part of the non-Muslim world.

The second goal presupposes undermining the shaky foundation of the European Union and weakening the individual states to create proper conditions for great migration with Muslims moving to the Old Continent from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. 

«Peaceful» conquest had been planned long before the emergence of the IS. The European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), a private foundation composed of Islamic clerics and scholars, was founded in London in March 1997 on the initiative of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe. Its ideologists say that Europe is home to extremist fundamentalist powers representing an alliance between Crusaders and Zionists.

The ECFR runs a vast network of mosques, religious schools and educational centers for imams. Qatar provides funds for its activities through charity institutions. 

The ECFR is headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who believes that no armies and weapons are needed to conquer Europe.

According to him, it can be done with the help of clerics and preachers teaching Islam in all languages and dialects. 

Despite that, the regular terror activities are spread throughout the whole continent. It allows the «peaceful conquerors» to speak the language of ultimatums. Even this imminent threat has so far failed to unite Europe.

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Looking back in history, one can see that nomads have never cared about getting acquainted with the way of life in the countries they conquered. Their only goal was to derive profit. The Genghis Khan’s conquest and the Arab invasion at the time of early caliphates confirm the fact.

The coming of new settlers from the East should not be perceived as a unique phenomenon. The question is, will those who are threatened by this conquest (Samuel Huntington called it «the clash of civilizations»), unite before its too late?

And another question is, why the «new wave» of terror acts hit France and Belgium first? Perhaps, because these countries happened to be the most susceptible to the all-European degradation. They are the weakest link in the chain.

Europe is sick, it’s an open secret since a long time ago. An organism weakened by illness is vulnerable to infection. Will Europeans find a way to fight the virus threatening their civilization? If not, we’ll never see the Europe we once knew.

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