Ukraine on Radar Screen of World Politics

Ukraine on Radar Screen of World Politics

Ukraine is in trouble. The monster has woken up and got out of its den to stand upright and go, its dirty feet trampling the beautiful and abundant Ukrainian soil, any dissent quashed mercilessly. The ugly mug opened its stinking mouth as blood of victims is dropping down; the creature is looking for more preys to gobble. The name of the beast is nationalism in its most perverted form with its roots going down to fascist ideology.

How come it has taken place? Who has taken care and fed the creature during all the years? Who has fostered the destructive shoots of national exceptionalism, hatred, intolerance? For whom the Maidan bell tolls?

The answer is the very nature of the global greed, new world order, psychological intolerance and historic aversion of the West towards Russia. The hatred of global elite and its puppets to anything related to Russia is at the core of the problem, the hatred towards the very word Russia and its symbols, no matter if they belong to the times of tsars, the Soviet Union or our days. That’s why they have destroyed the memorials of Kutuzov, Lenin, besieged Kiev Pechersk Lavra, brought down the Soviet star from the top of Rada (parliament) building and publicly burnt Russian flags - these actions are the manifestations of the same phenomenon…

Even today Russia is the main obstacle on the global elite’s way to world domination. Leonid Shebarshin, ex-chief, Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service, noted once that «The West wants only one thing from Russia: that Russia will no longer exist». The West wants Russia to stop being part of geopolitics, it cannot accept its existence psychologically and historically and it can inflict damage by tearing Ukraine away from Russia actually dividing one and the same nation.

As far back as in 1990, Zbignew Brzezinski invented the term the "Eurasian Balkans» (in his book called The Grand Chessboard) meaning the Russian (post-Soviet) geopolitical space. According to him, the Balkans’ main specific features would be political instability, social and economic crises, interethnic and interreligious conflicts. The Eurasian Balkans was to draw Russia into the black abyss of chaos.

Joseph Nye, international affairs savvy who exerts great influence on the mindset of American elite, said Russia is still a potential threat for the United States, mainly because it’s a country with equal number of nuclear warheads and means of delivery, it possesses a potential sufficient for destroying the USA. The relative decline has made it adamant to maintain the superpower status. Joseph Nye cherishes hopes that Russia would not have enough resources to stand up to the US as the Soviet Union did during forty years after WWII.

The policy to deprive Russia of its «Privilege to Conduct Independent Foreign Policy» (Vladimir Putin) and undermine its ability to counter the US power is implemented by 1) destabilizing the adjacent states; 2) making Russia acquire the image of a dictatorship (a rogue state, a target for attacks); 3) inciting international, interreligious, and social conflicts on Russian soil; 4) weakening the government by making stronger the «pro-Western vector of the Kremlin».

That is the background of the events taking place in Ukraine.

Let’s give the devil his due; the West has gone to any length to create a national striking force which could eliminate anything Russian in Ukraine. Only in 2013 the United States allocated $100 million to Ukraine for the purpose of «Eurointegration». On December 13, 2013 US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland said at National Press Club US-Ukraine Foundation right after her Kiev visit, «Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government - all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine's European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals». Nuland said the United States will continue to «promote Ukraine to the future it deserves».

In 1990 the US State Department took a decision to encourage the government agencies and NGOs operating on the territory of Ukraine. On May 7, 1992 the US and Ukraine signed the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the United States of America Regarding Humanitarian and Technical Economic Cooperation, which took away any barriers on the way of US NGOs activities in Ukraine.

There are approximately 400 international foundations of all kinds, over 350 international humanitarian organizations, 180 offices of foreign NGOs which have been operating in Ukraine for already 20 years. According to Fulbright Foundation, around 20 thousand activists of Ukrainian public and political organizations have taken part in the activities of Western foundations since 1992. All these activities have pursued only one goal – to create anti-Russian, well-trained and action-ready organizations to strike at H-hour.    

The ultra-nationalist Pravy Sector got ample aid from Western funds and foundations, including «Ukrainian» NGOs, established in the West in the times of Cold War. The OUN (the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), as well as multiple other organizations created to undermine the USSR, was founded in Vienna as far back as 1929. Today Pravy Sector comprises such neo-Nazi organizations as Trezub named after Stepan Bandera (leaders: Andrei Tarasenko (nick name Pilipas), Dmitry Yarosh and Andrey Stempitsky (nick name – Letun, English: Rolling Stone), White Knuck (leader – Oles Vahniy), Poltava and Morozno (leader – O. Shumkov), the Patriots of Ukraine, the UNA-UNSO (The Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian People's Self-Defense) and others.

The nationalists started preparations to grab power a long time ago and did it openly. Trezub, an order type of organization was founded in 1993 to declare the idea of creating a nationalist Ukrainian state as its goal. In his book Ukrainian Revolution: XXI Century Dmitry Yarosh, the head of Pravy Sector, writes that a war between Ukraine and Russia is inevitable calling Russia a monster empire. In 2008 he gave many interviews as the commander of Trizub. Those days he wanted to «purge» the leadership of the gang called the Party of Regions, the Litvin block and all sorts of Red (left wing) dregs of society like the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Progressive Socialist Party and the like. He saw it as a prerequisite for victory in the future war with Russia. There was no whatsoever reaction from Kiev!

Many tried hard to prevent the restoration of fascism in Ukraine and counter the imminent threat but there was no united front of Russia and the normal part of Ukrainian society. It is being rectified right now, these very days or even hours.

Today the West’s strategic goal is to prevent Ukraine from joining the Customs Union or even the Eurasian Union. This is the H-hour. The fight for the Eurasian Balkans, that is for Russia, has entered the final phase.

There is a great battle ahead. The West relies on outside pressure and the fifth column. No matter what the odds are, Russia and Ukraine have always been one entity united by spirit, history, national traditions and the faith in truth and justice. It leaves us no alternative; we must stand up to face the monster of nationalism and fight for Ukraine. We have nowhere to retreat. Russia is behind us.

* * *

President Putin on March 1 requested the Federation Council to use the Armed Forces for normalizing the socio-political situation in Ukraine in connection with the «extraordinary situation» there. The events in Ukraine indicate there is a «threat to the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation… and the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory», the Russian President said. «I'm submitting a request for using the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine pending the normalization of the socio-political situation in that country», he emphasized in his request sent to parliament. According to Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, the President has not yet made a decision on sending the troops to Ukraine. The Russia’s Federation Council unanimously voted in favor of sending troops to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which would ensure peace and order in the region «until the socio-political situation in the country is stabilized». The debate in the Federation Council revealed that the members of parliament are united on the issue, with many of them sharing concerns on the recent events in Ukraine.