Ukrainian Junta and Maidan
Arhive | 27.03.2014 | FEATURED STORY

Ukrainian Junta and Maidan

Alexander GAPONENKO - Independent analyst and researcher

The newly installed regime in Kiev does not control the situation neither in the country, nor in the capital. At the beginning of March the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ukraine Security Service declared an amnesty for those who give in illegally held arms. The deadline was March 21, the plans failed. Even according to distorted official data, 638 pistols, 43 Kalashnikov automatic rifles and 6 handguns are missing. The issue is acute because Maidan is seen as a growing threat to the junta, pretty soon it is going to be swept and cleaned up. Right Sector (Pravy Sector) led by Yarosh is the Maidan’s main striking force. It has declared the permanent «national revolution». On March 17 it decided to stage a new coup to topple the junta.The attempt failed only because current secretary of state Parubiy was aware of the plans. Though Parubiy is also dissatisfied with the interim rulers. While Yatsenyuk was signing the meaningless parts of the association agreement with the European Union, the Security Council took a meaningless decision on introducing visa regime with Russia. Yatsenyuk knows better how important are the earnings sent home by Ukrainians who have jobs in Russia. So he opposed the hasty decision. Parubiy said he wanted to meet Yatsenyuk on Maidan and sort it out with him. Meanwhile, Maidan put forward an ultimatum to the so called president Turchinov saying either he gives an order to start combat actions to free Crimea or resigns. 

Right Sector has declared itself to be a political party but it resembles more the stormtroopers of Ernst Rohm in the early years of Nazi rule in Germany. Fuhrer solved the problem by staging the Night of Long Knives, but neither Yatsenyuk, nor Mrs. Timoshenko has means at their disposal to implement such a scenario. Yulia Timoshenko is the main candidate for the Fuhrer’s position. The first thing she did upon freeing herself from the wheel-chair was saying in a phone conversation that she Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands. «It’s about time we grab our guns and kill go kill those damn Russians», she said adding that it would be right to use nuclear arms for the purpose. The Maidan self-defense leaders also have reservations concerning the interim rulers’ regime. A source in Batkivshchyna (the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland") says no one wants to go back to normal life. Power is something people want even if you command only a hundred men. But it should be used for some purpose because one gets fed up with doing nothing. That’s why voices calling for a new revolution are heard much louder as time goes by. The movement is taking shape becoming something like another Maidan. The supporters say that politicians have changed but the system remains. They talk about collusion with business tycoons influencing political decisions (oligarchs). Beletski, the head of Pravy Sector-Vostok, says, «Such politicians as Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov have been given cushy jobs thanks to what we did, but now police turns against us». 

Militants are waiting for orders to stage the next coup, until now then they are just killing time looking for something to do. At nights they settles the scores among themselves, the sounds of shootings are heard in the city. More people come to join their ranks. Sometimes they burn and damage building in the heart of the city. The House of Architecture has been devastated by fire, the city’s construction inspector’s archive is in ruins and an unsuccessful attack was launched against the office of Rossotrudnichestvo (the Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation). Off and on they go «to guard» banks. Police pretends not to notice anything, its patrols are usually accompanied by groups of Maidan militants with rifles and bats. Militants desecrate synagogues, beat up Jews and bully Russian speakers. Memorials are destroyed, now it’s museums’ turn. They have greatly damaged the History Museum located on Kreschatik Street (the most famous and one of the busiest streets in Kiev) plundering ancient Slav and Scythian glass-ware, ornaments made of gold, silver, bronze and copper, ancient furniture and unique icons and paintings. The door guarding the accommodation where 250 thousand museum samples were stored was broken wide open, ancient stones and bones scattered around the floor along with the fragments of statutes… 

MPs and new ministers behave the same way. Igor Miroshnichenko of Svoboda party, a member of the parliamentary committee on freedom of expression and information, is a good example. Several members of the Ukrainian parliament from the nationalist Svoboda party, headed by MP Igor Miroshnichenko, came like a group of thugs to the office of acting head of Ukrainian national television, Oleksandr Panteleymonov. The attackers accused him of working for Russia after a live broadcast of Russia’s President Putin signing an agreement with the Crimean authorities. They used racist language and demanded that Oleksandr Panteleymonov apologize. They filmed the whole attack and posted it on the internet. The attackers then abducted Panteleymonov telling him that he would be forced to apologize to protesters still camping out on Independent Square. The assailants insulted and bullied the journalist, eventually forcing him to sign his resignation.

Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk came up with a bill to cancel the May 9 Victory Day, which is celebrated in Europe on May 8. It was reported that a bill on cancelling Victory Day festivities on May 9, drafted by Nyshchuk and approved by National Security Council’s secretary Andriy Parubiy, would be submitted to the parliament. In addition, reports said that March 8 and May 1 would not be state holidays anymore, as May 9, and June 30 might become the day of restoring Ukrainian statehood. This is the day when Stepan Bandera proclaimed Ukrainian independence in 1941. He did it in Lviv, the city occupied by Germans at the time. This is also the day of pogroms carried out by Ukrainian nationalists against Jews. It also happened in Lviv. 

The coup made people with evident deviations from normalcy occupy high positions. For instance, the anti-corruption bureau is headed by journalist Tatyana Chernovol, nicknamed Flush Toilet. The fresh diagnosis from a psychoneurological hospital states that she suffers hyperactivity attacks mixed with schizophrenia. 

It should be admitted that the majority of city dwellers in Kiev do support the junta and Maidan. Many thousands of people have moved to Kiev from Western Ukraine in the recent twenty years. Politically active, they grabbed administrative positions, including such spheres as education and culture. They have influenced the young people’s outlook making them study the textbooks filled with filth and falsifications to denigrate Russia. 

The influence of environment is inescapable. The spirit of nationalism spreads on Russian speaking Ukrainians, Russians and even Jews. Though the Jews should think twice before choosing this path. Not all of them will become governors and ministers like Kolomoisky and Grossman. Some Jews also held high positions in the Hitler’s Germany, it well known how they ended up. 

Obviously there will be changes of sentiments among those who live in the capital. On May 1 utility bills are to go up according to the conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund. The essential goods prices are on the rise, the hryvna rate has fallen down by one forth since the time of coup. The enterprises will stop production as the internal demand is down. Many companies, especially in advertisements and infrastructure sectors are already closing. 

Pin striped small office employees, who supported the coup, will soon see with their own eyes what it’s like to live with the junta ruling the country.

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