France: A la Guerre Comme a la Guerre!

France: A la Guerre Comme a la Guerre!

A human tragedy has taken place. On November 14, terrorists killed over 100 people in Paris. More than 200 were injured. Even now, after the tragedy has happened, the leadership of France has no courage to face the reality. French politicians, including President François Hollande, keep on harping on the same string expressing their readiness to fight for European values and ideals like if they were attacked for some unknown reason by aliens. A healer in the Middle Ages knew only one way to fight smallpox – to plunge a patient into boiling water. French politicians behave the same way. They call for tougher police measures, closed borders and prolongation of the state of emergency.

The introduction of these measures may be expedient, but it’s not clear how it’s going to work if barbarians did not come from across the borders. The attack was carried out by the criminals mixed with local Muslim diaspora.

Is François Hollande aware of the fact that the “death industry” is an established business that the Islamic State leaders and some circles in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have interest in? Does he not know that there are financial flows coming to provide funds for ideological brainwashing, recruitment and operations of suicide bombers? Does he not know this evil could be eradicated only by cutting off financial flows coming to the Islamic State?

Does the French President know that only the United States can put an end to this deadly cycle as the actor capable of influencing Turkey used by the Islamic State as a transition country for oil exports? Does he not know that the United States is the only country that could bring to reason the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

Doesn’t François Hollande know that terrorists cross Turkey on their way to Europe? Does he not know that Washington has all the aces to enable it to call Turkey to order, if need be? Does the French President understand that the France’s vibrant activities aimed at routing Libya and the popular support for profaningthe Quran by Charlie Hebdo have turned the French into prime targets for terrorists?

He, probably, understands all these things being unable to refuse the policy of solidarity with the United States and interpreting freedom as permissiveness. Otherwise, he would not be a Frenchman. 

Today, terrorists and those who represent them say they will not limit their activities with the territory of France. They will move on to Rome, London and Washington. It brings up the question posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the United Nations General Assembly. Heasked, “Doyourealizewhatyouhavedone?”

The results of the recent meeting on Syria held by almost 20 countries in Vienna show that the West reluctantly cedes some ground to Russia making very small concessions. It hopes to protract the process. The parties to the talks have only agreed on some general outlines of Syria’s crisis management during the next 18 months. Actually, therearenopracticalresults. A year and a half is too long. Too many things may occur during this period of time to bring any accords to naught. The war can go on forever until all the parties join together in the effort to defeat the Islamic State. It’sacrucialissue. Noprogress,whatsoever, has been reached so far. It’s hard for the United States to refuse manipulating countries and peoples through controlled chaos. The Moscow’s calls for uniting efforts in the fight against the Islamic State fall on deaf ears in Washington. Sometimes it offers fatuous excuses.

Moreover, Western politicians try to make Russia a rogue state. They continue to grab sanctions stick. They have raised ballyhoo about Russian athletes allegedly using doping. They use all the means at their disposal in their anti-Russian drive. In his UN address Vladimir Putin said they are confident of their impunity. That’s what made Washington put forward the marasmatic demand for Moscow to forgive the Ukraine’s sovereign debt. Probably, it wants it to make life easier for Kiev regime being an instrument used for anti-Russia activities.

US President Barack Obama expressed condolences to France in the aftermath of the Paris tragedy. The world did not hear anything from him, except empty words about being adamant in his desire to punish the enemy. Are the Americans serious about sitting it out being separated by the ocean? Do they really believe, that such terrorist acts, as the one just occurred in France, cannot take place in the US?

Why do US politicians not realize that the times when the United States could thrive at the expense of others are over? Do they need the cancer of terrorism to spread around the United States to understand this simple truth? The continuation of this game will give rise to a wave of terrorism to hit the country.

President Hollande says the terrorists have declared war on France. But it’s important that his belated admission does not become another empty figure of speech. To really fight terrorism one must join together with those who pursue the same goal instead of trying to use it for one’s own selfish interests.