NATO: Parkinson's Law Used to Restore Order

NATO: Parkinson's Law Used to Restore Order

World media came up with a scoop a few days ago:  James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, had been instructed by the US Congress to conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.

It gave rise to confusion. What does it actually mean? If Congress believed that Europe was infiltrated by Kremlin agents, it should inform European partners about it. It has not been done. Now Clapper has to send a team of investigators to Europe and conduct a major investigation into how the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties. A review must be prepared to be submitted to Congress. It couldn’t be otherwise. The goal is to make precise who has been bribed by Russians and what sums have been paid. It’s not a mission to be carried out without leaving the headquarters in Langley. A team must be sent to investigate on spot.  

The US readiness to quickly lend a helping hand to other nations in trouble has become routine. But until now the United States has not treated its NATO allies this way. Something extraordinary has happened: Congress is worried about the change of mood within the ranks of NATO members’ political parties influenced by Moscow special services. US agents will have to make head or tail of it. They have a job to do.

Another question pops up: where has Congress obtained the information about the Europe’s   predicament? Here is the answer: United States special agencies themselves have instilled this idea.

Perhaps, US lawmakers are not acquainted with the Parkinson’s Law otherwise they would understand what’s happening. The events unfold in accordance with the mathematical equation describing the rate at which bureaucracies expand over time. As the Parkinson’s Law states, «It is the essence of grantsmanship, therefore, to pursue the foundation executives that it was THEY who suggested the research project and that you were a belated convert, agreeing reluctantly to all they had proposed. This is the basic principle of non-origination».

The failures of Obama’s foreign policy and US special services are in focus of the ongoing presidential race. There is a need to justify the existence of a giant monster and convince people   that they need it badly as something greatly helpful and very much in demand. The idea to cut its budget is portrayed as crazy and unpatriotic. The United States Intelligence Community comprises 16 agencies employing hundreds of thousands people and devouring dozens of billions. The very number of intelligence agencies makes one’s head go round. But what about the results of their efforts since the National Intelligence reform of 2004?

There have been very mixed results as the army of employees have been conducting its activities this century. For instance, they failed to give advance warning to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  They sexed up evidence to prove Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction in 2003 pushing the administration to unleash one of the most bloody and ignoble wars in American history.

- The services let ISIS genie out of their secret bottle to shake the world and make it fight this evil.

- The Intelligence Community has suffered utter defeat fighting the Taliban cells. The United States is pulling out of Afghanistan with disgrace after it failed to create conditions to keep a puppet regime in power.

- They have failed to come up with proper intelligence to support military operations in Libya and Iraq. 

- Their planning of Georgian attack against South Ossetia and Abkhazia was below any standard.

- The strategy and tactics they used during the Ukrainian crisis left the country in dire straits. It will backlash against the United States. Ukraine today poses a threat to its nearest neighbors – Russia and Europe. The United States will lose control over Ukraine leaving Europe to face the consequences and solve the country’s problems.

- Their assessment of anti-Russian sanctions would have made resign many top officials in other   self-respecting countries. It made President Obama pull a boner when he said that the Russia’s economy was ‘in tatters» in his speech. 

- They lost face in Europe. Never in the history of post-war allied relationship had ever been a scandal comparable to the one followed after the fact of US spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel found its way into the public domain.

- They failed to predict the start of the military operation launched by Russia Aerospace Forces in Syria. They were wide off the mark in their assessments of the Russian forces operational capabilities. 

If US lawmakers made an impartial assessment of the National Intelligence activities, they would arrive to the only possible conclusion – the US intelligence community is incoherent and ineffective. The US spying agencies are lucky there are no such lawmakers in Congress. Nothing stays in their way to distract public attention from the failures.

They have already done the first step. Now it’s time to shift public attention to the European politicians who are out of favor with Washington, and give them an exemplary punishment for the whole Euro-Atlantic community to see. Commenting on this kind of political schemes, Henry Kissinger, the patriarch of American foreign policy, said «Illegal we do immediately; unconstitutional takes a little longer».

There will be no shocking revelations regarding secret agencies activities. The reason is – the National Intelligence has no discrediting evidence to go upon. It’s all much simpler. Like in the days of the Inquisition a list of people linked to «the devil» is made public to be followed by investigation leading to political auto-da-fé or some other forms of punishment.  

Before the investigation the Director of National Intelligence Director made the dossier on Russian influence activity circulate in the United Kingdom. The document summed up the information on financing of some Western European political parties by Moscow. It also offered a list of potential allies of Russia in Europe. According to the US National Intelligence, the   Kremlin influence was widely spread in France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.

One cannot say the adduced «evidence» is a result of hard labor. Quite to the contrary. The US has failed to come up with accusations related to violations of European law.

They have made a laughing stock of themselves accusing Marin Le Pen who did not make a secret of receiving funds from a Russian bank during the election campaign. Had she broken the law, French financial supervisory agencies would have torn her apart.

The West believes that any sympathy for Hungarian party Yobbik is a deadly sin. But it’s not a violation of Hungarian constitution. It’s a folly to suspect the Czech Republic just because its President Milos Zeman is critical towards the United States.

The same thing applies to all personalities and parties included in the list of those who are subject to punishment.

The US National Intelligence has decided to spark a scandal regarding the lack of unity within NATO ranks to bring NATO members to order. It’s easier to cook up dirty political schemes than act in the interests of national security. It is propitious to remember that Cyril Parkinson also said that during the decay of large dictatorial empires petty vanity in the center is often accompanied by neglect of the basic problems and remote provinces.

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