Russia Expects Europeans to Take Their Fate into Their Own Hands

Russia Expects Europeans to Take Their Fate into Their Own Hands

The Charlie Hebdo massacre and the subsequent hostages-taking hit the world radar screen and shocked Europe. The discourse in Western media is mainly focused on the freedom of speech and the failure of efforts to create a multicultural model of society. Emotions are still hot, radical opinions are expressed but the ongoing debates have not even touched upon what really matters – the main lesson to be drawn in the aftermath of the January 7 tragedy. The deadly action warned the world about the intent to take revenge for mocking prophet Muhammad. It proves that France and the West in general have wrong priorities on the list of imminent threats. During the last year the voices warning about the Russian threat to Western civilization have become predominant. They emphasize the danger posed by the concept of hybrid warfare allegedly adopted by Russia. They raise hue and cry about the imminent attack of Russian bear against the Baltic States and the need to defend them. Russia is made responsible for the corrupt regime of Yanukovych, for bringing down the Malaysian Boeing airliner and inability of Ukraine to pay off its gas debts. Obama has openly stated that Russia poses a bigger threat to the world than the Islamic State. Four years ago George Soros provided funds to topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak being absolutely sure that the Muslim Brothers group was going to win and come to power.  oday he intimidates Europe by Russian threat, «Instead of facing the remnants of a moribund Soviet Union, the European Union is confronted by a resurgent Russia that has turned from strategic partner into strategic rival. To replace communism, President Putin has developed a nationalist ideology based on ethnic grounds, social conservatism, and religious faith — the brotherhood of the Slavic race, homophobia, and holy Russia». The man who became rich thanks to financial speculations sells this crap to Europeans under the disguise of protecting the values of «open society». 

The «polite green men» who appeared in Crimea last spring did not kill the Charlie Hebdo staff workers for publishing the caricatures recklessly mocking Islam. The crime was committed by the forces painted by the West as freedom fighters and allies in the struggle against the Soviet Union in the Afghanistan war. One more time they showed their real face. Today the waves of mass protests hit the streets of Paris and other European cities. Heads of states and governments go to Paris to take part in the Republican march. The whole world is sending condolences. Will the «bloody Wednesday» make the West reconsider the policy that made jihad come to Europe? 

Speaking at a press-conference during the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party convention in Wildbad Kreuth, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg went into the usual song and dance about Russia destabilizing Ukraine. At that NATO still strives «for a more cooperative and constructive relationship with Russia. Because we think it is important that Russia – which is our biggest neighbour in Europe – and NATO are able to work together on important issues, like for instance, fighting terror». Then Stoltenberg accused Russia of supporting separatists in the east of Ukraine, breaching the Minsk accords etc. According to the picture painted by Western media, NATO offers Russia to cooperate. Moscow has just one step to take. Changing its Ukraine’s policy it can leave behind the cooling of the relations with NATO and put the process of normalization back on track. 

What a strange world surrounds NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg! Or, perhaps, he lives simultaneously in two parallel worlds? In one world the «jihad warriors» operate right in the heart of Paris (not in the Damascus suburbs) where they shoot French journalists. In this world Russia is offered to join together and counter the common threat. In another world Russia is an aggressor deterred by NATO. In this world the Islamic State poses no threat at all, no matter the militants from Iraq and Syria move to Europe in droves. Stoltenberg displays great agility jumping from one world to another during the same press-conference! 

There are at least two simple things esteemed ladies and gentlemen like Stoltenberg, Merkel, Hollande, Juncker and other advocates of Trans-Atlantic solidarity should understand. 

First, Russia is (and has always been) ready to cooperate with the West on the basis of equality and mutual respect. In practice it presupposes putting an end to NATO’s extension to the east - a destabilizing factor undermining the European security. The North Atlantic military infrastructure should not be moved close to the Russian border. Second, the signing of H.R. 5859 into law known as the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 is an informal declaration of war on Russia by the United States. Berlin, Paris and Brussels should realize the whole responsibility for the decision to join this war if it comes to that. 

The Trans-Atlantic solidarity did not save the Europeans from the strike delivered by radical Islamists fostered by US special services since the 1970s. The price to be paid for the solidarity keeps on growing. Moscow hopes that Europe has enough political will to take its fate into its own hands instead of letting the United States monopolize the decision making process.



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