Fate of Ukraine According to General Plan Ost (I)

Fate of Ukraine According to General Plan Ost (I)

On October 3 German Bild reported that Germany is mulling the deployment of 200 soldiers to the eastern part of Ukraine. The paratroopers from Seedorf, Lower Saxony, are to protect and assist monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE). Perhaps dissatisfied with the fact that the information had leaked before time, a spokesman for the German Ministry of Defence confirmed the report. It should be noted that aside from military exercises this will be the first time German soldiers will be deployed in Ukraine since 1944 (!). 

Some may believe that the fact is mentioned out of place. They may say that it were the troops of Hitler’s Germany that the Red Army pushed away from Ukraine, but now we’re talking about the military of a democratic state coming as peacekeepers. The denazification of Germany was a success and is a thing of the past now. 

Taking into consideration the literally touching support of the Kiev regime by Merkel’s government, there is some ground for taking a different point of view. The Kiev regime has all the makings of a neo-Nazi state; the most vivid proof of the fact is the genocide against Russian and Russian-speaking population in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. According to international law, the Russian Federal Investigative Committee has opened a case to make an inquiry into the details of the alleged crime. 

The investigators have made it precise that the Ukrainian regime used multiple launch rocket systems Grad and Uragan, air-to surface rockets with cluster warheads, tactical missiles Tochka-U and other offensive weapons. As a result, two and a half thousand men have lost their lives. Over 500 living houses, utilities objects, hospitals, schools and educational institutions have been destroyed. Over 300 thousand people have had to leave their homes and flee to the Russian Federation looking for a refuge. 

Are they not aware of it in Berlin? Do they know what’s happening and believe there is nothing criminal taking place? Is it the reflection of instincts enrooted in the times of the Third Reich? Willy-nilly the articles published by the British New Statesman and Spanish El Pais come to mind. The authors compared Angela Merkel with Hitler. Perhaps the British and Spanish journalists went a bit far being too excited, but a question pops up – is there really a big difference between giving an order to commit an act of mass extermination and rendering political and financial aid to those who give such orders? 

With the terrible Nazi past behind Germany should be more modest. The Hitler’s regime has left a deep scar in the memory of the people who live in the land where Berlin plans to send paratroopers. Have you ever thought about why it is nobody else but Germany who acts as the main sponsor of Kiev regime? 

To answer the question it would serve the purpose to remember the goals pursued by German leaders giving the hordes at their disposal an order to invade the Soviet land? German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels said the war was being waged for grain and bread, minerals, rubber, iron and ore. The vast fields of the East can provide more than enough food to feed our people and the whole Europe, he said. These were the stated objectives of war. Isn’t it something the current German Chancellor also wants to get while trying to save the German economy from bankruptcy and pushing the eurozone away from the abyss of collapse? 

Let’s remember what fate was in store for Ukraine according to Nazi Germany’s plans. The criminal goals envisaged the liquidation of the USSR as a state and the seizure of its riches and lands to expand the living space for Germany to be followed by extermination of politically active part of population and everybody who dared to oppose the aggressor. Others had to go to the lands located at the other side of the Ural Mountains or become the slaves of new Aryan bosses. 

There was a meeting held at Hitler's Headquarters on July 16, 1941. Hermann Göring, the Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan, Reichsleiter Rosenberg, who bore a major responsibility for the formulation and execution of occupation policies in the Occupied Eastern Territories (Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories), and some other high-level Nazi leaders were among the invited. Hitler said that after the defeat of the USSR the territory of the Third Reich was to extend to the Ural Mountains at least. On July 31, 1940 Hitler held a top level meeting of Wehrmacht leaders devoted to the attack against the Soviet Union. He put it bluntly saying that Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States were to become German lands. The “theory of races” and the theory of “living space” had emerged long before the Nazi came to power in Germany but only then they became parts of official ideology. The war against the USSR was viewed by the Nazi leadership as a war against Slavs. Talking to Rauschning, who was in charge of the Free City as he became President of Danzig's Senate, Hitler explained that one of the tasks set before Germany was to prevent the progress of Slavs by all available means. Natural instincts told Germans not to stop by defeating the enemies but rather go farther and exterminate them.

Talking before the military high command on January 9, March 17 and March 30, 1941 Hitler said that the war against the USSR would be absolutely different from the wars routinely waged in the West and in the North of Europe. He wanted total extermination doing away with Russia as a state. Trying to substantiate the criminal plans he said that the upcoming war against the Soviet Union would be a struggle of two ideologies with the use of extreme force. Not only the Red Army was to be defeated but the very mechanism of Soviet governance was to be destroyed. Commissars and Communist intelligentsia, Soviet functionaries were to be eliminated to do away with the vision of the world typical for Russian people. 

Not once Hitler said Russians and Ukrainians were not worth of any education and should not be involved in intellectual activities of any kind, they were only good for being used as labor force for cultivating the East for Germans. It was enough if they could read road signs, so they did not need a teacher of German for that. According to Hitler, for Ukrainians freedom was the same thing as taking a shower once a month, not twice as before, and a German with a tooth brush would evoke their exasperation. 

In September 1941 Hitler visited Ukraine. Then he shared his impressions coming back to his headquarters. He said that a city quarter was burnt in Kiev but still many people remained. He had negative impression of them. They looked like proletariat and Hitler spoke in favor of reducing their numbers down by 80-90%. Fuhrer immediately supported the proposal put forward by Reichsführer (Heinrich Himmler - note by author) to confiscate an ancient Russian monastery located in the vicinity of Kiev… to prevent the restoration of Orthodox Church and national spirit. 

So what was in store for the people of Ukraine in case of German victory? Few would have become slaves, others were to be physically exterminated or sent to the outskirts of Eurasia. That’s what was stated by the general plan Ost worked out according to the directives coming from the very top of Nazi Germany’s leadership and adopted as early as the autumn of 1941 to be carried out. 

(To be continued)

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