The anti-ISIL «Dream Team»
Wayne MADSEN | 09.10.2014 | FEATURED STORY

The anti-ISIL «Dream Team»

As has been the case since the end of World War II, the United States, once again, finds itself on the wrong side of a conflict and of history. Years of coddling the expansionist state of Israel and the Wahhabist princely states of the Persian Gulf have resulted in a totally bankrupt U.S. Middle Eastern policy that has seen a highly-advanced armed forces of a self-proclaimed «Islamic State,» or «caliphate» capture town after town and city after city in Syria and Iraq. The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or «ISIL,» whose preferred U.S. government acronym is un-coincidentally similar to «ISRAEL», has become a force to be reckoned with as a result of purposeful U.S. State Department meddling in Syria, courtesy of the pro-Israeli neoconservatives who remain embedded from the previous Bush-Cheney administration. 

There is little doubt that the Israeli Defense Force and the Mossad intelligence agency have actively supported ISIL and its allies, including the Al Nusra Front, in Syria and Iraq. Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian intelligence are all aware that Israeli commandos provided ISIL military units with weapons in western Anbar province in Iraq. ISIL and Al Nusra units wounded in combat against Syrian government troops near the Golan Heights benefited from quick medevac operations into Israeli field hospitals in Israeli territory. Israeli picnickers on the Golan Heights amused themselves by watching through field glasses and telescopes ISIL/Al Nusra rebels battling Syrian army units from the Golan highlands. Never once were these depraved Israelis concerned about receiving fire from ISIL/Al Nusra positions. The Syrian Army has refrained from violating the United Nations cease fire agreement by firing on Israel.

The Israeli press reported that gardeners in the northern Israeli city of Nazareth Illit discovered a bag containing about 25 new black-and-white ISIL flags. The discovery of the flags further implicates the Israeli government in providing not only military and logistical support to ISIL, but, as seen with the discovery of the flags, propaganda support, as well. It has been a common practice among the George Soros-funded enablers of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s 1996 «Clean Break,» also known as the «Securing the Realm» policy, to provide new flags to rebels in Arab countries. During the so-called «Arab Spring» uprising, new pre-Assad and pre-Qaddafi regime flags, courtesy of Soros-funded NGOs, appeared on the streets of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Benghazi, and Tripoli, Libya. The fact that a bag of factory-fresh ISIL flags were discovered in Israel should not come as any surprise. It has been and remains Israel’s policy to turn Arab against Arab and Muslim against Muslim in Arab countries with a view toward creating warring states like the so-called «Islamic State». In this endeavor, the Israelis have struck a deal with the Wahhabist states of the Gulf, including Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia, to do whatever is necessary to vanquish the Shi’as of the region and their Syrian Alawite, Eastern Christian, and Kurdish allies. 

Netanyahu ridiculously has tried to claim that Hamas and ISIL are «one and the same,» while also pushing Zionist claptrap that Syria and Iran support the Islamic State. Netanyahu sees the world through a Talmudic prism that advocates lying and deceit to achieve long-sought results for Israeli expansionism. During the recent UN General Assembly plenary summit, delegates, once again, laughed off the specious and feckless propaganda that Netanyahu spewed from the dais of the General Assembly, which once was known for eloquent speeches in search of peace and not Netanyahu’s belligerent ramblings of a madman.

There is also ample evidence that the Saudophile Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan authorized the training of radical Syrian rebels, including those who would later join ISIL, at a secret camp near the desert town of Safawi on the Jordanian side of the Syrian border. In addition, ISIL top commanders from Tunisia, the Republic of Georgia, and the Uighur region of China reportedly received specialized training from U.S. Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and at a U.S.-Turkish training camp near the Incirlik Airbase in Turkey. 

Jordan may have entered into a Faustian deal with Israel over the ISIL threat. Netanyahu has declared that Israel will enter Jordan militarily if the Hashemite Kingdom is threatened by ISIL. An Israeli ground presence in Jordan will open the door for Jordan to be absorbed into the Zionist dream of Eretz Israel, or «Greater Israel,» which is not fundamentally different from Nazi Germany’s «Greater Reich».

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the CIA, MI-6, and Mossad cooperated in the formation of ISIL in a plan to upend the Middle East. Snowden indicated the plan was called «Operation Hornet’s Nest». French news reports claim that the «Caliph» of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was actually trained for a year in an intensive military course in Israel overseen by Israel.

The result of the CIA’s, Mossad’s, and MI-6’s creation of ISIL is a well-commanded army, possessing new weapons and advanced communications gear, consisting of over 12,000 fighters representing 81 nationalities. Over twenty percent of the ISIL fighters are from Saudi Arabia and they are, along with Chechen residents of the Republic of Georgia and Uighurs from China, the most violent of the mercenaries. Moreover, the Saudis have been committing terrorist atrocities in Iraq ever since the U.S. invasion in 2003. Of the 125 suicide bombings carried out in Iraq, 54 were carried out by Saudi nationals.

There is but one way for ISIL to be defeated to the point that it no longer poses a threat to the relative stabilized status quo of the Middle East. Although it would never happen, considering the power of the Israel Lobby over the U.S. government, the United States should make common cause with the true anti-ISIL powers of the Middle East, a «dream team,» if you will. The member would include the governments of Syria and Iran, Hezbollah of Lebanon, Hamas and Islamic Jihad of Palestine, the Talabani faction of the Kurdistan Regional Government [the Barzani faction is hopelessly beholden to Israeli interests], the Houthi Zaidi clan of Yemen, as well as Russia, China, and the central Asian «stans» of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In other words, the United States must abandon its long-held fealty to the radical Wahhabists who govern Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates, as well as the pathetically corrupt «quislings» of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and realign U.S. policy to support the Shi’a crescent extending from south Lebanon to Iran and even beyond to include the Shi’a Tajiks and Hazaras of Afghanistan.

After speaking to representatives from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah in Iran, this reporter realized that all three groups thoroughly despise ISIL and view it as a construct of Israel, the Wahhabist takfiris, and the West. Israel despises these organizations simply because they represent Arabs who are on to Israel’s machinations in the region. The Shi’as and their Alawite allies in Syria and their Alevi comrades in Turkey are well aware of the power not only of Jewish and Christian Zionists, but also of Islamic Zionists. No countries serve the interests more of the Islamic Zionists than Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, the latter of which hosts the Zionist Saban Center of the Brookings Institution, bankrolled by U.S.-Israeli Hollywood mogul Haim Saban. The reluctance of India and Japan to get involved in fighting ISIL is due to the presence in their governments of Hindu and Buddhist Zionists, respectively.

The Israelis and neocons have unleashed their «dogs of war» on the Middle East. Only a smart coalition of the Shi’as and their allies can defeat this scourge that cynically pretends to speak on behalf of Islam.

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