Western Propaganda and Doctor Goebbels
Yuriy RUBTSOV | 23.04.2015 | FEATURED STORY

Western Propaganda and Doctor Goebbels

Czech historian Eve Hahnová wrote an article About Anti-Russian Stereotype of Goebbels propaganda. It says that the contemporary Western media looks very much like Nazi propaganda in fascist Germany. Offering her comments on Goebbels diaries, Eve Hahnová says the West uses an artificially created image created by Nazi propaganda by the end of WWII. The «threat coming from the East» and «Russian menace» revive Hitler’s propaganda stereotypes. 

The conclusion is obvious. At the start of the war Nazi propaganda affirmed that Hitler had to unleash an offensive to the east preventing a possible Soviet attack. The Nazi propaganda machine ended up spreading a whopping big lie. Goebbels was the first to spread rumors about many thousands of German women raped by Soviet soldiers. On March 1945, he wrote in his diary that «Soviet soldiers behaved like scum… Horrible stories came from Upper Silesia. They raped all women from 10 to 70». He said Germany would launch a broad propaganda campaign home and abroad to make it public domain. It did. Werner Naumann, the replacement Propaganda Minister for Goebbels, acknowledged that the propaganda efforts were fruitful. According to him, «Berliners were scared to death. The breath taking horror stories started to go around the city. Russians were painted to be narrow-eyed Mongols killing children and women without hesitation. They said flamethrowers were used to burn monks alive. Nuns were raped and then made run the streets without clothes. Nazi propaganda said women were made work as prostitutes accompanying military units». Paranoid fear before the arrival of «eastern hordes» became an obsession. As the Soviet forces approached the capital outskirts, a wave of suicides hit the city. 

Osmar White an Australian journalist, war correspondent and writer, was attached to General George Patton’s Third Army. He followed it into Germany during the final days of the war in Europe. According to him, up to 40 thousand Berliners committed suicide.  

The population knew Hitlerites committed horrible crimes in occupied territories. Many Germans lost any hope for mercy on the part of winners. Elena Sinyavskaya, a Russian historian, quotes a German soldier, «If we lose… and Russians, Poles, French, Czechs will do to us at least one percent of what we did to them during six years, then no German will remain alive in a few weeks. I was there for six years; I know what I’m talking about». 

Soviet soldiers witnessed the mass atrocities committed by fascist occupants against their compatriots. Millions of Red Army servicemen lost their next of kin and comrades-in-arms. Many were embittered. But it’s a certain fact that the hatred towards Nazism did not made Soviet soldiers blind, it did not spread on civilians in Germany and the allied states. On January 19, 1945 Stalin, the Supreme Commander, issued and signed the order which said, «Officers and men of the Red Army! We are entering the country of the enemy... the remaining population in the liberated areas, regardless of whether they're German, Czech, or Polish, should not be subjected to violence. The perpetrators will be punished according to the laws of war. In the liberated territories, sexual relations with females are not allowed. Perpetrators of violence and rape will be shot». It did not mean everything was peace and love in the relations between Soviet soldiers and German civilians. Military prosecutor of the 1st Belorussian Front Major General L. Yachenin reported to the Front’s military council that cases of unjustified shootings, marauding and rapes had been reduced. But even after the corresponding directives of Supreme Command and military councils of fronts were issued, such cases did happen». It was not easy for Soviet servicemen, who had gone through the tragedy of losing next of kin and those who were near to them, rise above the feeling of grief and hatred to overcome the desire to take revenge. Elena Sinyavskaya analyzed the material of military tribunals. She said this kind if crimes did not exceed 2% of all criminal cases. 

The residents of Treptow district of Berlin made a petition to the city mayor with a request to approach the High Command and ask it to change its plans letting them remain the territory under Soviet control instead of becoming part of US occupation zone. Who scared them more - Red Army soldiers or Anglo-Saxons?

The pattern of Hitler’s propaganda is widely used by the West for the purposes of foreign policy. In April, 2005, or 10 years ago, Ria-Novosti issued a study of 86 foreign radio and TV companies. It said, «The journalists’ reports were based on subjective views, personal experience of former vets and outright concoctions of Goebbels propaganda to make come into focus the cases related to revenge, hatred, and violence». 

During the recent 15-20 years the reports about mass rapes in Germany committed by Soviet soldiers moved from the pages of yellow press to respectable newspapers or books claiming to be scientific. The books written by Antony James Beevor (including Berlin: the Downfall 1945) or Joachim Hoffmann: Stalins Vernichtungskrieg 1941-1945 (Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-1945) are in demand. The latter one has gone through several editions in Germany only. An average man believes what he reads. But some are immune to brainwashing. 

When the Soldiers Came/Post War Rape by Miriam Gebhardt, a renowned historian in Germany who tracked down some victims to interview them about their ordeal at the hands of British and American soldiers, is hailed as the definitive account of the treatment meted out to the defeated women of Nazi Germany which they remained silent about for decades out of shame and humiliation. She also analyzed the information provided by Bavarian monks. According to her, US soldiers raped 190 thousand Germen women. The testimony provided by the monks was declassified only in 2014. Why should Germany keep it secret if it has no relation to its people? The answer is – they did not want to smear the NATO allies. 

Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration and was noted as a co-founder of reaganomics. Roberts believes the pride of United States is hurt by inglorious military campaigns in the Middle East. Washington does not want to forget the myth of its exceptionalism. It made Russia an adversary and unleashed a war against Russia’s media abroad. Craig says, the Broadcasting Board of Governors received $15, 4 million to discredit every statement of Russian government made public by Russian English language media.

Goebbels would be satisfied. The brainwashing experience of the Third Reich is in demand today to benefit another «Reich» called Pax Americana.

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