Poroshenko, Obama Sailing in Same Boat?

Poroshenko, Obama Sailing in Same Boat?

Barack Obama had a phone conversation with Petro Poroshenko, the President of civil war-torn Ukraine. He assured him that the United States will lend a helping hand. «We are sailing in the same boat», he said. Looks like a boat is too small for Kiev, it would prefer it to be a cruiser size ship or even an aircraft carrier. Poroshenko told CNN on July 21 that he wants Ukraine to become MNNA (Major Non-NATO Ally) to bring it under the US military «umbrella» without the participation in the North Atlantic Alliance. 

It’s obvious Poroshenko can do nothing to cope with political and economic crisis in the country. Not so self-confident and destitute of popular support he pins his hopes on foreign aid, first that of all the US. Practically the military and all other Ukrainian power and political structures are under surveillance of US advisors. According to Poroshenko, «Even as we address the immediate threat to our country, Ukraine must attend to other pressing needs. Ukraine can use U.S. leadership and assistance in our efforts to curtail corruption, revive our financial institutions, reform our energy policy and liberalize our agricultural sector. Additionally, we need U.S. natural gas to shore up our energy supplies so that we cannot be blackmailed by Moscow. We need a reliable partner and ally to help fuel our nation».

It’s hard to conceive Americans doing away with such an inveterate part of Ukraine’s life as corruption or reviving the forlorn arable land. Or how will frugal Yankees help to restore «financial institutions». They have already made it clear that there is no reason for Ukraine to expect financial flows. Poroshenko expects much from shale gas extraction by US companies on Ukrainian soil. But that’s distant future. The question is what is he going to do this very winter? Right now you can get American gas only in a test-tube. Poroshenko wants to do away with gas pressure from Moscow. That’s what Europeans are constantly talking about. But this is only wishful thinking while the Ukrainian President sounds real hostile to Moscow. On and off what he says coincides with the primitive platitudes coming from US State Department briefings. The White House starts to more often use brazen lies not lifting a finger to adduce any evidence. No facts to talk about, quite often the accusations against Russia are based on Internet publications. More often anti-Russian statements are made by officials. For instance, White House spokesman Josh Ernest, said that «Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the death of the Malaysian Boeing in a war zone in Ukraine». 

Kiev likes American concoctions. Actually Poroshenko dances to the US tune, «the United States should consider imposing even tougher and wider-reaching sectoral sanctions on Moscow. And Europe needs to follow the lead of the United States and impose sectoral sanctions of its own». So the President of Ukraine is the one to tell Europeans what to do. The reason for hubris displayed by Poroshenko is the introduction of a bill to make Ukraine a US Major non-NATO ally (MNNA). The bill is sent to Congress by ten representatives. If it becomes a law, NATO will simply be informed about it. Washington will not need Brussels in this case. But the President of Ukraine is too hasty – there are still doubts about the willingness of the United States to make Ukraine a member of the privileged society. 

First, 15 states have the MNNA status, for instance Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, but none of them is situated near the Russian border. They are all located rather far from the NATO responsibility zone. In Europe NATO members Latvia and Estonia have common borders with Russia. The status of American major ally will allow the deployment of troops and bases on Ukrainian soil. In this case the US troops will be used as an instrument of pressure against Russia and may be even the European Union depending on the situation creep. 

Second, Ukraine is going through hard times with unknown outcome. The Kiev regime has shed too much blood and is responsible for too many lives. The White House could not drag Russia into the battle raging in Ukraine, the anti-terrorist operation is near to failure, the industry is going down, unemployment is up, and the small and medium industry is in doldrums. In future the discontent will be on the rise. The major US ally status cannot solve the internal problems of Ukraine. It is actually nothing more than another step on the way of exacerbation of tension with Moscow. The US lawmakers don’t make a secret out of the fact it is aimed against Moscow. «We want to make it clear that the United States stands with the people of Ukraine. We will help the Ukrainian people defend themselves from Russian efforts to destabilize Ukraine», said representative Sander Levin. The statements of this kind show complete inability to understand that the future of the relations between Russia and Ukraine is not defined by the correlation of forces and the attempts to quell the Novorossiya resistance with the help of armed chasteners will lead to nothing. 

Third, from the very start of the conflict Americans rendered Ukraine material, medical and food aid. US private military contractors conduct activities in Ukraine; the United States cooperated with the armed formations of some Ukrainian tycoons. Nobody knows how many children, women and old men are killed because of American participation. The Ukrainians themselves will not forget it. Any American presence on Ukrainian soil is nothing else but occupation, no law on major ally status will change it. 

The United States has chosen Ukraine as its main satellite in the post-Soviet space, but Washington risks losing the trust of Georgia and Moldova. It’s not an occasion that the Senator Bob Corker’s bill introduced into the Congress offers a list of countries to receive the MNNA status. Washington is happy about the fact that a number of former Soviet republics are motivated to side with the United States in its confrontation with Russia. But there are reasonable people who doubt the US Ukraine policy could be a success after the failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, during the Arab Spring, including Syria.

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