The important roles of Slavyansk
EDITOR'S CHOICE | 05.07.2014

The important roles of Slavyansk

1. Slavyansk has drawn all the effective strength of enemy forces, giving by that an opportunity to mobilize the militia forces in Donetsk and Lugansk.

2. Slavyansk has shown for all the people of the South-East, who were still blissfully unaware, that they have been as from now for Kiev’s junta government not the citizens, but pro-Russian activists, so-called “Colorados”, terrorists and soft-skinned targets. 

3. Slavyansk made it possible for the self-defense forces under control of Aleksei Mozgovoi to break through the land and air frontier, thanks to which some very useful military stuff have penetrated to the region.

4. Slavyansk has allowed the militia to organize across the whole region around 10 fortified centers of resistance, which Ukrainian army is afraid to assault. The more or less visible front line has occurred, also logistics, tactics and to some extent strategic police in this war have been getting clearer.

5. It was the self-defense of Slavyansk, who shot down majority of the Ukrainian aircrafts.

6. Slavyansk has allowed time for the development of political centers on the south-east, made it possible to legitimatize them and of course, provided covering fire during the referendum. 

7. Finally, thousands of raw soldiers have been in the field emplacements of Slavyansk, which helped them from the expendables and cannon fodder to become real warriors.

By the middle of June Slavyansk has outlived itself, outmanned and outgunned self-defense forces still fought on bravely.

By containing the large forces of enemy, the city at the same time called for more people in station and as a result started to immobilize the human and technical resources of DPR, which were limited.

Moreover, being a Supreme Commander, Igor Strelkov wasn’t able to command an army, staying in the beleaguered city. He had the direct communications with the government of DPR (not sure about LPR), but it wasn’t enough to lead an army, which consists from different detached self-defense units, each of which is under control of its immediate commanding officer. For this purpose the real leader is needed, but Igor Strelkov had to stay in the city, explode the numerous armory near Karachun, fire upon the Ukrainian checkpoints and army convoy in the vicinities.

Igor Strelkov felt the need for the maneuver room and yesterday night he got it, besides not empty-handed. When he came to Slavyansk, his people had only old assault rifles and embattled machine guns, they left the city with armoured vehicles, not counting all the stuff, which self-defense forces seized from the “brave” Ukrainian army.

Well, Igor Strelkov went through 2 Chechen wars, so he took care of leaving maneuvering forces in Slavyansk, so that junta army could sustain casualties, staying in the city. Not by coincidence Timchuk was yelling about thousands of self-defense, who extricate themselves from the grip of captivity, from Kramatorsk to Donetsk.

The junta’s general Timchuk is not aware of the situation that the road from Kramatorsk to Donetsk is free. It looks like Timchuk would better think about his guys, who are staying at Kramatorsk and Donetsk airports. In the nearest time they could find themselves on the way to hell. One more thing, junta’s general Timchuck now will face a problem of explaining to his readers why Ukrainian army had been fighting for the Slavyansk for more than 2 months and what they’re going to do with the city now.

Anyway, we must avoid panic. In war-time people, pushing the panic, were shot down.

Don’t let Ukrainians laugh at Russians, as we sometimes have made fun of their hysterics in the comments.

The war is going on, the information war is on all cylinders. A patriot, hold the line, keep powder dry and count yourself a draft person.

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