The Promised Jihadist Apocalypse of Dabiq
Wayne MADSEN | 17.02.2016 | FEATURED STORY

The Promised Jihadist Apocalypse of Dabiq

If Saudi Arabia and Turkey have their way, Quranic Armageddon will soon be coming to the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has announced, in an agreement with Turkey, that it is sending planes and military personnel to the Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey to fight a ground and air battle with the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, which has made tremendous gains on the battlefield with the help of the armed forces of Russia. 

The smarmy Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, who once falsely claimed that there was an Iranian plot to assassinate him at the trendy Café Milano in Georgetown in Washington while he served as Saudi ambassador to Washington, confidently told a German newspaper, «There will be no Bashar al-Assad in the future.» Al-Jubeir is thoroughly schooled in the neo-conservative talking points crafted in Washington and Tel Aviv. In fact, the café in Georgetown where Jubeir fantasized about an Iranian hit squad planning to take him out also happens to be the favorite hangout for former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Jubeir, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, like other Washington neocons, are habitués of the restaurant which is a «see and be seen» location for many of Washington’s right-wing neocon glitterati and politicos. Undoubtedly, some of the planning for the current destabilization of the Middle East could have very well been conducted over pasta and red wine at the, at best, average gastronomic haunt.

The Saudis and Turks claim that their combined forces will enter Syria to battle the forces of the Islamic State or «Daesh». However, claims of Turkish and Saudi military assaults on the Islamic State are laughable considering that it is the Turks and Saudis that are the major military, financial, and logistical supporters of the jihadist terrorist forces of the self-proclaimed Islamic State «caliphate» that seized wide swaths of territory inside Syria and Iraq. 

The other actual targets of the Saudis and Turks, as well as United Arab Emirates commandos also being sent to Incirlik, are the forces of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union party (PYD), which have been making recent gains against the Islamic State in northern Syria’s Rojavi Kurdistan. Rojavi Kurdistan is beginning to govern northern Syria as the Rojava Self Ruled Administration, a self-proclaimed government. Like its counterpart in northern Iraq, the Kurdish Regional Government, the Rojava Kurdish government is engaged in strategic diplomatic moves, including opening a diplomatic office in Moscow, which, much to the chagrin of Ankara and Washington, will be soon joined by missions in Paris and Berlin. Although the US Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon have been supplying weapons and advisers to the Rojava forces, Ankara sees the PYD as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) of Turkey, considered a terrorist group by the Turks and the Americans. 

The addition of UAE commandos to the Turkish-Saudi force being assembled for future action in Syria is problematic. The UAE mainly relies on foreign mercenaries to project its military power abroad. Former Blackwater USA chief Erik Prince has a sweetheart deal with the government of Abu Dhabi to provide foreign commandos to the UAE. Prince’s company, Reflex Responses (R2), which is a similar acronym to the failed interventionist policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton known as R2P, or «Responsibility to Protect», has provided 400 mercenary commandos to fight alongside the Saudis against pro-Iranian Houthi rebels in Yemen’s bloody civil war, which was initiated, in part, by R2P. 

The R2 commandos in Yemen are primarily made up of Colombians, Somalis, and Sudanese troops, with American, British, French, and South African former Special Forces personnel acting as trainers and advisers. Similar R2 units may be sent to Incirlik as part of the UAE expeditionary force to fight in Syria. If that is the case, as it now appears, we may see US mercenaries working for R2 shooting at active duty US Special Forces personnel assigned to fight alongside the Syrian Kurdish forces.

This confusing morass is all a result of Obama’s and Madame Hillary Clinton’s incompetent Middle East policy, a policy that saw Obama receive advice from Turkey’s Islamist and neo-Ottomanist president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mrs Clinton taking her orders from interlocutors for Israeli interests in her State Department that included former Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland; former deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg; and former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman. These and other Israeli influence peddlers inside the Obama administration never really hid their desire to use the Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to decimate Arab nation-states like Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen to Israel’s advantage. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu let slip Israel’s actual stance on ISIL when he told the United Nations General Assembly last year that Iran was a greater threat than ISIL. 

Netanyahu ignored the fact that Iran, along with Lebanese Hezbollah, provided the only foreign military force to prevent Syria from falling under total ISIL control before Russia entered the scene on behalf of Damascus. Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria were arrayed against a better-armed ISIL and affiliate army armed and financed by not only the Saudis, Turks, and Americans, but also the Israelis.

The Wahhabist Saudis and their Ottomanist Turkish allies may be amassing their forces along the Turkish frontier with Syria to fulfill a Quranic prophecy that foretells «malahim», the Muslim version of biblical Armageddon. The prophecy, which is also fully believed by the Islamic State’s fanatics, tells of a final battle between Islam and Christendom in the Syrian town of Dabiq. ISIL even titles its official magazine «Dabiq». The Islamic State captured Dabiq in August 2014 amid cheers that the Islamic end times had drawn closer. With the latest issue of «Dabiq» calling for a final jihad against the Church of Rum (Byzantium), which now is construed by the Wahhabists as Russia, and the Rafidah, or Shias, considered to be Iran, Hezbollah, and the Alawites of Syria, in Dabiq, there is little doubt that the massing of Turkish and Saudi troops and aircraft, as well as Emirati mercenaries, is part of the Wahhabist prophecy of fighting the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (or anti-messiah). Dabiq also sits inside Rojavi Kurdistan, making the Kurds a target of the Wahhabist lunatics massing their forces in Incirlik. 

The Dajjal, an anti-Christ like figure in Islam, is believed by the Wahhabists and their Turkish colleagues to be nations and groups fighting under 60 banners. When the forces of the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds; Alawites and Shias in Syria; their Christian allies in Russia, Armenia, Greece, and Chaldo-Assyria, and the Vatican (Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis held the first meeting in history between a Pope and a Russian Orthodox Metropolitan in Havana for a very good reason); as well as the Coptic Egyptians, Christian Palestinians, Shia Hezbollah and Iran; Zaidi Houthis in Yemen; Ibadis of Oman; Turkish Alevis (akin to the Syrian Alawites); Druze of Syria and Lebanon; Ahmadiyya Muslims of Pakistan; Ismaili Muslims of Syria and Pakistan; Yazidis of Iraq; Zoroastrians of Iran; and even some Sunnis, including the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, are fully counted, they reach at least 60 entities, or Quranic «banners», if you will. 

The Saudis, Turks, and Emiratis, along with the Islamic State, are gearing up for the final battle at Dabiq. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to be advised on her foreign policy stance by her «extremely close» aide and adviser (quotation marks for emphasis) Huma Abedin, who has familial links with the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. Obama, who recently made his first visit to a mosque in Baltimore linked to Saudi Wahhabist financing, continues to be counseled on his Middle East foreign policy by Erdogan. Only Assad, Iran, and Russia stand in the way of the Wahhabist fulfilling their dream of a bloody «malahim» dealing a decisive blow to Christianity and other «apostate» religions on the fields of Dabiq. Worse than remaining neutral, America under Indonesian Muslim madrassa-educated Mr Barack Hussein Obama, has slanted its policy toward the Saudis and Turks, which are planning to use the NATO base at Incirlik to lead the forces of jihadism against the Dajjal in Syria.