West Woos Maidan’s Fascists of Convenience

West Woos Maidan’s Fascists of Convenience

The West has used all its diplomatic and propaganda potential to influence the legal government of Ukraine while vigorously giving signs of approval to its agents operating in the country. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has put all the blame on Victor Yanukovych. US Vice President Joe Biden has told President Yanukovych in a phone call to take police and troops away from the streets and give rebels a free hand. Foreign Minister of Canada John Baird has said his country was ready to give medical aid to wounded Euromaidan militants. The mayors of some Polish cities have expressed their willingness to take care of those who received injuries taking part in the bloody riots. In Wrocław they’ll make recover five members of radical right group Tryzub (Trident) of Stepan Bandera (the backbone of Pravy Sector – Maidan’s assault units). In Peremyshl (Przemyśl) local authorities launched a campaign to gather donations for Maidan fighters while Ukrainian Consul in the city Alexander Leszek Baczyk took the side of armed rebels – he openly opposed the Ukraine’s government and called on Polish people to help Ukrainians in their fight for «better future». According to Polish media reports, Baczyk is involved in transferring aid from Poland to the rebels in Ukraine. He is affiliated with the Association of Ukrainians in Poland - a radical neo-Bandera group which will head the process of gathering aid for Maidan. 

Lithuania, Germany and Great Britain have let the key figures responsible for the disorder into their territory giving them refuge from justice - Dmitry Bulatov, the leader of Automaidan movement, and Alexander Daniliuk, the leader of the «Spilna Sprava» (Common Cause) movement. The first is already giving interviews in Germany; the second one is in London calling on his brothers-in-arms to grab power. 

Romania is not standing idle; it has a lust to gobble Bukovina and Bessarabia. Romanian President Trojan Basesku made Victor Yanukovych remember the fate of Nicolae Ceausescu. The statement was dissipated by Ukraine’s «pocket opposition». Vitaly Klitschko has also called on the Ukrainian President not to repeat the mistakes of Ceausescu and, assuming an important air, even remembered Muammar Gaddafi. 

The information war has been unleashed encompassing the whole Europe. Many editions have started to compare Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, with President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych. The both are blamed for refusing to cede power to those who the West wants to see at the helm... 

Pocket opposition of Ukrainian diaspora got a kick in the ass from its foreign sponsors and rushed to work off its «thirty pieces of silver» staging pickets in favor of bloody unrest in Ukraine. The actions have taken place in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Austria. The democratic West is not confused by the fact that the neo-Nazi party of Oleh Tyahnybok has established numerous offices abroad, for instance, in Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and Austria. 

Ukrainian media is hotly debating the news that three opposition leaders (Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitaly Klitschko and Oleh Tyahnybok) are ready to leave Ukraine at any moment in case the coup d’état they have staged fails. Some Ukrainian experts directly link the new cycle of violence with the recent visit of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vitaly Klitschko to Berlin where they received instructions. 

Not a single Western government has paid interest in how the Ukrainian police officers were doing after they were disabled by putschists. The West appears not to hear the statement by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara. He urged the international community to condemn radical forces that have orchestrated «armed attacks on government organs, torching buildings and causing heavy bodily injuries to law enforcement». It would be naïve to expect that Western politicians would condemn those who they have trained and provided with everything needed to launch an offensive against the legal authorities of Ukraine. 

It’s not for this purpose the ruling Polish Civic Platform and the opposition Law and Justice Party rushed racing one another to render their support to Maidan. They have not done it to suddenly put an end to their activities. 

Following the example of Poland, Lithuania has made public its intent to put wounded terrorists into hospitals trying to curry favor with its senior European partners. It has not done it to condemn those people afterwards. 

It’s not what the Maidan militants have gone through training camps for. The US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has supervised the process. It has not been done to suddenly stop the implementation of the project. 

It’s not what Oleh Tyahnybok has been called «our fascist of convenience» for. He got this nickname from German media. It’s not for telling him that his venal services are not needed anymore. The same way they cannot refuse the services of «Our Man in Kiev» Vitaly Klitschko. 

It’s not for what the heads of ultranationalist groups got money from Western benefactors for. The money has not been not spent to get nothing in return. 

Ukraine is in for hard times. It has been arranged by Western «friends». Now the country is left alone to face them like facing a band of wolves. And the wolves always attack in hordes.

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