Legionnaire “financial Maidan” in Russia
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 25.12.2014

Legionnaire “financial Maidan” in Russia

Supporter “Euromaidan” and a US citizen: who controls listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange



Mainly by external factors explained the depreciation of the ruble, which took place yesterday, the head of the Central Nabiullina. However, in addition to external and internal factors there. For example, the managing director of the Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market is … a staunch supporter of the Kiev Maidan and a US citizen.

On the photo next to a US Senator John McCain – Roman Sulzhik, managing director of the Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market.

was born in 1974 in Kiev, and as stated in the official biography posted on site of the Moscow Stock Exchange works as Managing since 2012.

It is also interesting vzgyalnut some facts from the life of Roman Sulzhika who did not get an official biography.

First fact. Parents Sulzhika in 1991 emigrated to the United States, where he became an American citizen and education.

The fact of the second. Director of the Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market supported “belolentochnyh” during protests 2012-2013.


The fact of the third. Novel Sulzhik flew to Kiev on the Maidan, which is fixed as in the report of the First Channel (from 4:06) …

… and on the home page supporter “of European integration of Ukraine” in Facebook.


The fact of the fourth. On the Independence Sulzhik friendly shook hands with Senator McCain, as mentioned above.


Caption says that Roman Sulzhik – “ordinary resident of Kiev”, but this, as you know, is not true.

Sulzhik no longer a resident of Kiev, and muscovite, and, moreover, is not an ordinary, as has the ability to influence the market of futures contracts dollar-ruble.

This is what write about this popular resource users:

“The global financial crisis of 2008 began because of the futures – US mortgage derivatives. In 2008 Sulzhik worked at the US bank JP Morgan Chase, he served as vice president and specialized in the sale of those same derivatives. What is interesting, despite the crisis, he JP Morgan Chase earned in 2008 on derivatives trading over $ 5 billion. Despite the success, the same year Sulzhik dismissed from the bank, where he worked for 7 years, and moved to the hated Russia. “

In September of this year, Moscow Exchange launched futures on the volatility of the Russian market, reported … Managing Director of the Derivatives Market Roman Sulzhik.

“The new tool will depend on the intensity of price fluctuations in the RTS Index, which includes the 50 most liquid stocks. The basis of the volatility index futures will be (RVI), which launched the Exchange in November. It is calculated by the exchange in analogy with a recognized Investor US index VIX (the so-called “fear index”, which reflects the volatility of options on the index S & amp; P), which is calculated on the Chicago Stock Exchange since 2003, “- wrote” Vedomosti “. [1999009 ]

What happened next is well known.

On Monday, December 15, the Central Bank for the first time ordered the Moscow Stock Exchange to suspend trading in futures on the RTS index for some bidders.

In its written comments Exchange reported that suspended the possibility of trade “for certain financial instruments a number of clients of the exchange” for an hour. On the exchange explained that the technical ability to disable the broker for their client code is. Further comment on the Moscow Stock Exchange declined.

December 16, accused the central bank of foreign players in the manipulation of the Moscow stock exchange, which has led to a rapid depreciation of the ruble.


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