Ukraine: Destabilization Know-How Put into Practice

Ukraine: Destabilization Know-How Put into Practice

The sudden intensification of Ukraine’s extremists appears to be spurred by Americans who cannot lose time and wait till the date of presidential election in 2015. The main task is to prevent the rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia, no way should they let Kiev sway to the East under the influence of what they call the «Putin’s economic expansion» meaning the December 17 bilateral Russia-Ukraine accords. Washington and Brussels are in haste because the choice for Ukraine’s closer cooperation with the Customs Union will automatically swing public support to Viktor Yanukovych making him the winner in 2015...

The time for «rocking the boat» appears to be chosen having in mind the lessons learnt from the «Georgian scenario» staged in 2008. This time it is being implemented before the Olympics Games in Sochi kick off. The activists are capturing local government buildings, the first shots are fired and the first death toll is reported. Pentagon’s official Rear Admiral John Kirby says the US aircraft will be landed in Germany during the games within a two-hour flight to Sochi to provide medical and material aid or evacuate US citizens in case of emergency. Navy ships will move to the Black Sea for the same purpose (the Pentagon did not make precise how naval vessels can prevent terrorist acts). 

Some of "specialists" in organizing protests, such as US citizen Fink Brian, who came to Kiev on October 27, 2013, recommend that the Ukrainian opposition should resort to violent action, even if victims should ensue, in order to set the stage for a government overthrow. The process was to be launched on December 8 with a declaration made at maidan introducing a new government led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, delivering an address to military and people and seizing government buildings etc. ‎The plan was coordinated with some foreign embassies but the implementation was suspended because of alleged indecisiveness displayed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. 

At present the scenario, which temporarily had got hung in the air, is implemented again. A maidan activist, former Verkhovna Rada (parliament) MP Taras Stetskiv has already said publicly that maidan has declared Yanukovych illegitimate president, and a new interim revolutionary government is in the process of formation. The Ukrainian Uniate Church clergymen take active part in inciting hatred and bloody hostilities, for instance Cardinal Lyubomir Guzar has already called for insurgency, while Arsenich has called for elimination of «Ukrainian Ukraine’s» enemies. The opposition forces are given weapons, including fire arms. Blood has already been shed. 

A Parliament deputy of the ruling Party of Regions, Yevgeny Balitsky, claimed that the sniper was recruited by the West: «We cannot exclude that we are talking here of a professional recruited in one of the NATO countries, who was brought here on an order from the opposition’s radical wing», he said. Leaflets appeared on maidan calling for «10 Ukraine’s enemies» to be killed for every patriot

According to Department for Combating Organized Crime, a subdivision of Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, there are around twenty criminal groups in Kiev which number about a thousand extremists armed with Kalashnikov rifles. The Department says in Kiev the opposition is stock-piling arms in captured buildings. Head of the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda (Freedom) Party Oleg Tyagnibok used the maidan podium to declare the start of all-Ukraine mobilization and called on all «not indifferent» to go to Kiev and confront the government. The MP from the "Batkivschyna" Andrey Pavlovsky went even further – he has announced the start of civil war in Ukraine... 

Oleh Tyahnybok, he has claimed a "Moscow-Jewish mafia" rule Ukraine and that "Germans, Kikes and other scum" want to "take away our Ukrainian state". He is one of the leaders of the Euromaidan protests - who along with Vitali Klitschko has been negotiating with President Viktor Yanukovych.

Marcus Papadopoulos, editor-in chief of British Politics First, claims that protests in Kiev have been organized by the European Union and the United States. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton contended «that tectonic plates are being realigned in Europe» and that Ukraine is «the great prize». Pogroms and blood are the ultimate argument of the West exerting pressure to make Ukraine swing to the «European choice». Over 200 foreigners have been made leave the country. They were involved in planning pogroms and militants training. The majority of them were the citizens of Western countries working under the disguise of journalists. 35 experts on regime change from the United States of America, the European Union and Georgia, including American Alexander Ross, have been so far declared persona non grata in Ukraine. 

Even Western contributors like Doug Bandow, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., admit that Washington and Brussels have no whatsoever formal reason to justify their unprecedented interference into Ukraine’s internal affairs. So they raise ballyhoo over the «undemocratic» laws approved by Ukrainian parliament on January 16 (the laws coming into effect are presented as the real reason for exacerbation of the situation). 

It’s indicative that many Western official statements related the «January 16 laws» were voiced while… the texts of the acts had not been published! Though in comparison with the legislation effective in the United States of America, the new Ukrainian laws are the example of extreme moderation and political correctness. Neither in Germany, France, Spain or Poland, nor in other countries is the law so balanced and compromising: the punishment for extremist actions is severe there. In France the prison term for inciting street protests is five years, in case the incitement has led to mass unrest the criminal penalty is up to 30 years, it is up to 15 years for building barricades and seizing of administrative buildings etc.

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