British «Intelligence» or «Stupid» Services?

British «Intelligence» or «Stupid» Services?

Britain's spy services MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are collectively known as «British intelligence». However, in practice there is nothing «intelligent» about these services. They should instead be re-named the «Stupid» services.

A more apt and worthy description for the supposedly «intelligent» operatives, analysts and practitioners who gather up, analyze and implement the so-called intelligence they harvest – whether it be from human or electronic sources – which is then converted into public policy and law by Government Ministers, Civil Servants and «interpreted» by solicitors and judges. As with everything in British society – from which part of the UK you where born in, who you parents were, what accent you talk with, which school you went to, which university you attended, what postcode you live in, what job you do – the English Apartheid Class System permeates every nook and cranny of British life. From public and private institutions, big and small businesses, restaurants, airports, gyms, hotels, towns, villages, cities, government departments, the military, the political parties, the Monarchy – everything – the peculiar, narrow minded and self defeating English Apartheid Class System reigns supreme.

This is true of the British «intelligence» services or «Stupid» services – especially MI5 – aided by the state snooper GCHQ. MI5, the «domestic» spy agency is essentially a monitoring and surveillance arm of the «internal» British surveillance state. MI5's supposed objective revolves around «safeguarding» what the gentlemen in Whitehall perceive at any given moment to be the internal security and stability of the country. Most people who are on the payroll of MI5 work in «domestic» jobs within the service sector of the country. These jobs are often not very well paid, generally tedious and boring, suited to people who can do basic tasks which do not require a highly sophisticated and multi-dimensional level of academic, intellectual, social, cultural and psychological training and talents. You will find these MI5 field «agents» (more like really bad amateur actors) in jobs such as lorry drivers, taxi drivers, waiters, gym instructors, plumbers, construction workers, hotel porters, airport workers, cabin crew, London Underground workers, «ordinary» passengers on planes, trains and automobiles, shop assistants, news readers... even contestants and judges on popular British TV programs such as Strictly Come Dancing.

These are the jobs the English public school educated «Toffs» who dominate the highest echelons of British society have erroneously and egregiously labelled as the preserve of the «working» or «lower» classes in that lofty, patronizing manner typical of the English upper classes. Then you have MI6, whose primary concern is to gather «foreign» intelligence abroad to inform British foreign, economic and defense policy on issues such as international trade, foreign investment, diplomatic relations, strategic global geopolitics, nuclear proliferation, military issues, foreign espionage, etc. The James Bond films have (misleadingly) given MI6 in the public imagination an allure of glamour. Most MI6 «agents» will come from the upper-middle classes and aristocracy, have been educated in the top English public schools like Eton and Harrow and work in highly paid and supposedly «prestigious» and «exciting» jobs like a diplomat with the Foreign Office, a journalist with the Financial Times, an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, a Sandhurst trained Army Officer in the Household Cavalry, a television executive, a «Society» photographer, a «Cyber-Analyst» with BP, etc. The vast majority of them will have been set up in these jobs not based on merit but rather their inherited family contacts.

So, even Britain's «intelligence» (or stupid) «services» are split along and governed by the elitist and infectious English Apartheid Class System. As George Orwell said «England is the most class ridden country on the planet.» This English Class Apartheid System conditions the population from birth to be extremely sensitive to issues of socio-economic, professional, educational and cultural status and class. It inculcates inferiority and superiority complexes from birth and generates emotions and character traits amongst the rival Class groups of arrogance, resentment, envy, bitterness, self hatred, self esteem, snobbery, prejudice, insecurity. Thus, there exists a «Class» rivalry between the «domestic» spy service MI5 and the «foreign» spy service MI6 with GCHQ caught in the middle, manipulating both and furnishing both with electronic surveillance material gathered up from unsuspecting British citizens emails, telephone calls, web browsing, iphones, laptops et al. MI5's outlook on what is in the «best» interests for British internal stability and security is often at odds with what MI6 perceives to be in the British «national interest». This goes a long way to explaining the «intelligence» clash laid bare in the British press during the State Visit of President Xi Jinping of China, divergent views on immigration, the opposing views of MI5 and MI6 regarding the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the simmering rivalry for the crown of the Tory Party between the Home Secretary Theresa May (whose Government Department is more closely aligned with MI5) and the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Coming full circle, I started this article by making the point that there actually is nothing «intelligent» about the British intelligence services. British «intelligence» has often got more wrong than right exemplified on a massive scale by the colossal, catastrophic failure of British «intelligence» before the Iraq War which was used by Tony Blair to claim Saddam Hussein's Iraq had an extensive and active WMD program, when in reality, there was no such program. Remember the British «intelligence» claim regarding the now notorious “45 minutes”? Remember Dr. David Kelly? The British security, monitoring and surveillance state still has serious questions to answer over missed opportunities, blunders, mistakes and missed intelligence which could have prevented tragedies such as the Omagh bomb, 7/7 and the brutal murder of Lee Rigby.

MI5 seems to have a very pick and mix attitude to who it considers a threat to national security and subjects to extreme monitoring, surveillance, harassment and silly, childish games such as HAZING – the policy of deliberately mistreating and harassing someone to aggravate and irritate them. I have known of British citizens – with no criminal records, no history of violent behavior, who have never carried knives or guns or searched on the internet about how to make WMD or expressed sympathy for any terrorist groups – being subjected to intensive State sponsored and State approved surveillance, monitoring, and harassment for no good reason. Any rational person would realize and understand these people are not a threat to British National Security. Yet the most appalling amount of taxpayers’ money, time and resources have been wasted in monitoring them and subjecting them to silly, childish mind games. No wonder Britain is basically bankrupt when taxpayers’ money is wasted on a Monty Python Flying Circus.

Yet, MI5 basically allowed the murder of Lee Rigby. MI5, with all the might and power of the British Monitoring and Surveillance State could have prevented that shameful murder, if MI5's heart and mind had really been in it. There would seem to be a very Pick and Choose attitude in MI5 regarding who is a national security threat and who is not a threat. Ergo, really intelligent, rational people should refer to the British intelligence services as the «Stupid» services. Any assertions and speculation (for that is what it is) now coming from the British «Stupid» services regarding the cause of the destruction of the Russian airliner above the Sinai should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt until the investigation is complete and there is hard, concrete evidence, rather than pure «speculation» emanating from British «intelligence» (stupid) sources.

I for one cannot understand why Islamic radicals would take on Russia, especially when the US State Department has stated 90% of Russian airstrikes in Syria have been targeting non-ISIS actors. Many commentators have been saying that what Russia is doing in Syria is a dangerous game and there will be consequences for Moscow. Don't forget, Cairo and Moscow have recently been moving closer together which no doubt has not pleased some in London. The Egyptian economy is heavily dependent on tourism. Perhaps some of the men in grey suits in Whitehall have been taking that old adage too seriously: «Kill Two Birds with One Stone». One thing is clear in my mind, it was not so-called Islamic radicals who brought that plane down over the Sinai.

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