Victoria Nuland as Teacher of Europe
Nikita TATISHCHEV | 21.09.2015 | WORLD / Europe

Victoria Nuland as Teacher of Europe

When Mrs. Nuland explicitly said “f**k the EU, Europeans were offended. It is upsetting that an official with influence in the Obama administration, an official with extensive crony connections who is building big career plans for the future, could not give a damn about old Europe, which is obliging the great America with every ounce of strength it has left.

And if, after swallowing the insult, you think that perhaps Nuland at least prevaricated a little, then not in the slightest. She only said aloud what everyone knows all too well, but keeps silent about. After all, America does what it believes is right and uses its European satellites as required.

Europeans have already become accustomed to this situation. American anti-ballistic missiles in Europe? Welcome! Go to war with enemies of democracy? Where would you like us? Transatlantic partnership? With pleasure, just let the French carry on making films, it won’t matter because the French are nowhere near as good as the great and wonderful Hollywood. Take in refugees? As needs must, just tell us how many.

Like Hans Christian Andersen’s innocent child, Victoria Nuland just said that the king is naked – and then sealed it with a recommendation as to how the European Union should be treated.

The American politician’s statement was not a revelation to European politicians, of course. The nuts and bolts of politics in Europe are organised in such a way that a move ‘up’ is impossible for those who have not proved their loyalty to America in word and deed. Whoever breaks this rule is automatically out of the game. At a press conference on 11 September, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that it just wouldn’t work if everyone is going to act in Syria as they see fit. By everyone he meant Russia, but in truth, only the United States has the privilege of acting “as they see fit” as the Europeans see it. Even with the bombing of Libya and the violent treatment of Gaddafi, the English and French would not have lifted a finger without the permission of the Americans.

Where exactly are European politicians briefed on politically literate behaviour? Absolutely nowhere. There is no need for any kind of briefing when it all boils down to one simple rule: “Look what America’s doing and you won’t go far wrong.” If more specific instructions are needed, they can always be provided by organisations like the Atlantic Council, for example. There they give advice, and what is particularly cunning is that they take money for that advice. Money provided by the taxpayer, of course.

According to official data, this ‘non-governmental organisation’ (the Atlantic Council) receives donations from 31 countries. Some of the most well-known German politicians in the Atlantic Council are Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Ursula von der Leyen... it would be easier to say who is not in it.

But for all that, there was still something for Victoria Nuland to teach the Europeans, and they have swallowed the lesson she provided. Nuland’s famous “f**k the EU” became the slogan under which German social networking sites called for people to take part in a demonstration in Hamburg. The demonstration was quickly banned, of course – initially by local authorities and then even by the Constitutional Court. Germans who are not particularly jubilant at the sight of refugees pouring into their country have been branded right-wing extremists. Germany recently marked 25 years of German reunification without much fanfare (right now it couldn’t care less) under the slogan ‘unity of the German people’. Nowadays we need to keep silent about the German people – they are being watered down with elected representatives of Afro-Asian nations and never mind condemning the policy, just criticising it is forbidden.

Made up stories are being heard from all sides about how the migrants will boost the German economy. Just a little more and native Germans will have to prove that being German is not a crime! The authorities are making ludicrous promises that there will be an increase in the number of jobs in Germany thanks to new social workers. And further down the line? How is it being envisaged in the federal government? The Germans will serve the migrants ‘socially’ and they will create surplus value? Or has Angela Merkel’s inner circle decided that they can dupe everyone? After all, people can see what is going on around them. “90 per cent of the refugees are young men. They could work at home but they don’t, because in Germany they can get money just like that. Poor Germany!”... “They’re saving their ass, but where are their families?” This is the kind of thing Germans are writing on social networking sites.

It really seems as if the time has come in Germany to create a resistance movement, although the surveillance of those who are ‘politically unreliable’ is even more efficient these days than it was under the Nazis. Leaders are not being thrown into torture chambers, of course, but they are disappearing from the political arena without a trace, one after the other. Does this mean that Europe is willing to obediently wait for its end to come, an end that has been caused by the voluntary-compulsory feeble-mindedness of its leaders held hostage to American interests?