MSNBC Guest: USA Founded On Racism; Ferguson Riots Caused By ‘White Supremacy’
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 02.12.2014

MSNBC Guest: USA Founded On Racism; Ferguson Riots Caused By ‘White Supremacy’


An interview broadcast by MSNBC claimed that the rioting and looting in Ferguson was caused by white supremacy, and that America is a country founded on racism.

Mychal Denzel Smith of The Nation magazine, the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States, made the claims on The Reid Report, and host Joy-Ann Reid simply agreed without providing any counter claim.

Sporting a t-shirt with a slogan “unapologetically black”, Smith, who writes for the self-described ‘flagship of the left’ publication, asserted that the American public have “a kind of Amnesia” when it comes to race issues.

“They forget we’ve had this conversation before.” Smith said, referring specifically to the Trayvon Martin case and others before it.

“The parameters of the conversation are so narrowly defined as to define racism as a personal hatred towards black people.” Smith argued.

“And we’re not then dealing with the systemic ideas that uphold racism and white supremacy in this country.” he added.

“What we refuse to deal with is the idea — the fact — that our, the foundation of this country is racism and white supremacy and all of our institutions uphold that.” Smith claimed.

MSNBC anchor Reid seemed to just agree with Smith, noting “Depressing, and yet it’s a hopeful sign that you are out there, among so many other people, trying to keep this going and keep people’s spirits going.”

Smith also praised the Ferguson ‘protests’, which have consisted of looting, arson, intimidation of local residents, and damage to black-owned businesses, as a way to make “the people in these privileged and powerful positions uncomfortable with all of the death that we are facing, the terrorization that we are facing as a community.”

“I think that the point is to reach the people that are not hearing us, to make them really uncomfortable with this — with the situation and make it untenable for them as well.” Smith said.

Of course, barely anyone actually saw this piece because MSNBC’s viewership is in the toilet. The network has lost more than a quarter of its viewers this year, following a similar decline in 2013.

Perhaps this is down to the fact that anyone who doesn’t wholesale agree with such extreme opinion exhibited by MSNBC’s guests and hosts is considered a racist and a white supremacist, otherwise known as an ‘American’, according to Mychal Denzel Smith.

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