When it's OK to Bomb Your Own People
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 30.03.2015

When it's OK to Bomb Your Own People

One of the chief US/UK justifications for their regime change policy in Syria is the claim that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is "bombing his own people." While in fact the intentional targeting of his civilian population is more propaganda than fact, there is a country not far from Syria where the president actively calls for the bombing of his own people. As RPI advisor Mark Almond points out, ousted Yemeni president Hadi escaped to Saudi Arabia from where he urges the continued bombing of his own country and his own people. To the enthusiastic approval of the US and UK governments.  

Meanwhile, Saudi-led and US-backed bombs have killed dozens of innocent civilians and have destroyed the only electricity generating plan in the Houthi part of Yemen. The foreign attacks on Yemen continue, with full US support.

As Almond puts it, no one does double-standards like us.

Daniel Mcadams, ronpaulinstitute.org
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