Kosovo Mafia Marching On
Dmitriy SEDOV | 21.05.2015 | FEATURED STORY

Kosovo Mafia Marching On

You may not take it seriously but I like German media. They know how to keep the house in order.

I remember the Gorbachev times - a blow-out reception in the Soviet embassy. One of German Communist Party leaders had a drop too much and failed to make it to his car. He fell on the lawn to have a rest. It happened right in front of media men that surrounded the embassy. Everyone was sure that the gutter press will be happy to describe it the next day. But no, not a line. Neither press, nor TV channels ever said a word. Germans did not want to say anything negative about the Soviet Union led by Gorby, so media outlets executed the «Links um!» (Left Turn!) command. It’s also true that German media did not comment on the large article published by Pravda which told about Americans recruiting Soviet diplomats in Bonn. Everyone kept the mouth shut, even the left wing outlets. In this case they executed the command «Rechts um!» (Right Turn!). The discipline they displayed could not go unnoticed. It really impressed.

When someone tells me about the freedom enjoyed by German press it makes me either laugh or cry depending on the extent of interlocutor’s enthusiasm. I needed this long preamble to discuss the publication that has appeared on the website of Deutsche Welle. The piece is devoted to the situation in Kosovo. 

Germany was one of the founders of the ugly creature made of blood and mud called «Independent Kosovo». German officials always spoke favorably of «democratization process» allegedly taking place inside this spooky thing. 

Now Deutsche Welle, the Germany’s international broadcaster controlled by the government offers a publication to lambaste Kosovo. The first thing that comes to mind is that the German officials responsible for media have all gone insane and decided to bring to naught the results of diplomatic efforts applied by Germany in the Balkans for so many years. What Angela Merkel called «the flower of democracy» is now called «a bloody and dangerous golliwog». I recommend you to read this publication if you haven’t done it yet. It offers an unusual vision of things that is far from the traditionally tolerant attitude of German officials towards Kosovars. 

Frankly, as a political analyst I was inclined to write about the failure of Berlin to see that the bugbear could not exist being a thing doomed to failure from the start. It makes me surmise that they have launched the process of preparing public opinion to turn away from it. Actually, it’s hard to say if Berlin believes that Kosovo is a viable project. German police reports that the fat is already in the fire. The Kosovo mafia is on the way to become a real problem. With the economy of the «Republic of Kosovo» in doldrums the flow of Kosovars into Germany becomes a real disaster. Along with refugees the flow brings in dregs of society representing the region’s criminal world. 

Germany banned Kosovo refugees from entering the country but did it too late. It resembles an emotional appeal of frivolous lady asking a gynaecologist for help. «There is someone moving inside. It is so unexpected. Could you, please, do something about it?» The only thing the doctor could do is to call police together with a midwife. The ban won’t help. Kosovars have already settled down and got citizenship of other member states of the European Union. Germany is famous for its high quality public healthcare. The Kosovo mafia is sure it can do good business cutting people in parts to sell as human organs. If the officials close to the Chancellor don’t even smoke marijuana (something stronger would be better) the Kosovo mafia is ready to come and make things right. For instance, the Kosovo Mafiosi feel great in the United Kingdom under the protection of the British crown. But there is a difference between the two. Since a long time ago Her Majesty, the Queen, stopped to care about who controls the criminal world of the kingdom or is involved in the racket of businessmen. 

The German powers that be are still under the illusion that they live in a democratic society. They are unable to understand that corruption, brigandage and fraud are the pillars of their world. Like Russian «young reformers of the 1990s» German officials should be sent to the United States and undergo a training period so that they would see with their own eyes the sad reality of life. In Germany the Kosovo Mafia act like pioneers of the Americanization process to ultimately make Germans real members of Anglo-Saxon gang (excuse me – I wanted to say Anglo-Saxon society). 

Hardly can Germany offer any help to the pregnant lady with someone moving in her body. 

Mam, you had to use contraceptives while making love surrounded by the beautiful views you enjoyed so much.