New Conflict in Kiev: Ochlocrat Timoshenko against Oligarch Poroshenko

New Conflict in Kiev: Ochlocrat Timoshenko against Oligarch Poroshenko

As the Ukrainian pseudo election on May 25 is drawing near, one more conflict adds to the mess the country is in. The two leading candidates loyal to the regime have clashed. Billionaire Peotr Poroshenko, the leader of the race, is opposing Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko who said that she was the only politician in Ukraine capable of conducting political reforms the country badly needs. Speaking at a news conference in Nikolayev, Timoshenko put it quite straight: if the country elects other candidate, there will be no avoiding a «third round of revolution, «I do not want to bear responsibility for the failure of the revolution any longer,» she said. «But if the country elects other president, and, as a matter of fact, I have only one rival now, I think we will have to venture the third round of revolution. Because otherwise I don’t see any chance for changes. I simply know all these people». 

The split is between the oligarchy striving to cement the victory won at Maidan and the instrument it used to reach the goal – the energy of mob leading to the installation of ochlocracy. The ruling tycoons still need mobs, especially against the background of people’s resistance in the South-East, but they want to exercise more control over the ruling regime. Ranting and raving Timoshenko scares those who are accustomed to be masters of life by calling for «war till victory is won». She adroitly manipulates baser instincts of mobs. Her behavior, the funny stories about throwing crutches away or the threats to use nuclear weapons against Russians, as well as stunningly mydriatic pupils of her eyes staring at interlocutors while she is talking – it all makes experts believe that they deal with steady delirium provoked by drugs, or even psychological anomaly. But after all nobody else but Timoshenko is the one who to call the shots in Ukraine at present. She heads the party that the two top leaders – acting prime minister Yatsenyuk and interim president Turchinov – belong to. No wonder the country is in such a mess. 

But why this home-grown Valkyria, which publicly demonstrates her derring-do, is so much afraid of Poroshenko coming to power? The constitution limits the presidential power; the «chocolate king» was a leading Maidan sponsor and never deviated from the ideas of Ukrainian nationalism or whatever. The Timoshenko’s affirmations that she does not like oligarchs for the reasons of social class divisions sound really ridiculous. The newly emerged Joan of Arc with a braid is not prone to asceticism. Nobody doubts she has pocketed enough money that belongs to Ukrainian people, no matter former president Yanukovych pushed hard line on her. In Great Britain they have recently discovered 85 accounts totaling 85 million pounds. Timoshenko is jittery realizing the oligarchs will finally crack down on the odious leaders of ochlocracy and she is the prime target. 

If the election takes place on May 25, the new president will have a formidable weapon – the control over law enforcement agencies that are investigating the massacres and provocations that have taken place during the Maidan protests, in Odessa and Mariupol. Poroshenko may get information on perpetrators. It does not mean he will make it public; the bloody trace is leading to his money too. But it was hardly him who gave the concrete orders. So he will use the information to ultimately get rid of opponents. Timoshenko needs the investigation to be postponed for at least a few years to make the traces fade away. After all her party Batkivshchyna was the driving force of the coup staged in Ukraine, nothing is taking place without her leader’s approval. The very devilish intrigue of Ukrainian blood performance could have been born only in somebody’s extremely perverse and inflamed mind – among all the Ukrainian politicians Yulia Timoshenko is the only one to possess it. 

General Pinochet or she-devil wearing a skirt, as they call it in Ukraine, Timoshenko has no wish to get behind bars again. Neither does she want to lose the reins; the lust for power is in her blood. She’ll go to any length to reach the goal even if it means plunging Ukraine into abyss. Illegal armed formations are mushrooming across the country, at that she is creating an army of her own – National Salvation Front with best military thinkers and seasoned professionals filling the top positions. The strength of Julia’s army is around ten thousand and the formation appears to be getting ready for the third revolution. The Poroshenko and Timoshenko have by and large the same stances on Russia but she has already painted her competitor in the race as a national traitor. As she told Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech) TV program, no coalition with Poroshenko is possible. She accuses him of being in collusion with Moscow-oriented gas tycoon Dmitry Firtash. According to her, they made a deal in Vienna where Firtash was kept behind bars. After thorough investigation Russia lifted trade bans on the shipment of confectionery products of the Ukrainian corporation Roshen that were imposed by Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. Roshen belongs to Poroshenko and the fact makes Timoshenko suspicious. The Simferopol shipyard formally also belongs to the «chocolate tycoon», though in practice it’s out of his control. The facility has recently signed a $136 million ship repair contract with Russia. The leader of Batkivschyna party saw it as a reason to accuse Poroshenko of treason. 

The Timoshenko’s escapades and extravaganza start to scare the West. She blackmails the European Union and the United States threatening to stage another maidan. She wants to become the darling of the West and make it offer military aid to Ukraine so that it could wage war against Russia. Timoshenko would not stop before provoking a clash between the United States and Russia pursuing the goal of clinching power. In comparison with her even Poroshenko and CIA analysts appear to be moderate. Many thousands of human lives depend on what this drug addict says or does. On April 18 Timoshenko asked the US Congress for military aid including air defense and anti-armor systems as well as personnel training. 

Some US congressmen let know that she’d better leave the race. Yulia pinned hope on her gift of eloquence to make the US administration support her. Her visit to the United States was slated for April 9-11. Her representatives had held at least three meetings with US lawmakers before the planned date. Formally the purpose of meetings was to express gratitude for the US support in the days Timoshenko was in jail. Jim Slattery, head of Wiley Rein LLP 20-member public policy group and a former U.S. Congressman was involved in preparations. Ultimately the visit was suspended. According to estimations, the «needy» Timoshenko spent $1.050.000 for lobbying purposes in the United States. 

Ukrainian oligarchs of the Poroshenko's team are not wasting time. On May 6 another coup attempt took place in Verkhovna Rada going unnoticed by public. The UDAR party came forward with an initiative to elect Poroshenko speaker of parliament and acting president instead of Turchinov. It suggested that Turchinov and Arsen Avakov, acting Minister of Internal Affairs, were to be dismissed while the head of SBU (special service) Valentin Nalivaichenko was to hold his position as a creature of UDAR and the CIA. Before the motion mutual understanding concerning the issue was reached between members of the Party of Regions and its two split fractions, independent MPs and some Batkivshchyna deputies concerned over vibrant activities of their party leader. Communists were ready to support the idea of ousting the interim government but refused to support the appointment of tycoon Poroshenko (no matter their votes were not decisive). Formally the reason was to be the failure of «anti-terrorist operation». The presidential election was to be postponed till autumn so that the «constitutional order» could be restored. At that the Ukraine’s government and the US embassy recommended to stop fiddling with new coups, they believed that Moscow could gain in case the oligarchs and ochlocrats clashed. 

A head-on collision is avoided at the time, but the clash between the two forces with uncertain outcome and obviously negative fallout for the country is ahead. Commenting on the situation MP Spiridon Kilinkarov noted that, «Ochlocracy means the power of mob which inevitably leads to dictatorship. It’s the most horrible thing. As a rule, when events unfold this way, a country is in for tough rule by iron hand».