NATO Firms Equip Field Hospital for Saudi Jihadists in Syria

NATO Firms Equip Field Hospital for Saudi Jihadists in Syria

This is news the source of which is one that has long been reporting on the Syrian war, from a standpoint that Western-sponsored polls have consistently shown to be authentically reflective of the way that the Syrian public view the war in Syria, which is to say, overwhelmingly pro-Assad-government, and anti-American-government.

Consequently, the source is excluded from Western ‘news’ media. However, I have checked many of the source’s reports and found that, with the exception of a few obviously unintentional and minor and honest errors, the source is reliable, and Western sources are grossly inaccurate. So, here is a summary of that person’s report:

The famous and widely-read news site on the Syrian war, by Mimi al-Laham, a.k.a «Syrian Girl» (who has said that she aspires to become a future President of Syria – which could happen in the Middle East’s only overwhelmingly secular country, Syria, where she has a large following), presents a video in which is shown the freshly killed corpse of a jihadist in a shallow grave, and his Saudi passport. Nearby was also shown a terrorist field-hospital for jihadists (perhaps he was buried after the medics couldn’t save him). In that field-hospital were found (at 0:45 on the video) several packages marked «Foliodress cap» which are surgical caps, and the brand marked on them is «Hartmann», which Ms Laham confused with Hartmann’s National Gypsum company in Texas, but which is actually a different «Hartmann’s», headquartered in Heidenheim Germany, and this surgical supply was made by Hartmann's in India.

It’s possible that the Saudi funders of jihadists buy these surgical caps; however, the Saud family (the sole owners of Saudi Arabia including of Aramco, the world’s largest oil company) are strongly allied with the United States and its NATO alliance, which includes Germany, and they’re all supporting the overthrow of Syria’s current government, because it’s allied with Russia, and because the US and NATO want oil-and-gas pipelines to be built through Syria to supply into Europe from Saudi Arabia and Qatar much of the oil-and-gas that European countries have long been buying from Russia – the world’s leading oil-and-gas exporter.

Syria’s importance to the US government is that it’s the crucial pipeline-route by which to supply into Europe in the least-costly way the oil and gas that’s produced by the US-allied pro-jihadist Arab oil monarchies that are the largest purchasers of US-made weaponry and whose chief competitor in the oil-and-gas markets is the US government’s #1 chosen enemy, Russia. It’s a guns-and-oil issue. The Arab monarchs buy US weapons with the money they make selling their oil. Qatar would be supplying the gas, and, like the Sauds who own Saudi Arabia, the Thanis who own Qatar are close allies of the people who control the US government; and both the Sauds and the Thanis fund the tens of thousands of jihadists who come into Syria to tear down and replace the government of the «infidel» Bashar al-Assad, who is staunchly secular: he (like his Ba’athist Party) has always stood for separation of church and state. So, for example, the US government blames Shiite Iran – the enemy of those fundamentalist-Sunni Arabic oil-and-gas monarchies – as having been behind the 9/11 attacks.

Another NATO country is involved here: Turkey, which is shown at 0:53 in the video, by a supply bag that’s marked, in English, «Humanitarian Aid … Not for Sale», and, «From People of Turkey [i.e., Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan] to People in Syria [i.e., the foreign jihadists who are trying to bring down and replace Syria’s government]».

Also shown in the video are communication gear, and (at 1:00) equipment that Laham claims «was used to manufacture explosives». She notes (and shows) «the components used came from Saudi Arabia». On the packages are printed a Saudi coat of arms. She says (and shows the explosives) «large quantities of TNT explosives made here» from those Saudi supplies, plus land mines. «In an interview with Eastern Front General Abu Akmed, armed groups only had primitive mortars and simple hunting rifles, but as of now they possess high quality AK rifles, which the Saudi government bought in the mid-1990s from the [then] integrated Yugoslavia. A GPS navigator was also found, showing the latest route to Homs… Here is a recently captured drone, its recordings; its recordings were [interpreted] by a team of specialists [who determined that] they were to help oil trucks cross the border to Turkey, then on to European markets [this oil stolen from Syria by ISIS jihadists]». There were also «new uniforms made in Saudi Arabia and Turkey», which show how «these humanitarian-aid packages end up in the hands of ISIS».

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