Siding with Kiev US and EU Support Nazism

Siding with Kiev US and EU Support Nazism

In the heat of Maidan stand-off, the West ignored the fact that many protesters were ultranationalists and Nazi. According to polls, there were only 17% of Kievers with the rest coming from the western Ivano-Frankovsk, Lviv and Ternopol regions – homes to multiple Neo-Nazi groups accounting for the majority of those who took part in the Maidan action.

Journalists, diplomats and politicians did not notice there was xenophobia in the air. The WWII days red-black flags of Ukrainian nationalists were waving. The color signified blood and ground. Swastikas were painted on the houses by Pravy Sector, the voices were raised calling for slaying Moskali (Russians). The slogan «Long Live Ukraine, Glory to Heroes!» was chanted - the words served as password for the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) in the times of WWII.

The OUN was a Ukrainian political organization created in 1929 in Western Ukraine (at the time interwar Poland) headed by Yevhen Konovaletz who held the rank of lance-corporal in the Austrian army. It emerged as a union between the Ukrainian Military Organization, smaller radical right-wing groups and right-wing Ukrainian nationalists. It saw terror as the main weapon in the fight for the victory of «integral nationalism» – the ideology presenting a combination of Italian fascism and German nationalism.

In the middle 1920s Konovaletz became a German agent who went around under the alias Consul. The documents, including the interrogations of Nazi criminals, prove that he was not the only one to serve Germany, the whole top leadership of OUN were German agents, including Andriy Melnyk (alias Consul-2), the Konovaletz successor as head of the organization, and Stepan Bandera (alias Grey), the head of separated organization of ultra-radicals. In 1940 the OUN was divided but the both groups continued to receive around 2 million reichmarks annually.

The OUN militants formed Nachtigall and Roland Battalions which were subunits under command of the Abwehr special Nazi operation unit Lehrregiment «Branderburg» z.b. V. 800. The two military units were formed on February 25, 1941 by head of the Abwehr Wilhelm Franz Canaris, which sanctioned the creation of the "Ukrainian Legion" under Nazi German command. It was composed of volunteer "Ukrainian nationalists" operating under Stephan Bandera's OUN orders. Roman Shukhevych, held in such respect by «Maidan heroes», became a commander of the Legion from the OUN-R side. Nachtigall was responsible for the Jews massacre in Lviv in early July of 1941. It was followed by massacres in other places of Western Ukraine. On June 30, 1941 the OUN promulgated the Act of renewal of the state of Ukraine. It said the new Ukrainian state would closely cooperate with the National – Socialist Germany headed by its leader Adolf Hitler which set the goal of creating a new order in Europe and the world.

As the German army moved ahead, the OUN forward units went to the East exterminating civilian population, especially Jews. For instance, in September-October 1941 the Bukovina Kuren (Bukovinian Battalion, the biggest paramilitary unit) took part in the massacre of Babi Yar. The death toll was around 150 thousand, including 70-120 thousand Jews. M. Shkuryatyuk, a Rovno city (a city in the West of Ukraine) council member, has said recently, «I’m proud of the fact that among 1500 chasteners in Babi Yar only 300 were Germans while others were OUN fighters».

The OUN members and their followers manned the division Galicia (SS-Freiwilligen-Schьtzen-Division «Galizien») formed upon German command’s order. Now this date is a holiday marked by the supporters of the ruling regime in Kiev. Every year on April 28 Ukrainian Neo-Nazi organizations, including Pravy Sector and Svoboda, march with torches to commemorate the Ukrainian SS members who were involved in massacres in Polish Kresy, Warsaw, Slovakia and former Yugoslavia. This year the Kiev rulers gave permission for marches under the banners of SS division Galicia to take place in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.

The participation of Svoboda party members in the ceremonies held in Kiev devoted to the establishment of SS division is egregious. Some young Svoboda supporters made swastika out of candles right at the place of Holocaust Memorial in Babi Yar.

A video clip shows them drinking beer and praising Adolf Hitler. They are sorry that all Ukrainian oligarchs, but one Tatar, are Jews, «Changed the Jewess (Timoshenko) for Rabbit (Yatsenyuk). Making horse laugh! Now Senya, the Jewman, gives commands to our Tyahnybok!» They hope for the repetition of bloody massacre that happened 73 years ago at the very place they were marking the date, «It’s O.K. We’ll show the Jews their place right here, at this very place!»

Is Europe aware of what is happening?

Today it must be stated clearly that European and US politicians, who support the Kiev regime, act as Nazi supporters. The international community cannot turn a blind eye on the fact that the programs of Svoboda and Trizub groups represented in the interim government, envision the establishment of Nazi dictatorship, as well as ethnic and racial cleansing. The regime brought to power by the putsch has made the revival of Nazism its goal. Judging from many official statements, the US and leading European states support this policy.