Migration: New Downfall of Occident

Migration: New Downfall of Occident

The autumn came to Germany with German punctuality - on September 1. Only the day before people were groaning under the 30-degree heat, but on Tuesday morning they had to put on their jackets and take umbrellas out. But the migrants don’t care about schedules. Their flow is continuous.

Since the days of Hannibal Europe has not seen such an invasion from Libya as in the recent weeks and months. Nobody can tell how many asylum seekers from former Yugoslavia and war-torn Syria are there in the forests of Serbia near Macedonian border. Six to seven thousand people enter Macedonia each day on their way to Germany. Border guards don’t mind: they get 5 euros from each illegal migrant to let them pass. The way is clear…

On September 1, Hungarian authorities closed Budapest’s main station Keleti to 3650 refugees and migrants who wanted to be transported to Germany. The day before due to police connivance hundreds of migrants left Budapest for Munich. Two days before that Hungary had finished erecting a 175km (109-mile) razor wire fence at the border with Serbia. The majority of refugees don’t want to stay in countries like Hungary or Greece, they try hard to get to Germany or Sweden.

Over three thousand migrants attracted by higher that French standards of living in the United Kingdom are camped at the port of Calais close to Eurotunnel.

Each day there are more signs of this flood that drowns Europe. The cause and the actions are the burning issues.

In early August, Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, spoke of the problem very explicitly: «The current wave of migration [to Europe] is rooted in the crazy [US] idea to launch an intervention in Iraq, which allegedly had weapons of mass destruction, but nothing was found» but «it is not only the United States who is to blame for this, because some EU member states coordinated the operations against Libya».

Under the influence of this «crazy idea» (only if there is no hidden agenda in this madness) whole countries turn into ungoverned territories with no state power. Traditional social links cease to exist and fragile peace between Muslims and Christians is broken. Inside the Muslim Ummah the tacit truce between traditional believers and advocates of modernization has gone to pieces.

As a result of the US intervention, nationalists and extremists of every stripe have gotten access to weaponsin their mangled countries. Political vacuum caused by wars, «Arab Spring» and other similar disasters allowed them to seize the power. It all leads to economic devastation, spread of poverty and progressing instability. War and death are omnipresent. Thousands of people in North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Ukraine become refugees. The ocean prevents them from getting to the United States, but they can make it to Europe. The island of Lampedusa is close. Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian border guards are happy to take euros.

According to official statistics, the number of asylum seekers in Europe has tripled between 2008 and 2014. In 2015, Germany alone expects more refugees than the whole Europe a year before. There is a split inside the European Union. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called «scandalous» the reluctance of some Eastern European countries to «respect Europe's common values» and accept more migrants. In her turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel assured that Germany «will manage» to continue receiving refugees but it wanted the EU to work out a fair distribution process. Unfortunately, nobody knows what Germany considers to be «fair».

The public opinion in the EU member-states is divided. The number of those who oppose immigration is growing. In Germany there have been over 200 attacks on refugee centers since the beginning of the year.

Evidently, a «fair» refugee distribution system in European Union would not solve the problem – a universal accord between all 28 EU member-states on this issue is unreachable. On the other hand, the refusal of a EU member to comply with the quotas set by the European Commission will set a serious precedent. Meanwhile, time to solve the issue that caught Europeans off-guard is running out.

The cold indifference with which the North Atlantic ally is witnessing the European crisis is very eloquent. While the number of migrants is measured in hundreds of thousands, the EU is destined to face the problems of social tension and the politicians, who supported the US intervention in the countries where refugees come from, are in for hard times. But once this number changes to millions of destitute people invading Europe, the European civilization will see its last days.

That is something the history has already seen. Ancient Rome was destroyed and the antic culture vanished during the Migration Period. The West was left in decline for many centuries. One left to wonder if Europe is in for a new edition of the Dark Ages?