North Atlantic Alliance to Decay From Within
Dmitriy SEDOV | 18.08.2015 | FEATURED STORY

North Atlantic Alliance to Decay From Within

The NATO headquarters International staff racks brains trying to boost morale of the organization’s members and rally them around the United States of America. Since a long time ago the public opinion has run contrary to what is set forth in the Charter of the Alliance.Sociologists say anti-war sentiments are on the rise.

According to Pew Research Center, no NATO member can boast a favorable view of Alliance by overwhelming majority of its people. Even in Germany public support for NATO has been going downhill recently. According to the survey, only 55% of Germans support NATO in comparison with 73% in 2009.

By and large, the picture is the same in other European member-states. In Turkey only 23% of responders view favorably the government’s policy of maintaining the NATO membership.

Article 5 of the NATO Charter requiring member states to come to the aid of any member state subject to an armed attack should be mentioned specifically. According to Pew Research Center, over half of responders in Germany (58%), France (53%) and Italy (51%) believe that their countries should not use force to defend a NATO ally, a neighbor of Russia, in case it gets involved in a serious military conflict with Moscow. Many Europeans openly say that the Alliance should not get involved in the Ukrainian conflict. For instance, 77% of Germans are strongly opposed to providing Ukraine with lethal arms and about the same numbers of respondents oppose the idea of Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

The US and Canada boast the strongest support for the idea of «North Atlantic solidarity» but even there slightly more than half of respondents want their countries to «defend Ukraine». The attitudes towards the so-called aggressiveness of Russia differ. Seven-in-ten Poles and roughly six-in-ten Americans view Russia as a major military menace. But only less than 40% of Germans share this vision. The US Pew Research Center says there is a split of opinions inside the Alliance’s members that is ignored by the ruling circles at their own risk. The Center’s experts believe that the split is caused by economic crisis. The NATO information machine repeats over and over again that there is a need to counter an unseen threat. No matter that, NATO is nothing but a left-over from the days of Cold War. The North Atlantic Alliance had to disappear along with the Warsaw Treaty Organization. Instead it survived to turn into a giant weed to sap Europe and threaten the security of old continent.

The words pronounced by NATO leaders about «expanding the area of responsibility to protect peace and security» always mean in practice that peace and security are jeopardized. It cannot be hidden from public. People protest the involvement of their countries into artificially created international conflicts. It makes remember some events from the past. In 1983 millions of people hit the streets to protest against the deployment of US Pershing missiles in Germany. It was an expression of solidarity by Germans who made known their discontent with the US plans aimed at achieving military superiority over the Soviet Union in Europe.

Today public opinion is expressed differently. Some time ago Berlin residents staged a protest in front of the German Chancellery. To express dissatisfaction with the country's participation in the NATO’s military ventures, a flash mob used scenic effects to simulate combat operations. The military playing the roles of NATO soldiers "shot" at people. Artificial blood appeared on the pavement. The air was filled with the sound of explosions. "The Taxpayers' Money is Wasted on War!» «Stop NATO, Stop Our Government!" - chanted the participants through loudspeakers. People lying on the pavement in pools of "blood", set the anti-war placards: "Whether it is Ukraine, Syria, the Gaza Strip or Yemen - We Are Involved Everywhere. Wars Bring No Peace. Never A War Again! Never!" It’s worth to mention that the Pew Research Center’s experts made the right conclusion: public support of North Atlantic Alliance, which is chomping at the bit to expand to the east, is evaporating. 

Europe has no strategic adversary to justify the expenditure on the NATO’s war machine. The same public opinion survey shows that the overwhelming majority of Europeans do not believe that Russia can attack Europe. The Ukrainian crisis is a complex issue. There is no unanimity of opinion here. The European parties that use the parliamentary podiums to condemn the US policy in Ukraine and put the blame on the United States for inciting the crisis to the detriment of Europe have made themselves come into spotlight.

Public sentiments change as time goes by. It’s a long time ago the «red threat» became a thing of the past. All the propaganda efforts to substitute it with the «Russian threat» lead nowhere. Brussels should realize this fact, the sooner the better. NATO is stubbornly pursuing its stupid desire to solve international problems by the use of force. This policy leads nowhere.

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