Catherine Ashton: Victim of Bologna Higher Education System
Dmitriy SEDOV | 08.03.2014 | FEATURED STORY

Catherine Ashton: Victim of Bologna Higher Education System

The roots of the Bologna process go back to old times and reflect the need of European empires in educated cretins to fill the positions in government structures. Since then the Bologna system of education has been modernized. For instance, the graduates had not hidden their intellectual abilities before the information war started. Today they learn to pretend to be deaf, dumb, subject to temporary insanity and incoherent thinking; it all makes them acquire the makings of seasoned and able fighters defending democratic values and freedoms. They have honed their unique skills to perfection nowadays. 

For instance, Catherine Ashton, the head of Brussels diplomacy, has started to be in spotlight more often than before setting a bright example of imitating the loss of consciousness. It’s worth to say more about this outstanding lady. Catherine came from obscurity as she was born into an ordinary working class family, at that she was created a Life Peer (Baroness Ashton of Upholland) by the Labour government for distinctive merits on Her Majesty’s service. The fact serves as a solid proof of the fact that the Bologna education system is deeply rooted in the British society. Little is known about her father. It has been heard through the grapevine that he liked to play the drums and made hammering sounds in a little town of Upholland, Lancashire. As rumor has it, sometimes he was carried away to beat everything at hand, even it were the heads of his offspring giving some more education to Catherine adding to the Bologna system. Now it’s not only her manner to speak but also the expression on her face that reflect the hard years of her personality development. 

Today she does her job with flying colours as she has never let down the Privy Council she joined in 2006. The blackout hits her each time she hears about Kosovo human organs vendors. Getting around the issue is one of her most outstanding diplomatic achievements. The Kosovo rippers belong to the high society of the «independent Kosovo» where Prime Minister Hacim Taci is known to be a real big star in the capacity of human meat cutting shop owner, so that’s exactly where the Catherine Ashton’s unique personal qualities are in special demand. Anybody who knows the first thing about the «humanitarian basket» of the Helsinki Act would have spoken publicly against letting human meat vendors join the family of European nations. That’s where the loss of conscientiousness the Baroness is subject to just hits the spot. As a result of the above mentioned pathology, Catherine Ashton is prone to abuse the Serbs, many a time she has made them suffer from violence in perverted form and sign documents containing the texts in stark contradiction with common sense.

At present Catherin Ashton is promoting the image of Ukrainian nationalist gangs trying to make them become part of the «democracy league» using liberal gimmicks, something that requires a mix of constant memory blackouts with verbal diarrhea. And there is something that complicates the things. The Kosovo blood suckers committed their grim crimes with no TV around to keep their horrible deeds away from public spotlight. To the contrary, Ukrainian bandits have to accomplish their missions under video cameras and other means to monitor their activities. The whole world saw the footage with snipers shooting both ways during the Maidan standoff between protesters and police. That’s how democracy is fostered in undemocratic countries. The use of «unidentified snipers» usually brings around good results contributing into the achievement of common goal – the overthrow of hated regime. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet was naïve as a child to tell Catherine Ashton about it on the phone. Now the head of Brussels diplomacy has to imitate a blackout again turning a deaf ear to the message while the whole world is watching... And what about the «humanitarian basket»? It’s vanished in the hays. The Council of Europe gathered to tackle the issue of Ukraine a few days ago. When Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov asked to comment on the video footage the Bologna system came in handy, the blackout ceased to be individual spreading around to strike a large group of people this time. 

As the West’s Ukraine policy proceeds, no doubt we’ll witness many instances of cerebral affection taking place simultaneously with verbal incontinence.