The Sponsors of «Chechen» Terrorism and the Boston Bombings (I)

The Sponsors of «Chechen» Terrorism and the Boston Bombings (I)

After the Boston bombings, the U.S. media were filled with news about «Chechen terrorists» and headlines along the lines of «The Russian Caucasus is a Hotbed of Terrorism» and «Russian Chechnya is Fertile Soil for Terror». But the world news agencies try not to mention that many extremist and terrorist organizations which are banned in Russia operate freely in the West, first and foremost on the territory of the U.S. and its allies. So we'll fill in a few gaps…

While the mother of the Chechens suspected for the Boston bombings came right out and said that «they were set up by the FBI», European and American investigators noted Tamerlan Tsarnayev's participation in the CIA's secret «Georgian» program, which was aimed at destabilizing the Northern Caucasus, splitting that region of it away from Russia and bringing it into the sphere of influence of U.S. partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bulgarian political scientist and expert in Arab studies V. Chukov, a professor at Sofia University, writes that «the Tarnayev brothers, who had received a scholarship from Cambridge College, were recruited by American and Saudi intelligence agencies». According to independent American journalist Wayne Madsen, in the first half of 2012 T. Tsarnayev visited CIA-sponsored seminars in Georgia, held under the auspices of the Jamestown Foundation, and it was this program, supported by Georgian authorities, that «helped radicalize Tsarnayev».

Here it's important to note that, however much the Georgian authorities may assure everyone that the «Chechen» part of its border is secure, it is from there that the terrorists in the Northern Caucasus have been receiving reinforcements in men and ammunition for the past 15 years or so. Russian counterintelligence has documented multiple contacts between the Georgian intelligence agency and Ministry of State Security and Chechen extremists and criminal leaders (the meetings took place in the village of Duisi) and the transmission of weapons to them. It is in Georgia that in February 2000 the ideologist of the Chechen terrorists, Movladi Udugov, met with the personal representative of Ben Laden to discuss the problem of transferring weapons, ammunition and men to Chechnya. 1500 of R. Gelayev's fighters were based in the Pankisi Gorge. At various times, the Chechen bandit leaders S. Raduyev, V. Arsanov and M. Udugov, who are on Interpol's international wanted list, have made appearances in Tbilisi. According to Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at that same time the «government of the Republic of Ichkeria» and a terrorist information center, which included up to 100 people, were also in the Georgian capital. Right in front of the Georgian authorities' noses, these organizations financed rebel groups, organized shipments of weapons and ammunition, treated wounded rebels, transported them to other countries, and engaged in propaganda in support of terrorists.

According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, over 60 international extremist organizations, about 100 foreign companies and 10 banking groups participate in providing financial, material and other assistance to the terrorists «touring» the Northern Caucasus. In the U.S. alone, almost 50 organizations are raising funds for the Northern Caucasian extremists. And this is not the entire list of the Chechen terrorists' accomplices in the U.S.; these organizations began sponsoring the rebels from the moment the bands led by Basayev and Khattab (the latter of which is known to be an emissary of Ben Laden, a staff member of the CIA, and a Canadian citizen who was stripped of his native Jordanian citizenship for his links to American intelligence agencies) invaded the territory of Dagestan.

The following groups are actively raising funds in the U.S.: the Muslim American Bar Association; the Islamic American Center, located in Washington; the Muslim American Council; Islamic Relief/Chechnya appeal, registered with the U.S. Department of State; Islamic City Relief; the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation (president I. Akhmadov); the Islamic Action Center; the Chechen-Ingush Society of America, also known as Chechen relief expenses, with a division called Chechen Relief (president Dr. Mohkammed Musa Shishani); the international Muslim organization Al-Ehsan Charitable Relief Organisation, with its headquarters in Washington; the International Relief Association in Michigan; Islamic Relief Worldwide in California; Mercy International, with its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan; and the Benevolence International Foundation. In regard to the latter organization, it must be noted that when in January 2003 U.S. intelligence agencies found the head of the foundation, Syrian (or Albanian) American Enaam Arnaut, in the course of investigating sources of financing for Al Qaeda, he admitted that the foundation finances rebels in Chechnya and Bosnia; earlier, in October 2002, U.S. attorney general D. Ashcroft charged him with financing Ben Laden, but when Arnaut stated that the money was going to Chechen terrorists and not Ben Laden, Ashcroft...dropped all charges against him.

The following U.S. organizations also provide various support to Chechen extremists, constantly monitor the situation in Chechnya and conduct political campaigns «in support of the struggling people of Chechnya»: the American Muslim Council; the American Committee for peace in Chechnya; the American Friends Service Committee; and the Islamic Circle of North America.

The role of the organization American Muslim Assistance (AMA) deserves special mention. It is registered with the U.S. State Department, and its main task is «helping our Muslim brothers throughout the world». The director of AMA, Sheikh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani, who is also the chairman of the influential Islamic Supreme Council of America, chairman of the As-Sunna Foundation of America, and the founder and chairman of the Haqqani Islamic Trust for New Muslims, is known as the author of many works on Islam. AMA operates in the Northern Caucasus and conducts active propaganda to discredit the actions of the Russian authorities. AMA often acts under the cover of other Muslim organizations, in particular, the Islamic Supreme Council of America, which unites 15 million Muslims living in the U.S.

Active propaganda and political activity in the interests of Chechen separatists in the U.S. are also conducted by: the online company Amina Network, with an office in Washington; Human Assistance Development International, which has been in existence for 13 years; an Islamic information server for spreading the ideas of Chechen separatism and extremism on the Internet; and the public relations office of Ruder Finn, Inc. The Islamic Charity Foundation and the Council on American-Islamic Relations regularly organize media presentations in support of Chechen extremists, interact on a regular basis with many American analytical centers, and initiate hearings in the U.S. Congress, to which they actively invite consultants, experts and U.S. government advisors. Here we should also mention The American-Chechenian Friendship and Economic Association and Waterman Associates, Inc. (both of which are registered with the U.S. Department of Justice as «foreign agents») and Advantage Associates, Inc. (in an agreement this organization concluded with Aslan Maskhadov and the «ambassador of Ichkeria in the U.S.», Lema Osmurov, it was stipulated that Advantage Associates would put pressure on the U.S. government «in order to support the efforts of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in winning its independence and seceding from Russia»).

It is also worth noting that the first instructors from the U.S. who acted in the guise of «servants of Islam» appeared in the ranks of Dzhokhar Dudayev's «Caucasian Army» in the 1990s. Shamil Basayev and his thugs received U.S. Army field uniforms, night-vision binoculars, and satellite telephones (brought by caravan from Turkey to southern Chechnya through Dagestan). Right before a series of major terrorist acts in Russia, ending in the Beslan tragedy, high-ranking U.S. officials on the level of the chairman of the Committee for International Relations of the House of Representatives, B. Gilman, met with «Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ichkeria» I. Akhmadov, and this meeting was organized by then-famous «expert on Russia» Z. Brzhezinski…

(To be continued)

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