America’s Ally Turkey Again Stirs Anti-Armenian Bigotry
Eric ZUESSE | 16.03.2016 | WORLD / Middle East | HISTORY

America’s Ally Turkey Again Stirs Anti-Armenian Bigotry

On March 11th, a news-report was headlined «VIDEO: Kurds in Turkey Accuse Erdogan for Mass and Genocidal Massacre», but the resurgent fascist-nationalist, and self-righteously Sunni-Islamic, Saudi and US-allied government of Turkey doesn’t hate and despise only Kurds – as horrific as those reports are. (And those videos and pictures make clear the government’s bloody contempt of Kurds.)

news-report also appeared recently that the Turkish government is again stoking hatred against Armenians – the victims of the 1915 Turkish genocide that Hitler admired. This news-report received virtually no coverage in the West. The little coverage that it did receive was attacked by some because the news was reported on Al-Monitor, which is a Washington DC-based site created in 2012 by US corporations and their academics – it was an ad-hominem ‘criticism’, regardless of whether those funders raise reasonable doubts about the truthfulness of the report. But, in any case, the report itself was linked to credible sources, and so is credible.

It opened: «Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu gave a searing speech Feb. 27 on the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the eastern province of Bingol. In his speech he accused the Kurds of taking advantage of the situation in the southeastern border towns of Sur and Silopi. 'They are collaborating with Russia like the Armenian gangs used to do». His assertion in context was that Turkey’s enemies «want our Kurdish citizens to get into another fight with us patriotic Turks. They try to appeal to the people of this country by honoring the Armenian gangs who cooperate with the Russian invaders».

This Al-Monitor article commented: «Nurhan Becidyan, an Armenian-American who served in the Turkish army as a reserve officer in the 1970s, told Al-Monitor about the meaning of the term 'Armenian gangs.' He said, 'When an Armenian hears the term, he immediately recalls the official Turkish government history lessons of the past century that talk about how the Armenians in 1915 collaborated with the ‘enemy’ [Russians] and revolted against the Ottomans», which is the traditional Turkish-government rationalization for the genocide that Turkey’s officials (to this day) deny was a «genocide». (Even Hitler acknowledge it was, but they don’t acknowledge it.)

Why is Turkey in NATO, except that Turkey’s government is hostile to Russia? Is that enough to qualify Turkey’s government to be in NATO? Apparently.

Back in 1915, when Turkey’s government slaughtered approximately a million Armenians, it wasn’t only Armenians whom the Turkish government aimed to exterminate. The article from Wikipedia states, «Other indigenous and Christian ethnic groups such as the Assyrians and the Ottoman Greeks were similarly targeted for extermination by the Ottoman government, and their treatment is considered by some historians to be part of the same genocidal policy». This was Turkey’s extermination policy against peoples whose cultures were Christian. Russia was an overwhelmingly Christian-majority nation then, prior to the 1917 communist revolution; and Turkey was hostile toward Russia, and also to Greece – it was a religious hatred, of Christians, which Turkey reflects, then and now.

That Wikipedia article on the Armenian genocide says, «Writing in the late 1890s after a visit to the Ottoman Empire, the British ethnographer William Ramsay described the conditions of Armenian life as follows: ‘We must, however, go back to an older time, if we want to appreciate what uncontrolled Turkish rule meant, alike to Armenians and to Greeks. It did not mean religious persecution; it meant unutterable contempt... They were dogs and pigs; and their nature was to be Christians, to be spat upon.’» Perhaps that’s the reason why Hitler took it to be his model: he, too, denied that he was targeting any «religion»; he hated a people, a ‘race’: Jews. The Turkish government hates non-Sunnis. But in NATO it needs their cooperation.

America is in bed with some pretty sordid regimes – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, to name some of the prominent ones.